Horrible Tragedy At The Sandy Hook Elementary School In Newtown, Connecticut…And The Hipocrasy

The article posted on For the People “Tragedy In Connecticut Is Example Why Gun Control Doesn’t Work!” is very well written and hits the nail on the head. View article, click here.

My heart goes out to all the families in Connecticut who lost their child or family member.

I couldn’t continue to watch the news reports on this tragedy for the hipocrasy of officials and the media….I just want to puke.

I heard Maine’s public officials speak of their shock and sadness about this tragedy, that this is every parent’s worse nightmare, that their thoughts and prayers are with the families. Not to diminish the sadness and heartbreak of parents who lost a child, but I must comment on hipocrasy of our officials and the media.

Reporters on this story appear to be so heartbroken and pause between sentences…and appear so sad. They were asked to give privacy to the families during this period, yet they have cameras plastered in front of children preying on them for answers, asking questions as to how they felt, what happened, etc.  Disgusting! But anything for a story.

The media, and the government, always seem to come up with the excuse the gunman had a mental illness. The gunman in this case appears to have been of sound mind and prepared a strategy for his heinous crime. However, was he conditioned? Research MK Ultra, the CIA’s Program Of Research In Behavioral Modification, the same condition as all previous shootings. View M.K.Ultra video, click here.

View an e-mail I received, click here.

Why aren’t Maine officials as sad, shocked, heartbroken when their constituents ask them for help when parents have lost their children through the deceptive practices of the Department of Human Services, in concert with the courts? Why aren’t they concerned about the lives of these children? Our Maine officials publicly disguise their true feelings about the loss of life.  Life is of no value to these people! In all fairness, neither is it in other states. I deeply feel for the parents in this nightmare and pray that God gives them the strength and courage to face the days ahead.

I am also upset that age should not be of concern when it comes to the loss of a loved one…especially when that life has been “taken” by abusive means and covered up by government officials, including the DHS!

Please don’t be to quick to judge me.  I lost my only child, a beautiful, precious daughter at the age of 14, suddenly, unexpectedly and cause of death – unlikely. To add further injury to heartbreak….burying your child without life insurance that was paid for, defrauded by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and the Maine Bureau of Insurance ignores it and allows this practice to continue. Three years later…still waiting for an answer! (More on the Bureau of Ins. – for another time. Mila Kofmann).

Officials and the media can fool some of the people some of the time……but they can’t fool those of us in the know! Accountability and liability await upon the horizon.

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