(update) Are Organizations Who Work To Monitor, Improve And Defend Maine’s Landmark Clean Election Law On Board?

update 4-16-13

No response or feedback from either organization.

What are your thoughts on this?


After watching Maine PBS public hearings on the Maine’s Clean Elections Act and hearing the testimony and opposition on the proposal to gut clean elections, the following e-mail was sent to organizations in support of the Maine Clean Elections Act. No response has been received.

—–Original Message—–

To: andrew
Cc: lwvme
Sent: Thu, Mar 21, 2013 1:25 pm
Subject: Maine’s Clean Elections Act

Andrew Boisse, Executive Director
Maine Citizens for Clean Elections
PO Box 18187
Portland ME 04112

Barbara McDade, President
The League of Women Voters of Maine
PO Box 863
Augusta, ME 04332-0863

I watched the public hearings on Maine’s Clean Elections Act. I heard the testimony and opposition on the proposal to gut clean elections.Whereas your organizations work to monitor, improve and defend Maine’s landmark Clean Election law, I must share the following with you. My attempts to bring this information/documentation to those in authority have been brushed under the rug. What I share with you goes beyond the “gutting” of clean elections. The general public has not heard about this as the media refused to report on this. It is imperative that you, and the public, are aware of the inside tactics used against the taxpayers. Should the Clean Election law remain in place, it will not matter if the violations of said law continue. When lawmakers/law enforcement turn a deaf ear to the violations, the Clean Election law does not allow more Mainers the opportunity to serve, it does not give Maine voters more choices and will continue with only the elite, powerful and rich able to run for office.

In 2004 I ran as a clean election candidate in a special election held in Biddeford. People who helped out with my campaign worked their hearts out and we conducted a clean campaign. The events surrounding this election were not just mere “irregularities” or “mistakes”. A full investigation into the City of Biddeford was fully warranted. No one was ever held accoutable and these are issues your organizations must be made aware of, especially where the same people involved are in office.

My issues are:
1) The premature opening of absentee ballots
2) The failure of the Post Office to mail my first-class campaign flyers. This was paid with clean election funds by the taxpayers of Maine. These were not delivered and neither did the taxpayers receive their mail.

These are state and federal violations of law and a matter of public interest.

On November 4, 2005 I spoke with Mr. Jonathan Wayne, Director of the Ethics Commission regarding my complaint and he danced around the issue.  https://unmasker4maine.wordpress.com/2011/06/20/are-maine-elections-politically-controlled/

Letter to Julie Flynn, Deputy Secretary of State (during tenure of Matthew Dunlap) https://unmasker4maine.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/flynna-g-election-february-92004.pdf

Letter to Leanne Robbins, Asst. A.G. https://unmasker4maine.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/a-g-robinson-election-may-15-2005.pdf

Campaign flyers – not mailed https://unmasker4maine.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/campaign-flyers.jpg

There must be oversight and accountability within the office of the Secretary of State, the Attorney General’s office and the Ethics Commission.

When Charlie Summers took over Secretary Dunlap’s position, I requested to meet with him about Dunlap’s failure to act. Summers did not grant me the opportunity to meet with him. However, the following is what transpired.

Letter to Secretary of State, Charlie Summers – August 1, 2011 https://unmasker4maine.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/summers-charles-sec-of-state-voter-fraud.pdf

Reply from the Secretary of State, November 7, 2011 https://unmasker4maine.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/summers-charles-sec-of-state-reply-11-7-11.pdf

FOIA Request to Secretary of State Summers, November 14, 2011

FOIA reply from Secretary Summers, December 1, 2011 https://unmasker4maine.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/summers-c-sec-of-state-foa-response-dec-1-2011.pdf

Secretary Summers did not find that there was significant evidence to support an investigation? Deputy Secretary of State, Julile Flynn, “thoroughly” examined the incident with the Attorney General’s Office and Summers was confident that she arrived at the proper outcome. His “office does not possess any documentation of Ms. Flynn’s review of the matter in question as the process was based on oral communication.” An “oral communication” does not constitute an investigation. Had a full and fair investigation been conducted by Ms. Flynn and Asst. A.G. Robbins, they would have viewed the Post Office’s role in this state’s scam against decent, honest people who run for office.

Are we to trust that future elections will be honest whether there are clean election funds or not? Are we to trust the same people in office today who were there in the past? Unless, and until, there is accountability within the offices which oversee elections, and investigations, positive change will never occur. Good, decent, honest people will chose not to run for public office.

I will appreciate your feedback.

Dorothy Lafortune

Are we to trust organizations who claim to be on the side of We The People anymore than we trust our elected officials?

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  1. The Postal Services in Maine are replete with incidences where they conveniently “lose” original documents that are supposedly mailed from various government agencies, like the County Registries Offices, whereby the original document(s) that have been filed and recorded with those agencies are suddenly lost, and they are no longer available for future references, just the recorded “copies” that are left within the record keeping processes of the agencies. Does the word’s “best evidence” mean anything to anyone out there in reader land? It most certainly means something to the Baal priest in these legislative tribunals.

    Personally, I’ve always suspected that there are liars, killers and thieves in various agencies of government who are working behind the scenes to prop up the supposed authority of their religion of Statism. Manipulating what’s available as “best evidence” is only one of hundreds of ways for the liars, killers and thieves clubs to control what can be used against them in any future court action or litigation.

    • I don’t suspect any of this, I’ve got the evidence!

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