Quasi Contracts and Roman Civil Law

Published on Aug 3, 2014

“All of the de facto United Nations so-called Courts operate under Roman Civil Law fabricating evidence of a fictitious entity because they intend to impose a quasi-contract. The so-called judges are all Clerks masquerading as a judge. They are NOT neutral, or unbiased. They are thieves shoving one of their commercial transactions down your throat, so they can collect a royalty. All of this is made possible because of the bankruptcy that was orchestrated by the bankster thieves, through their treasonous BAR member buddies who created the fictitious entity and its fictitious debt, in the first place, as described in the BAR Members video, and the Bankrupt Corporate (so-called) Governments video, and the We Are Under Martial Law Rule video.”

View Video, HERE.

View courtesy of Lise from Maine:   Mural at the South Paris Courthouse, Maine, click here.

“The mural at the South Paris, Maine Superior courthouse in Oxford County depicts men (Romans) holding court regarding the Roman Civil Law.

Roman Civil Law is inferior to Common Law and is under the control of the legislature as it relates to statutes.

Additionally, Roman Civil Law pertains to the elitists and scholars whereby they view themselves as the knowledgeable ones and view the people as ignorant and uninformed.

Equity, Admiralty and Maritime jurisdiction all operate under the Roman Civil Law.”

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  1. Hi!

    Keep in mind that “symbols” depict very important messages. It is up to us, the people, to figure what they actually mean.

    I have seen this mural many times before I finally figured out what it meant AFTER I start studying the laws of Maine as it relates to equity which operates under the Roman Civil Law as opposed to the Common Law.

    The mural at the South Paris, Maine courthouse is such a symbol. This courthouse was built in 1895 which is just two (2) years AFTER that fraudulent 1893 supposed, pretend law that stated in Section 8:

    “In all proceedings in the supreme judicial court, under the preceding sections, when there appears to be any conflict or variance between the principles of law and those of equity, as to the same subject matter, the rules and principles of equity shall prevail.”

    This was another process of the Common Law being “thrown out the window” over time, and it was finally accomplished by 1959.

    These “insiders” and “powers that be” have plenty of “patience” to bring about their agendas. They don’t care if it takes years to do so as long as it happens over time.

    They do this slowly and insidiously over time so as not to alert the people of the fraud and treason perpetrated against them.

    And guess what?

    They are successful over time.

    We, the people, need to take their lead in terms of utilizing “patience” and take the time to read and study what they have done to us and to stop having this notion of wanting to “jump” into a situation and attempt to “fix” a problem only to make it worse if one lacks understanding.

    Patience is key.

    Stop being in a “hurry” to fix something. Read and study first in order to gain some comprehension of the fraud and treason foisted upon us, the people.

    Learn from the “insiders” and the “powers that be.” They know how to get things done in order to meet their agendas.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • What is the “1893 supposed, pretend law”? A resolve, an act…?

  2. Hi!

    The law of 1893 as above-noted says “An act in relation to suits at law and in equity in the Supreme Judicial Court and Superior Courts.”

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

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