NationStar Fraudulent Foreclosure Against Marie Miller (NH)

“New Hampshire Superior Court Judge Marguerite Wageling may face Impeachment as a result of her actions in the fraudulent foreclosure case of NationStar v. Marie Miller. She ignored a prior Court Order compelling production of the original wet ink note and mortgage.

Several NH Judges ignore all principles of common sense, law and specific court orders when it comes to holder in due course and standing to sue for foreclosure, writ of possession, etc.

Then AG and current U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte was aware of the facts in this case and sat on her hands, the same way she ignored the forgery of a title insurance producer’s name to a mortgage, and was soundly blasted at a Town Hall meeting last month where she stammered in responding to a simple OWS question.…

And the same way she ignored the indicators for the FRM Ponzi scam that was the deadliest consumer fraud case in NH History. Just the facts.…

It is 3:33 a.m. and I just watched this movie in quicktime. All I can say is WOW.

It is a game changer. Not many states have a Judicial redress panel like NH and I’m certain that many bad judges would love to get rid of it. Wageling was a no-show, having nothing to say for herself. Now we shall see what the Legislature has to say.”

View video (25:39), click here.

This is a case of outright fraud and judicial misconduct.

Was Judge Marguerite Wageling impeached?

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N.H. Alert – Courtwatchers Needed In Rochester District Court

Marie Miller, Farmington, has been involved with a foreclosure action against her for several years. She has pending litigation in the Strafford County Superior Court.

Louis A. and Jane A. Rossi claim they have purchased her home for $12,500 and have filed a Landlord Tenant Writ in the Rochester District Court. Why would NationStar Mortgage, LLC spend years in court for a profit of $12,500?

Courtwatchers are needed for Marie.

Rochester District Court
76 North Main Street
Rochester, N.H. 03867

Friday, June 14, 2013
10:00 a.m.

Marie Miller foreclosure case.

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New Hampshire!! Impeach, Or Arrest, Judges John Lewis and Marguerite Wageling

Another foreclosure theft and nightmare in Farmington, N.H. Aiding and Abetting this thievery are Strafford County Superior Court judges John Lewis and Marguerite Wageling.

Speak Up! – Host Kevin Avard; Guest Marie Miller

New evidence considered frivolous motion?

Speak Up! – Host Kevin Avard; Guest Marie Miller

Host Kevin Avard speaks to Marie Miller, victim of foreclosure fraud. Courts mishandled evidence in violation of statues, and potentially homeless. He also has Representative Tim Comerford who is Marie’s sponsor to the NH Redress of Grievance committee.

The main piece of evidence in this case is Judge Kenneth Brown’s order, dated June 26, 2009, giving NationStar 21 more days to produce the original documentation. NationStar failed to do so and are in contempt of a court order and in default.

On November 23, 2009, Judge Marguerite Wageling, who replaced Judge Brown in this case, granted Summary Judgment to NationStar with full knowledge of Judge Brown’s order and from which her appeal to the N.H. Supreme Court originated. Appeal was denied.

Motion to Re-open Case.  Marie filed this pending her seeking an attorney per the order of Judge Lewis.

Marie did find an attorney willing to take on this case. He filed a Motion to Re-open the case, Judge Lewis denied.  He filed a Motion for Reconsideration and Marie learned today that Judge Lewis denied.

Thank you Kevin for being there and giving Marie a voice to be heard. When will action be taken in NH to remove corrupt judges? The judges involved are more disgusting than the events surrounding this case. They were appointed to office, they can be removed! The excuse “there’s nothing we can do” is just that…AN EXCUSE!

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