LIVE NOW – Oversight of the FBI and DOJ Actions in Advance of the 2016 Election

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LIVE NOW – Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on “Examining the Inspector General’s First Report on Justice Department and FBI”

Chairman Chuck Grassley leads a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on “Examining the Inspector General’s First Report on Justice Department and FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation Actions in Advance of the 2016 Presidential Election.” The Justice Department’s Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, and the FBI Director, Christopher Wray, will serve as witnesses.

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DOJ INSPECTOR GENERAL’S REPORT – A Review of Various Actions by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice in Advance of the 2016 Election

June 16, 2018

Sean Hannity, IG report is sadly a ‘swamp document’, view HERE.

Inspector General Horowitz “did not find that bias impacted the FBI investigation.” (6:29)

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June 4, 2018

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Bombshell Interview With Former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp

“Greg Hunter of has just released a bombshell interview with former CIA officer Kevin Shipp, who details the deep state coup that’s under way right now to overthrow America and destroy the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

This is, without question, Hunter’s most important interview so far this year, and you absolutely need to listen to this interview and learn how “dark” actors are conspiring to overthrow the United States Government.

In this interview, you’ll learn how James Comey has been a “lifelong fixer” for Hillary Clinton, and his own involvement in criminal drug cartel money laundering banks was covered up by none other than Robert Mueller.”  View video and read more HERE



America Restored

DOJ-FBI…Behind The Curtain

Hypocrisy in DC?

The Truth – About the Coup – The Still Report

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Judicial Watch Presents: An Update on ‘The Deep State’

Judicial Watch hosted a special educational panel on Tuesday, April 24, from noon to 1 pm ET to discuss “The Deep State Update.”

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Corruption in the DOJ/FBI began long before President Obama (and Trump) and extends to USAGs Offices and FBI branch offices. Judicial Watch has definitely stepped forward, however, the current U.S. Attorney General continues “the pattern.” FBI Director Christopher Wray is a (now former Governor) Chris Christie cohort!

So many members of Congress, over the decades, have been contacted, presented with documented evidence of crimes committed against the people, yet NEVER stepped up to the plate.

The press is not the only problem! Things will not change and the “swamp” will not be drained with the same “dots” in place.

Is Tom Fitton willing to listen to the people?

Will this be the “dawn of a new day?”….or more to “appease” the general public?


DOJ-FBI…Behind The Curtain

Due Process Defenders Press Release

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Fed Law Enforcement And Intell Go Criminal

Love President Trump or not….this is about the FBI/DOJ, a corrupt criminal network!

View HERE.


Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption In The Department of Justice

Is This “The Dawn Of A New Day”?

Contact President Trump And A.G. Sessions Regarding U.S. Judicial System Corruption

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Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption In The Department of Justice

LICENSED TO LIE is a book, written in the narrative style of a legal thriller, but it’s true and it names names–many of which you hear in the news every day.

View video HERE.

Also view HERE.

This from Sidney Powell’s web site:

“This book should serve as the beginning of a serious conversation about whether our criminal justice system continues to live up to its vaunted reputation. As citizens of a free society, we all have an important stake in making sure that it does.”

– From the Foreword by Alex Kozinski, Chief Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in his personal capacity

“This book reads like a cross between investigative journalism and courtroom drama.” – William Hodes, Professor of Law, and Coauthor, The Law of Lawyering

“That our government is corrupt is the only conclusion. This book helps the people understand the nature of this corruption—and how it is possible for federal prosecutors to indict and convict the innocent rather than the guilty. Every business person– and anyone– who values freedom should read and heed the warnings of this compelling work.” – Victor Sperandeo, CEO & author – Trader Vic: Methods of A Wall Street Master

“When you’ve finished reading this fast-paced thriller you will want to stand up and applaud Powell’s courage in daring to shine light into the darkest recesses of America’s justice system. The only ax Powell grinds here is Truth.” – Patricia Falvey, Author of The Yellow House

“As a prosecutor for over 29 years in the state courts of Texas, I am aware of both the possibilities for unfairness to the accused, and of the pressures on some prosecutors to win cases. Sidney is able to articulate these issues in telling the stories within Licensed to Lie, and she holds up a clear moral and legal compass to point us all toward prosecution according to law and the facts.” – Jane Davis, former lead prosecutor, District Courts, Bexar County, Texas

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Is This “The Dawn Of A New Day”?

A Domestic Enemy In The Intelligence Community Steps Down!

“Andrew McCabe is forced to step down! Let’s hope he, and all the other conspirators, criminals, and traitors are not allowed to just slip off into the night, but are charged, prosecuted, and dealt with accordingly! Anything less will be a miscarriage of justice and a danger to the Republic!”

View HERE.

Has the “housecleaning” begun?

The Still Reports “FBI’s McCabe Escorted From The Building”, view HERE.

Still of concern …with the connections of “dots”…is that current FBI Director Wray is a cohort of (now former) Governor Christopher Christie. Prior to Christie’s governorship, he was New Jersey USAG….and he’s covered up plenty! Can FBI Director Wray be believed and trusted? Can AG Jeff Sessions be trusted?

It is well documented that USAG’s and agents within FBI Branch Offices are as guilty of obstruction of justice and cover ups as what is being alleged today within the Department of Justice and FBI.

Let us pray that this is the “dawn of a new day”…and not more “pillow talk?”


DOJ-FBI…Behind The Curtain

Hypocrisy in DC?

DOJ’s Office Of Inspector General Michael Horowitz Exposed

N.J. Governor Christie Thinks There’s More To Bridgegate Why Christie’s “change of tune?” He’s got a friend in the FBI?

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What Role Does Inspector General Michael Horowitz Have In The Unfolding FISAGate Drama?

Source: American Intelligence Media

FISAGATE and Role of Michael Horowitz, listen HERE.


DOJ’s Office Of Inspector General Michael Horowitz Exposed

DOJ-FBI…Behind The Curtain

Hypocrisy in DC?

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The Still Report 1.21.18….Joe diGenova Interview Further Exposing The FBI And DOJ

View interview HERE.

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