Is The Swamp Being Drained?

President Trump Holds a News Conference – 9/27/20

President Trump held a news conference today. Guess who was in attendance? Christopher Christie!

Why is President Trump associating his re-election with Christopher Christy?

Let’s connect some dots…..

Let’s start with Christie’s tenure as N.J. USAG and his cover up of a suspicious, untimely and unattended death of a veteran. His criminal “cover up” continued during his tenure as Governor. His personal knowledge of the filing of a fraudulent Certificate of Death, and his refusal to take action on this fraud, is a PUBLIC SCANDAL, a NATIONAL DISGRACE!

Now onto “Bridgegate.”

New Jersey “Bridgegate” Trial

Is There More Behind New Hampshire Corruption?

During the tenure of N.H. Gov. John Lynch (D) and Kelly Ayotte’s (R) tenure as Attorney General, Kelly Ayotte and Lynch covered up official corruption. The corruption and cover up extended to New Jersey, involving Fort Lee and Bergen County Prosecutors office. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) is fully aware, as is the Office of Inspector General, US DOJ.

View reply from Governor Christie.

Is there a connection between Gov. Christie’s “Bridgegate”, US Senator Kelly Ayotte and the US DOJ? Is there political maneuvering behind the scenes?  Regardless, all three have personal knowledge of state and federal crimes committed, cover up, obstruction of justice and malfeasance of office, involving drugs. Documented evidence supports this.

Let’s connect dots from N.H. to N.J. to Washington, DC

It is obvious that having “friends in high places” is a great “safety net”…..and that “loyalty” comes before the “Rule of Law.”

FBI Director Wray is best known for representing New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie during the Bridgegate scandal. Christie is a loyal Trump ally.
Additionally, Wray has ties to Mueller. A colleague from the Enron task force, Andrew Weissman, recently signed on with Mueller’s prosecutorial team. Wray oversaw that task force during his time at the Justice Department.

Christie thinks there’s more to Bridgegate

Christie knows there is more to “Bridgegate.”  He MUST answer as to WHY he covered for the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office in the taking of the life of a veteran involving individuals from Fort Lee, NJ and Farmington NH. President Trump has been provided with the criminal complaint to then FBI Director Mueller. (Further, why has Maine Senator Susan Collins covered up for Mueller? Might this be one reason why President Trump owns Sen. Susan Collins?)

Christopher Wray: The white collar lawyer picked to head FBI7 June 2017 

“I think that the president certainly would not be making a mistake if he asked Chris Wray to be FBI director,” Mr Christie recently said, according to news site

Why wouldn’t Christie think this appointment wouldn’t be a good idea? He will have another “cohort” in a “high position.”


“Andrew Weissmann is a horrible and vicious prosecutor and he’s proven he’ll NEVER stop coming after us. ” Yet….

Christie is connected to FBI Director Wray who is connected to Mueller who is connected to Weissmann. A colleague from the Enron task force, Andrew Weissman, recently signed on with Mueller’s prosecutorial team.  If President Trump claims “Andrew Weissmann is a horrible and vicious prosecutor and he’s proven he’ll NEVER stop coming after us”, why is Christie sitting at a press conference when he’s connected to a “horrible and vicious prosecutor” attacking President Trump?

It is time for President Trump to realize that he has aligned himself with the wrong people and that loyalty does not supersede the rule of law.

Bridgegate’s Not the Only Scandal Haunting Christie’s AG Hopes

Frosting for the cake…Christie’s campaign strategist, Bill Stepien, now works as a White House political adviser to Trump.

What happened to “draining the swamp”?

President Trump is the obvious choice for President, however, it is unfair that people are always “stuck between a rock and a hard place.”

Related:  Farmington Police Chief, Scott Roberge retired, Police Chief Kevin Willey who replaced Roberge, retired, Sgt. Scott Ferguson, involved with the cover up, resigned, click here.

Why has this NOT been investigated as well as N.H. State of Corruption?

Hypocrisy in DC?

Request Trump & Sessions Probe Corrupt Maine ‘Justice’

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller Statement on Russia probe Investigation


Source: Golden State Times

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DiGenova on Trump’s Order to Declassify 2016 Surveillance Docs


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The Four Step Plan to Remove Trump From Office

Source: The Common Sense Show

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@2:11 – Yes! President Trump has something on Mueller…..the cover up of a criminal complaint.

Is There A Smell To The Mueller Investigation?

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AG Barr Has All The Evidence He Needs To Determine What He Is

Listen HERE.

Source: roypotterqa


More Than A Border Wall Problem

Why Does President Trump Fail To Act Relative To The DOJ And FBI?

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Game Over

Source: Headlines With A Voice

“U.S. citizens are finished with talk, talk and more talk. The time for patience is finished. The lies, deceit, and destruction of the United States by Senior Executive Service criminals lead by Robert Mueller, Chief Justice Roberts and John Brennan are a malignancy that must be removed.”

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Is This “The Dawn Of A New Day”?


Mueller Is Trying To Defame Me…. Jerome Corsi Not Backing Down

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Jerome Corsi Responds To Reports On Mueller Probe

The Still Report: Jerome Corsi on Tucker Carlson

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Top FBI Lawyer Admits Clinton Involvement!

The Still Report – View HERE. (start at 1:17)



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Why Does President Trump Fail To Act Relative To The DOJ And FBI?

What’s going on “behind the scenes?”

This video “When Their Cup Of Iniquity Is Full” by roypotterqa is worth a view, click HERE.


The U.S. Department of Justice – Office of the Inspector General determined that the Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys management should review a complaint. The complaint filed were not allegations, but very well documented and the facts justify the need for investigation.

Why are Mueller and Sessions covering this up? Why does Horowitz “rubber-stamp” the cover up without his review of documented evidence?

Is Maine Senator Susan Collins an “accomplice” to this cover up?

Request Trump & Sessions Probe Corrupt Maine ‘Justice’

Hypocrisy in DC?

DOJ-FBI…Behind The Curtain


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