I am privileged to have been asked to be a writer/contributor to the Clarion Edict newspaper. This newspaper is a breath of fresh air. This will be a great vehicle to inform and educate the public on the job performance of our elected officials, state employees and agencies within the State of Maine. You will be educated and informed on issues that our mainstream media refuse to report whether by sheer innocence or deliberate design. The marriage between this blog and The Clarion Edict will be educational, informative and most revealing.

I was self-employed for nearly 30 years until the unlawful confiscation of my business property and home through the concerted efforts of bankers, municipal officials and the courts, ran for elected office with infiltration of the Democratic party, produced and hosted my own public access tv talk show “The Maine Forum”, was unlawfully removed from my home by a 13 member armed and masked SWAT team because I stood my ground against corrupt City of Biddeford officials and understood my rights and civil liberties. I have had much support from people within the community, however, people fear their government and are afraid to speak out publicly for fear of losing their busineses, homes or BAR licenses!

View the video of the SWAT Teams ransacking of my home. They came in for me. Was the ransacking of my home necessary? I did recognize the eyes of one of the armed and masked SWAT team – Biddeford Police officer Rick Doyon, a young officer who didn’t know what the 4th Amendment is!

Public servants, officials/employees in various governmental agencies, including the VA, who stonewall, kow tow, hide behind masks, curtains, or each other….will be named!

kow·tow [ kòw tów ]
be servile: to behave in an extremely submissive way in order to please somebody in a position of authority
servile act: an extremely submissive act aimed at pleasing somebody in a position of authority

Elected officials who refuse to come to the Citizens Review Board (CRB) table will be named!

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  1. i support this new newspaper and urge others to do so, too. we need it. long overdue for us. margot

  2. Thank you, Margot. Between the ads and donations, this online newspaper will go to print as well. This is a great avenue to get the truth out!

  3. Hi!

    The young police officer that you mention in your article is suppose to know what the 4th amendment says and means as well as what the Constitution of the State of Maine says and means.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  4. So much for police training from the Criminal Justice Academy.

    Just to note, I filed a complaint with the CJA against a York County Deputy Sheriff, Clifford Scott and then sheriff Wesley Phinney. I had filed a complaint with the Sheriff on an assault upon me in the York County Superior Court.(The issue was the empoundment (sealed for life) of my mother’s medical malpractice suit in the wrongful death of my father and my questioning of the “sealing.”) Sheriff Phinney refused my complaint and refused “to go against one of his own.”

    My complaint of police brutality to the A.G.’s Office was brushed under the rug. Brian McMaster, Chief Investigator in charge, covered up this brutality. (I have a deposition in support of this argument.)

    At that time, Brian McMaster was Chief Investigator at the A.G.’s office (and still is) and Chairman of the CJA Board on complaints. Is there a conflict of interest? And Gov. LePage has kept this guy in office? Gov. LePage is getting rid of the wrong people.

    Regarding the young Biddeford police officer, not too bright. However, this appears to be criteria (100 club) for cops. At least I did not get shot by rogue officers. So much to report. But it will eventually all come out. I’ve taken enough!

  5. this is an incredible blog…we should work together as we have much in common. Joe and I are fighting the corruption in NYC co-op and here in Woodstock on pot/driver’s license issues. It was refreshing to see your video of the swat team – why ? because in it I can see the courage and guts and nobility to stand up and say ENOUGH and encourage others to do do!

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