Trump Should Get Us Out Of The UN

By Charlotte Iserbyt

In my humble opinion, Donald Trump, if he wants to “make America great again”, should jump on this and support Alabama Congressman Mike Rogers bill to get the USA out of the United Nations.  Support for H.R.1205, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2015, could hand him the Presidency on a silver platter.

Even “normal” Democrats hate the United Nations.  It’s only the  hard-left Democrats,  neoconservative Trotskyites, like the  Heritage  Foundation, leftist-oriented and New Age churches,  the U.S. State Department,  multinational global corporations, the Federal Reserve Bank, and billionaires from both political parties who  support it.

When will thoughtless support for this evil, very elitist, atheistic communist organization cease?

There is no way any one of us can have victories related to the individual evils we are confronting  in our nation and on this planet until the head of the octopus is cut off.

That head is the United Nations, and the evils are  its affiliated organizations:   United Nations Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Organization (UNESCO), the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Bank,  the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD),   and all other acronym groups, and the UN’s unelected/”controlled” non-governmental agencies.

The enemy of the majority of  normal human beings living on Planet Earth, who want to be left alone, is the United Nations.

The groups mentioned in the above paragraphs will howl, and tell us unwashed humans how much we need this evil organization in order to:

(1)  “keep the peace”.  Oh, really?…remember the two “No Win” so called “peace actions”:  Korea (1950-1953) and Vietnam (1961-1975), both of which were directed by a Soviet General out of the UN?  Americans lost 54,246 soldiers in Korea and 58,209 soldiers in  Vietnam;

(2) “educate/Marxist brainwash” the world’s population, using UNESCO’s Skinnerian/Outcomes Based Education, OBE/TQM/Communist Core to create a global workforce to spin off profits for the global elite.

(3) wipe out local wars, poverty and disease.  There is more war/strife, poverty,  and disease in the world in 2016 than there was prior to creation of the United Nations. Don’t believe UN statistics!

(4) control immigration (definition of “control” please!!!!);

(5) control population (through disease, abortion and euthanasia?);

(6) bring about sustainable development, through United Nations 2030 Smart Growth regionalism (communism);

(7) create “free trade” with NAFTA, TPP, etc.  Karl Marx loved “free trade”.

(8) plans in the making to create a North American Union.  If former  President of he USSR referred to the European Union as the “new European Soviet”, what does that make the North American Union?

(and this writer could go on and on)

The UN is the head of the octopus.

Even if we succeed in cutting off the above-cited various tentacles of the UN octopus , which it appears we are unable to do, we cannot and will not win the global battle for human freedom, dignity, and prosperity until we (all citizens)  focus on cutting off the head of the octopus, which designs, dictates and controls all the above activities, and throwing it into Hell where it originated.

Doesn’t the rest of the word deserve a crack at experiencing some of the wonders of the greatest experiment in human freedom, found in our own backyard…here in America?

Let’s not continue to allow  UN directives and mandates to kill the United States of America, the  goose that laid the golden egg, to which millions of foreigners have immigrated  in order to enjoy and benefit from  the freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Nothing will change for the better on this planet until the totally unconstitutional United Nations is abolished, never, ever to be resurrected in any form whatsoever.
Get out of the United Nations!

Support Cong. Mike Rogers H.R  1205, American Sovereignty Restoration Act!




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