By J.T., Investigative Research Specialist
February 14, 2015

“Earlier this week WND author, Jerome Corsi, wrote an article titled “Loretta lynch tied to world’s biggest banking scandal” exposing HSBC money laundering practices resulting in $1.2 billion in fines.

According to WND report Loretta Lynch is the nominee to replace Eric Holder but is facing obsticles following allegations of her cover-up involvement with Obama’s International mexican drug cartel money laundering.

It appears that Eric Holder is attempting to prevent releasing documents which could implicate Lynch covering up the Obama administrations involvement laundering billions through London based HSBC Holdings LLC.

This is not the first time HSBC has been in hot water, and apparently not the last. A former HSBC vice president went so far as to call the bank a “criminal enterprise.”

WNDs article is extremely detailed in exposing this criminal enterprise while showing each actors role and their participation in the money laundering and identity theft operation.

HSBC is not exclusive to this criminal enterprise, it involves most if not all banks, globally.

How did these banks acquire their wealth to begin with? Even though the Federal Reserve (FED) notoriously prints money out of thin air, how did these banks create tangible assets?

What is more valuable than money, can be hidden in Swiss safe deposit vaults, transferred discretly, and used internationally as capital?

The answer is diamonds. Blood Diamonds, or as they are called in the industry, “Conflict Diamonds”.

Numerous articles have been written by this author and others in great detail exposing the money laundering activities beginning and ending with the banks. Now you know this includes diamonds.

It is not just money being laundered. it is your identity, your mortgages, auto loans, birth certificates, Marriage Licenses, Death Certificates, your court cases, Utility Bills (which are really a dividend you should be receiving) and everything else about you, stealing your signature as collateral.

See “Analysis of a Country Embezzled” by JT which explains more on securitization of your life for which you are never paid.”

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;jeanette-audrey; [triplett]

“As an investigative research specialist I have been, for over a decade now, following the money trail so to speak of the who, what, when, where, how, and why crucial elements of America’s financial slow death.

This research has not been an easy task but through persistence and perseverance it has been fruitful. With the assistance of many others across America and Canada on this same quest our combined work exposing this devious plan to overthrow the world through financial domination has now been nearly fully exposed, the key players now stand naked before us with nowhere to run and certainly nowhere to hide.

This paper will not provide the reader with all the documented evidence gathered though the years, however, it will provide the pattern exposing the means, method, motive, opportunity and intent of this diabolical event that has left no corner of the world unaffected.”

Click here for the rest of the story.

This is a re-post of 5/26/2011.


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