Judge Paul A. Fritzsche, York County (Me) Superior Court, Threatens Court Watcher

By: Dorothy Lafortune

Recently I  was a  courtwatcher in a case before Judge Paul A. Fritzsche.  When the defendant finished her argument she came back to where I was seated.  The courtroom was full of prisoners and attorneys.  Judge Fritzsche interrupted the court to address me personally. He stated my name and proceeded to tell me that he had seen me a few times, recently, in his courtroom. He proceeded to tell me that I could attend his hearings, as they are public, but that I would not go into his court “as an amateur attorney.”  What? I was an observer of his courtroom procedures. I am familiar with his way of  “doing business.”

I believe that Judge Fritzsche is on the hot seat in the foreclosure case of Debra Reagan v. U.S. BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION and sits in frustration.  Debby has done much work and research and has done a marvelous job at proving fraud in her case. It was apparent to me that Judge Fritzsche was attempting to get the bank’s attorney to somehow settle with Debby and he could be done with the case.  This is not an easy, slam-dunk, case for him.  He saw me courtwatching in his courtroom, along with others, but what’s on his mind?

When he saw me in court on November 6th, did he have a flashback to the Reagan case? Is he bothered about his past actions and using “today” to threaten me?

I have been pursuing the theft of my mother’s home by the same officials in Biddeford Maine who stole my home. Judge Fritzsche has participated in aiding and abetting in this theft.

A fraudulent foreclosure was entered against my mother on August 24, 1993 by Coastal Bank, Robert Hirshon counsel and former President of the ABA. She fought to her death and died before seeing justice.  The accomplices in this theft by City of Biddeford officials, James Grattelo, Atty. Harry Center, are the same officials involved in the theft of my home. Others involved,  Auctioneer William Zafirson, Atty. Jens-Peter-Bergen and York County Superior/District Court justices Fritzsche, Arthur Brennan, Robert E. Crowley and Christine Foster to name a few.

During the fraudulent foreclosure against my mother, Coastal Bank continued to accept my mother’s monthly checks.

Police Report on the arrest of my mother for criminal trespass upon her own property, August 8, 1994. No judgment, no writ of possession.

August 17, 1994 my mother filed an Injunction and it was denied by Judge Paul Fritzsche December 6, 1994, three months after the sale of her home.

August 26, 1994 confidential memo behind closed doors.

September 1994 Notice and sale. The book and page registry of deeds numbers are not my mother’s property. Researching the records, people would find these book and page numbers referred to Kennebunkport Investment Corp. A great scheme to conceal the fraud and controversy surrounding this “taking.”

October 26, 1995 Deeds office – can’t find judgment. 

September 16, 1994 letter from D.A. Michael Cantara to Biddeford Police Chief Roger Beaupre.

November 1, 1994 Not Guilty

June 30, 1997 Maine Treasury relative to the law firm of Drummond and Woodsom.

My mother was left with the clothes on her back (like me) as Southeast Moving removed all of her belongings from her home. The Bureau of Corporations shows that Southeast Moving had not filed as a business since 1992. Everything was removed including her vehicle (which was never recovered).

Filing a complaint on any judge with the Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability is futile…especially today since Judge Fritzsche sits on the committee, (a new posting of members appears on this link; the older list was copied and posted below with Judge Fritzsche listed as a member until August 31, 2018) as does Robert E. Crowley, Esq. (former judge), Superior Court Justice Roland A. Cole and Charles W. Smith Jr., Esq. (atty. in the law firm of Smith, Eliott & Garmey), all involved in my cases.

Does Judge Paul Fritzsche have something on his mind for a reason?

Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability
The Committee is composed of seven members who serve for one nonrenewable six-year term. Two of the members are judges (from the Superior, District, or Probate Courts), two are lawyers,and three are members of the public (including the current chairperson). The judicial members of the Committee are appointed by the Supreme Judicial Court, and the lawyer and public members are appointed by the Court upon the recommendation of the Governor. The current CommitteeMembers are:

Dr. Anne E. Pooler, Chairperson, until February 3, 2021
Dr. Jill Gordon, until October 7, 2017
Jennifer Nichols Ferguson, Esq., until December 12, 2017
District Court Judge Peter J. Goranites, until August 3, 2017
Superior Court Justice Paul A. Fritzsche, until August 31, 2018
Robert E. Crowley, Esq., until August 31, 2018
Jon P. Van Hoogenstyn, until August 31, 2018
The Committee has four alternate members (one Superior Court Justice, one District Court Judge, one lawyer, and one public member) who attend Committeemeetings and vote when a regular member is absent or is disqualified from participating in a particular matter. The current Alternate Members are:


Superior Court Justice Roland A. Cole, until August 31, 2018
District Court Judge Patricia G. Worth, until August 3, 2017
Lawyer Member:

Charles W. Smith Jr., Esq., until August 31, 2018
Lay Member:

Christine S. Gianopoulos, M.P.A., until February 3, 2021
Judicial Liaison:

Associate Justice Ellen A. Gorman, Maine Supreme Judicial Court
In addition, the Committee currently employs a part-time Executive Secretary, who is a lawyer, and an Administrative Assistant. They are:

Cabanne Howard, Executive Secretary


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  1. Hi!

    This is an outrage!

    People have a right to attend public “court” sessions unless he is referring to “his private court.”

    Without a commission, he is nothing more than a “mere” employee possessing NO judicial powers whatsoever.

    It is all administrative.

    Suggestion: Ask so-called Judge Fritzsche for his commission.

    If you don’t want to do it, then I can, if that is all right with you.

    If you agree, then give me his court address or call me about this issue.

    Lise from Maine

  2. Hi!

    Why call so-called Judge Fritzsche a judge to begin with? By calling him judge, then it is assumed that he is a genuine public officer.

    Is he a genuine, constitutional, commissioned judge?

    Let’s find out by asking for his commission and NOT asking for his “certificate” which does NOT rise to the level of a commission since a commission is a “letters patent” of which a certificate is NOT.

    Let’s have a little fun.

    Since he chose to “corner” you, then how about “cornering” him by asking for his commission?

    Does he or does he not possess a commission?

    No commission = no genuine, public officer = no judicial powers = a mere employee.

    Lise from Maine

  3. I did request a copy of Fritzsche’s (and others) commission in April 2011. He did not respond. I will get back on this.

  4. The members of the Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability are personal appointments by the governor. If Governor LePage is sincere about government transparency and people before politics, he must take action and remove all judicial officers from that committee.

    This would be a step in the right direction.

    • Hi!

      They are NOT judicial officers; they are ONLY “mere” employees.

      Lise from Maine

  5. All must get past the front. Exactly what I mean here is looking at “who profits”. Most of the attorneys and judges have family and business real-estate trusts set up.

    They have the inside edge of knowing what of value is coming up for the taking at 10%, 20%, 30% on the dollar.

    They are making millions by acquiring these properties, renting them out, or selling them after a short period at 80% or 100% of value.

    Initially a decade or two ago it was easy to see by a search on the county recorders office. EXAMPLE: Attorney of Judge Brown would have the Brown and Brown family trust. A search of the recorders office would show the prime foreclosures, sheriff sales, and property being transferred to the Brown and Brown Family Trust.

    Well, in the last decade, especially after the 2008 home market bubble burst, there were tens of millions of dollars to be made by being on the inside track. To subvert the easy trail of conflicts of interest, new shell entities were established out of state.

    EXAMPLE: The attorney or judge Brown’s were making so much money the visibility was becoming too obvious so they established a Wyoming or Nevada or Delaware company and established a company or limited partnership called Double R Cattle Company or Asian Property Management Association and then used that entity to acquire all of the new pennies on the dollars deals.

    Now when that house was foreclosed on it showed the new owner as Asian Property Management Association or any other name they created. It is important to look ten or fifteen years back to see what attorney or Judge Brown owned that transferred into X company’s name as the lead to a shell company.

    Now when real big money is involved, tens of millions per transaction the trick used is to set up an escrow account at a large insurance company. EXAMPLE: the Brown’s through attorney X out of Chicago, IL open a real-estate management escrow account entitled Residential Property Opportunity Fund with Penn Life Insurance. The escrow account will use its funds to purchase those pennies on the dollar properties and pay for management or sale of the same. Here the mask is strong and inquiring minds will only see attorney X from Chicago and a Fund called Residential Property Opportunity Fund and the information of ownership (the Browns) stops there.

    Back door opportunities for easy money and wealth transfer are numerous and easily convoluted for those attorneys and judges on the inside track. The conflicts of interest are great here and are thus as the money comes rolling in the door well masked.

    Walter Burien – CAFR1.com

  6. I have noticed much corruption in the judicial system in our area or Ellsworth Maine whether it be a murder, or a simple land dispute, the local law enforcement have no fear of changing things to go in their interest of their friends. It makes sense that if the Judges and the attorney generals are involved that is why they are getting away with it and have no fear of justice.

    I have found they just exhaust you of money and then you have to settle with what ever illegal issue they have put before you.

  7. bj, the corruption goes on because the people allow it. Don’t you think it’s time for people to unite and demand accountability? Gov. LePage could start by changing the way of doing business on the Committee for Judicial Responsibility (although some of us know about judges being “mere employees”). Maybe the governor will listen one day in the future.

    If people contacted the same small group of legislators demanding accountability in the A.G.’s office, I think it would help. But one person at a time doesn’t make a difference. When governors and legislators ignore our pleas for help, ignore corruption, and ignored this video, they have revealed their character which is why they do nothing. Would you want them as a relative? Or a spouse? Or a friend?

    View video: https://unmasker4maine.wordpress.com/2011/08/26/most-powerful-revealing-video-by-tom-dunn/

  8. Hi!

    What is your proposal in “uniting” the people in order to demand justice?

    Lise from Maine

  9. Getting a group of people together who want to learn about the court system, educate them about judges’ commissions; presenting to the group the evidence of corruption, the duties and obligations of government employees, as a group bring our findings to the Governor/legislators. I’m open to suggestions.

    • I would be intersted in learning more about the court system.

  10. this article gives the light in which we can observe the reality. this is a very nice one and gives indepth information. thanks for this nice article. regards.

  11. Hi!

    First of all, there isn’t any constitutional court system operating in the
    State of Maine. All so-called judges are nothing more than “mere” employees who possess NO judicial powers whatsoever.

    It’s all administrative.

    Constitutional judges work independently, and their boss is the constitution itself.

    If they violate the constitution, then they are subject to impeachment by the legislature.

    How can the legislature impeach a “mere” employee?

    “This state” in operation today is a statutory state ONLY, and is not the constitutional state at all. No wonder that the so-called judges are not commissioned. They have ONLY certificates.

    ONLY citizens of the United States can vote in elections these days and not state citizens.

    What is a citizen of the United States?

    Read the unratified 14th amendment of the Constitution of the United States. This “citizen” of the United States has “dual” citizenship.

    Read it yourself.

    Hint: One must conduct a “compare and contrast” methodology in order to fully comprehend this fraud.

    All fraud, of course.

    Keep in mind that “every” group gets infiltrated in one fashion or another so one must be “very, very” careful.

    Controls must be in place before a group gets started.

    Additionally, one must learn HOW groups get infiltrated.

    I have some insights into this.

    Hint: DO NOT get into “any deals” with anyone that you don’t know. Just ask Sam Davis from Idaho whose group got infiltrated. He is now in prison. These infiltrators sound very convincing but WATCH OUT.

    Lise from Maine

  12. Thank you, Lise. This is sound advice.

    I am aware of Lise’s extensive research on the judicial system. She has much to offer.

    Lise, would you consider hosting a study group?

  13. Hi!

    I can call you during the day since I have unlimited calls on my phone service.

    We can talk specifics regarding the above-mentioned.

    Will this work for you, Dottie?

    Remember to NOT “jump the gun” on this issue.

    I am writing a book on the our “fake” judiciary PLUS I am adding a chapter on the profile of psychopaths.

    Psychopaths think nothing of hurting people and destroying lives as they lack a conscience and more.

    Lise from Maine

  14. Lise, this sounds like a good plan. So stay tuned people.

  15. Hi Dottie,

    I will call you Monday. What time?

    Same phone number?


    • That’s fine. Anytime at the same number. Thanks!

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