Quasi Contracts and Roman Civil Law

Published on Aug 3, 2014

“All of the de facto United Nations so-called Courts operate under Roman Civil Law fabricating evidence of a fictitious entity because they intend to impose a quasi-contract. The so-called judges are all Clerks masquerading as a judge. They are NOT neutral, or unbiased. They are thieves shoving one of their commercial transactions down your throat, so they can collect a royalty. All of this is made possible because of the bankruptcy that was orchestrated by the bankster thieves, through their treasonous BAR member buddies who created the fictitious entity and its fictitious debt, in the first place, as described in the BAR Members video, and the Bankrupt Corporate (so-called) Governments video, and the We Are Under Martial Law Rule video.”

View Video, HERE.

View courtesy of Lise from Maine:   Mural at the South Paris Courthouse, Maine, click here.

“The mural at the South Paris, Maine Superior courthouse in Oxford County depicts men (Romans) holding court regarding the Roman Civil Law.

Roman Civil Law is inferior to Common Law and is under the control of the legislature as it relates to statutes.

Additionally, Roman Civil Law pertains to the elitists and scholars whereby they view themselves as the knowledgeable ones and view the people as ignorant and uninformed.

Equity, Admiralty and Maritime jurisdiction all operate under the Roman Civil Law.”

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