Maine Hires Controversial Medicaid Reformist For $925,000

Is this another “it’s looks good on its face”….but on the other hand……

PPH reports “Maine has hired the controversial former welfare chief of Pennsylvania to conduct a $925,000 review of its Medicaid program and the potential effects of expanding it through the federal health care law.

The Department of Health and Human Services announced Tuesday that it has contracted with The Alexander Group of Rhode Island to bolster ongoing “program integrity” efforts.”

The contract is worth $925,200, according to a copy of the document, and will employ the services of Gary D. Alexander, the former welfare chief in Pennsylvania who was criticized for policy initiatives that dramatically cut the state’s Medicaid rolls, eliminating health care coverage for 89,000 children.

DHHS Commissioner Mary Mayhew said in a media statement that Alexander’s firm brings much-needed expertise to evaluating social services that cost Maine $3.4 billion a year.

The emphasis on fraud has increased the number of prosecution referrals to the state Attorney General’s Office, from 10 cases in 2010 to 45 in 2012. The number of successful prosecutions has increased more gradually, from eight in 2010 to 15 in 2012. The amount of restitution that courts have ordered increased from $92,339 in 2010 to $104,341 in 2012.

The administration is also pursuing anti-fraud initiatives that it hasn’t publicly disclosed. Documents obtained by the Portland Press Herald show that the state has launched a special investigation that targets Maine’s approximately 500 licensed elver fishermen.

According to the contract, about $455,000 will be paid from the state’s general fund, and about $276,000 is “special revenue.” About $193,000 is federal matching funds.

In her media statement, Mayhew said the DHHS is “excited about the opportunity to work with such a knowledgeable group of experts.” It will be extremely helpful to have someone with significant Medicaid experience lending a hand to our program reform efforts,” she said.”

Rep. Jeff McCabe, D-Skowhegan, the assistant House majority leader, is concerned with “another gimmick to deny and delay health care for tens of thousands of Mainers, including nearly 3,000 veterans.”

“Alexander’s work has been hailed by conservatives who have called for a reduction in Medicaid rolls and a crackdown on fraud.

Sam Adolphsen, a former policy analyst for the Maine Heritage Policy Center, will oversee “programmatic aspects” of the contract. Adolphsen works for the DHHS as the strategic development director.”

“Republicans applauded the contract. House Minority Leader Kenneth Fredette, R-Newport, said in a prepared statement that he is glad to see the LePage administration “take yet another important step in bringing accountability.” Read more, click here.

There were repeated requests for a full investigation into Medicare and Medicaid payments that were paid out in excess for prescription drugs, that were not needed, medical equipment that was not needed all at the expense of the taxpayers. The refusal of Maine’s Attorney General, and elected officials, to seek an investigation is a disgraceful PUBLIC SCANDAL. How many more got away with it?

In her media statement, Mayhew said the DHHS is “excited about the opportunity to work with such a knowledgeable group of experts.” It will be extremely helpful to have someone with significant Medicaid experience lending a hand to our program reform efforts,” she said.”

How much “expertise” must one have to recognize “fraud, waste and abuse”? Apparently, this lacks within Maine government.  How competent is Maine’s Attorney(s) General? 

Notice and Demand to A.G. Janet Mills, click here. No response was received.

If nothing was done in the past, is the future any brighter? Will there be “accountability” at the expense of nearly $1 million dollars?

Most people know not to believe mainstream media. The full accounts of their reports are grossly flawed and misleading. You are getting the “rest of the story”.  

Is this another slight of hand at our expense?


Contradiction To Conversation With Governor John Baldacci, click here.

Maine Partners with Former Health and Human Services Leader for Medicaid and Program Integrity Improvements, click here.

Maine Elder Abuse: The Real Truths And Facts That Lie Behind Closed Doors

PPH reported “Financial exploitation almost always happens at the hands of a relative, a bitter lesson learned by Cedric and Pauline Long and some 33,000 other Maine elders every year.”

The article states “in Maine, there’s been an effort to clamp down on elder abuse.” Really?

“Maine’s legal statutes do not define “elder abuse.” Other states have a definition of financial abuse of an elder in its criminal code. This year, the Legislature passed L.D. 527, sponsored by Rep. Mark Dion, D-Portland, a former Cumberland County sheriff. That measure clarifies state law to say that people with dementia and other cognitive impairments cannot consent to financially abusive conduct by caregivers that would be criminal without the consent.”

Do this law “fix” the problem? Abuse is abuse! With Maine’s track record…laws are selectively enforced! 

New Hampshire and New Jersey also have elder abuse laws on the books. They don’t enforce them either! The DHS, Division of Elder Abuse, is also a joke! They all gain financially when brushing this serious matter under the rug. 

“A 2009 report from the Maine Attorney General’s Office said 84 percent of elder-abuse cases go unreported, because victims either can’t report crimes, can’t keep themselves safe or are too afraid to tell someone.”

“The elder is often embarrassed, frightened, hurt. It’s emotional violence with financial consequences,” said Dion. “The abuser is a criminal who has betrayed the most vulnerable.”

What happens with cases that are reported to the Maine Attorney General? Nothing!

What difference is there when the government abuses its elderly?

There is no difference between family members and government officials/employees who abuse the elderly in order to profit and gain financially…or further their personal, or friends, agendas.

What are the real truths and facts that lie behind closed doors beyond sight of the public view?

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Sen. Dawn Hill Silences Gov. Paul LePage At Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee Hearing

PPH reports “The Senate chairwoman of the Legislature’s budget-writing committee blocked Gov. Paul LePage’s surprise attempt to speak Sunday during an emergency meeting called to address the governor’s recent claim that the Department of Health and Human Services won’t be able to pay MaineCare providers come May 28.”

““I mean no disrespect to you, but … I know there’s a lot of politics at play here,” Hill said.

“No,” LePage interrupted. “There’s no politics. I’m a pragmatic person. I do not play politics.”

The exchange went on for about two minutes. At one point, LePage rose to leave the room. He then stopped and returned to the dais, saying the committee was denying him the chance to speak.

“It’s unfortunate that the people of the state of Maine are being played for patsies,” he said.

Read more, click here.

View video, click here.

NEWS CENTER 6 reports “Strimling & Harriman on Governor denied “on the record” comments, click here.

Governor LePage got a little taste of what we the people go through!

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[new post] How Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services Defrauds the Federal Government

You Tube Video

MAINE CPS DEFRAUDS FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ACCORDING TO REPUBLICAN STATE REPRESENTATIVE HEATHER SIROCKI, Maine has been caught defrauding the federal government for hundreds of millions of dollars over the last twenty years, by double billing the feds for child services through Human Services and through the Education department fraudulently!! By billing the feds for medicaid services for Inelegible inmates, and for exagerating or even making false diagnosis of children, so they could bill Regular foster care at the much higher medical rate of theraputic foster care, stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from trusting tax payers, and as a result, inflating child abuse statistics for gain!! The IG is investigating.

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[new post] Congressional Testimony: Dottie Lafortune to Bill Windsor of Lawless America in Maine

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Dorothy Knightly (Petition Organizer)

“The illegal kidnapping of our children for Title IV blood money must stop. NH DCYF has failed it’s statewide assessment’s for twenty year’s. Nashua has the lowest number’s of all the towns/cities in this state. Why does our Federal govt. keep rewarding them with federal dollar’s when they don’t do the job they’re paid to do. Stop stealing our children and grandchildren. Our children are NOT For Sale!”


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PPH reports “The Department of Health and Human Services accidentally sent mail with the personal information of about 80 people, including Social Security and bank account numbers, to the wrong addresses. The mishap was caused by an error in the department’s automated mailing system, according to a statement from Commissioner Mary Mayhew.”

Quit blaming the computer…….


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I received this message from Heather today.

Heather wrote: “I just got off the phone with Peter himself and he was all excited saying he is getting out tomorrow.” “I was informed Wednesday morning that the evaluation process on admittance takes 7 days minimum, and they do not allow anyone to leave until the evaluation is complete.”

Peter will be leaving the institution, however, the DHS still have their claws in him. He will not be going home to his mother.

A mother’s plea for help. These kids are crying out for help…..not from the DHS or foster parents….. They want to be home with their mother.

Heather and Wayne Taylor are fighting the return of their children from foster care. Their 9 year old son was placed in the Halifax house, an institution. He confirmed today that he is the only child in the facility.

Heather reports “They locked my son up because he was not afraid to tell everyone what was going on inside the foster home.”

“We will have no further visits with him while he is hospitalized, and seems he will be there for an extended period of time. When I finally got to speak with Peter at 4:20 p.m., he sounded very sad and asked me when he could come home. He said he was playing legos and made a house like ours, with no upstairs, and it has a “secret room”. He was all drugged up.  I called him again at 5:39 p.m. and he asked me three times when he can come home. He asked me if I was still fighting in court and then asked when my next court battle was. I told him I did not know and he said “momma I hope you win this court battle so we can come home”.

This is cruel and abusive treatment…….both for the family and the child. The parents have been to Governor LePage’s office for help. There is nothing they can do! How many times have I heard this same excuse!!

Governor LePage uses his own personal experience to raise awareness of abuse. Lepage has frequently refered to beatings and neglect he suffered as a child. “I am sad to say that my childhood memories are ravaged with domestic violence. Those memories are not pleasant, but I will share my past to help end domestic abuse,” LePage said. The real way to stop (domestic violence) is engaging with families early and educating people,” Cain said. “Victims of domestic abuse should not have to live in fear of their abusers.” We must come together to end domestic violence and make it socially unacceptable in our state,” continued the Governor.

Governor LePage, do you not think that this child, locked up in an institution, will not be haunted by his childhood memories? Abuse is abuse! Abuse is defined as any thing that is harmful, injurious, or offensive. Abuse also includes excessive and wrongful misuse of anything. There are several major types of abuse: physical and sexual abuse of a child or an adult, substance abuse, elderly abuse, and emotional abuse. Ending abuse in this state “is engaging with families and educating people.” Past officials and governors John Baldacci, Angus King turned a deaf ear to abuse in this state. Please don’t follow suit! Officials and DHS are incapable of educating people on abuse as they are “the problem.” DHS is the abuser! Some of us have lost our parents due to abuse. Abuse has no age limit. Take care of the abuse in this state!

Please help the Taylor family. Make calls to the following and demand that action be taken in this case. 

Governor Paul LePage – 207-287-3531; Fax 207-287-1034

Mary Mayhew, Commissioner, Department of Health and Human Services – Phone: (207) 287-3707; Fax 207-287-3005         

Barbara Keene – DHHS – 207-624-5392

Cathy Cyr (Barbara Keene’s supervisor) – (207) 287-3707 

Gardiner Family Practice (Sheila the triage nurse) 207-582-6608

You may contact Heather at 207-215-5081, email is and fax is 207-268-2410.

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The Maine Wire reports the first of a series of exclusive interviews with Governor Paul R. LePage.
“We are trying to make sure that we have a solid safety net for our children, our elderly and our disabled, LePage said. We are trying to attack those who are abusing the system.”

“He is trying to weed out excess and abuse at DHHS while maintaining vital services for those who truly need it. But Democrats like Rotundo insist that claims of welfare abuse are merely anecdotal, even as many cases of fraud are now being investigated. Senator Craven, another Lewiston Democrat who supported massive increases in state spending under Governor Baldacci, frequently joins Rotundo in insisting that there is no widespread abuse of the welfare system in Maine. Whenever someone relates a story about welfare fraud or abuse, they claim the stories are merely anecdotal and, therefore, don’t prove anything.”

“If those are all anecdotal, then where’s the money going?” LePage said. “Why are we spending so much money?”

“How did Maine get into a position where it spends so much more the national average? The biggest mistake that Maine ever made was electing an independent governor in 1993, LePage said, referring to Angus King. When King took office, the state had a surplus in the budget. When he vacated the Blaine House, King left a one-billion-dollar shortfall for incoming governor John Baldacci, LePage said. That shortfall was carried through Baldacci’s term, and LePage is determined to get rid of it.”

Governor LePage is leaving out an important issue in his want to weed out excess and abuse at DHHS – ACCOUNTABILITY.  He must demand an investigation into the  “miscalcuations” of monies given to corporations that were not licensed at the time of receipt of Medicaid funding. This is one example, how many more got away with it?
LePage refers to the state having a surplus in the budget when Angus King took office. When he vacated the Blaine House, King left a one-billion-dollar shortfall. When King took office, he immediately issued a hiring freeze, however, Attorney Michelle Robert was hired for a position in the A.G.’s Office – perhaps a pay-back for playing games with Judge Robert E. Crowley, Saco Biddeford Savings Institution, their law firm Smith Elliott & Garmey (Attys Roger Elliott & Harry Center)?
King obviously used the surplus to create 147 positions.  Since Maine didn’t have these administrative costs prior to Angus King, why do we need them now? Is this not also excess and abuse of taxpayers who pay for Maine’s government?
LePage wants to know where all the money has gone?


Printed in the Clarion Edict

by Dorothy Lafortune

The American public has awakened. If our ” elected representatives” would have upheld the Rule of Law, upheld their oaths of office, performed their duties as they were paid to do, we the people would not have been forced to obtain a free education. Although it has been time-consuming, we have obtained more education than would have by attending law school and receiving a college degree. It is a blessing in disguise that our “representatives” and “employees” (federal, state, county, local) have failed in their duties and forced the people to research and investigate the corrupt agenda of our so-called “representatives” and their “employee gate-keepers.” Gate-keeper: one who answers the telephone (secretary, aide) and denies us access to our “representatives.” Now it is up to those of you who have not taken this opportunity to a free education to do so. It is hard work and time consuming. You must realize that our “reps” will not make change, we the people will make change.

The “revolving door policy” has been in effect for decades. Maine, New Jersey and New Hampshire (let’s not forget Washington DC) have a great investment in “revolving doors.” It’s a great “product” to keep their agenda in place. It’s also a terrific “security tool” for “gatekeepers” of elected officials who will eventually climb the ladder to a higher position.

On January 5, 2011, when Paul LePage became the state’s first Republican governor in 16 years his pledge to Maine people was very simple: “It’s going to be people ahead of politics.” “The framers had it right.” LePage pledged “to listen and work constructively” with anyone bringing forth sincere solutions to the state’s problems. “We are going to get around and learn from the people of Maine.”

States Governor LePage, “Basically, it’s very simple. If I’m running my own business, I’d like to know what my employees are up to, and that’s all I’m asking. Let’s just have open communication.”

On March 18, 2011 I had the opportunity to speak with Governor LePage during his Capitol for a Day tour in York County. He had just placed a Maine’s “Open for Business” sign and I reminded him that his office must also be open for business, unlike past governors. I spoke to him about the loss (theft) of my business property and home due to corrupt bankers, officials and others, and rubber-stamped by a corrupt judicial system. I hand delivered him some documents and requested a meeting with him to detail which government entities/committees/commissions are a real problem for small business owners and residents. I believe that I have much to offer in assisting with his administration in moving forward and making the state of Maine a better place for business and its people. Governor LePage was very cordial, interested and receptive. He promised to meet with me.  Unfortunately, a meeting did not happen with Governor LePage.  However, the governor arranged a meeting with Ronald McKinnon, Dept. of Economic & Community Development, on Wednesday, May 11th. I attended the meeting with another person.

We presented several issues to Mr. McKinnon, some of which come under his “umbrella” and those that did not fall under his authority we asked that he bring to the proper channels, including Governor LePage. Relative to Maine’s business climate toward our small businesses, we presented problems we faced with non-compliance of the law, of policies, of rules and regulations by town/city officials and state employees within various agencies that are in place to protect us, but have failed us miserably and irreparably. We also presented documentation of the deceptive practices and “behind closed doors” tactics used by city officials, specifically Biddeford, Saco and Lisbon, in concert with specific individuals and financial institutions with their deceptive and unfair trade practices to steal not only our businesses, but our homes. The intentional burning of one’s home in Lisbon, followed by another loss of property in Topsham (determined as a result of arson, yet to be justified), the unlawful interference by local officials and rubber-stamped by Maine’ judicial system which only resulted in further economic loss and expense to the State of Maine and its taxpayers.

We brought forward the unresponsiveness of state officials, the “conflicts of interest”, poor job performances, lack of oversight and accountability that exist in some Maine government agencies/departments/committees/commissions which pose a real problem for small business owners and residents.

We also brought forth documented evidence which warrants investigations and/or audits into the following:

Bureau of Financial Institutions, Lloyd LaFountain

Bureau of Insurance, Mila Kofman


Attorney General’s Office (inc. Criminal Complaint)

Secretary of State

State Auditor, Neria Douglass (3 letters – no responses)

Department of Human Services (elder abuse, nursing homes, evidence of Medicaid fraud)

Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices, Jonathan Wayne

Municipalities – Biddeford, Saco, Lisbon

Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability (the removal of judicial members policing justices will remove the “root” of the problems faced by small businesses and residents in this state.)

We requested Mr. McKinnon’s intervention in taking the necessary steps through the proper channels, including Governor LePage, to initiate investigations, audits and restitution as this is a matter of public interest and trust. After my July 17th request for an update, McKinnon responsed on September 14th with not so pleasant news. He had “explored this matter with people I trust and find no conspiracy or other unlawful acts on the part of any of the people and parties you have accused of illegal seizures of properties or persecuting actions.” What? We presented him with documented evidence, pictures, videos! Due to the vagueness of his McKinnon’s letter, I filed a FOA (Freedom of Access) request in which to provide the names of the people he trusts and reports. It took 3 FOAs for him to reply that he did not request any documents, responses, nor did he submit a report to the Governor. THIS AMOUNTS TO HEARSAY! McKinnon’s job performance is less than poor and obviously politically motivated. Who are these “trusted” people he speaks of? The same ones that our state legislators and other state employees talk to.

Through past administrations there has always been the excuse, including the Attorney General’s Office – top law enforcement agency in the State, that “there’s nothing we can do.” This being the case, it is MY opinion that the state has 2 choices: 1) replace the person in charge of an agency or 2) if an agency is not serving its purpose/mission, eliminate the agency. This would be fiscally responsible. Paying salaries of employees who fail in their job performance is a misuse of taxpayer money. Our elected officials also fall short in upholding their oaths of office and in performing their duties and obligations as the law requires. Are they incompetent, have a vested interest or have a motive to their madness? All of the above. But they do “get by with a little help from their friends.” Remember, they have “stock” in “Revolving Doors.”

With Governor LePage not realizing that he has surrounded himself with the wrong people, specifically (former) Governor Baldacci leftovers, his vision for Maine cannot, and will not, be achieved……”Maine, one where all of our citizens prosper now and into the future.” The crew is only as good as its captain.

LePage has said there are more welfare recipients in the state than income tax payers, seeking to drive home the point that the state’s systems are financially unsustainable.   It only makes common sense that there would be more welfare recipients than income tax payers when people are losing their homes/businesses through fraudulent foreclosures or “behind closed doors” deals in city halls, being thrown out into the street like wild animals, and the legislature agrees wholeheartedly!

Maine is not open for business when our elected officials turn a deaf ear to the deliberate destruction of families, their constituents! For decades our representatives have refused to keep their constitutional promise to the people and have demonstrated a blatant disregard for the rule of law…..laws that they themselves created. This is when lawmakers become lawbreakers.

Governor LePage, it’s time for you to take this “bull by the horns.” The people will support you and pursuant to the Maine Constitution, Art. V, Executive Power, Section 12. Shall enforce the laws. The Governor shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.

As manager of Marden’s, if customers reported to the supervisor(s) that people were stealing from Marden’s and the supervisor(s) did nothing, would LePage have fired his supervisor(s)? Would he take the word of his customers versus the hearsay of his supervisor(s)?

It was reported in the BDN that when LePage was manager of Marden’s they used “secret shoppers” to measure employee performance and to check on whether stores were implementing policies. The shoppers were company employees that posed as shoppers and developed valuable data for company management. “We need that in state government, “he said. “ We need to know what is really happening.”

Well, the Clarion Edict is the place to get valuable data for the state of Maine management.

Is a massive destructive political sunami ready to hit Augusta where state and federal laws are violated at the expense of our people, our lives/livelihoods, where elder abuse, police brutality, judicial misconduct, unfair trade practices, official corruption, and double standard of justice have become a way of life in the state of Maine? What happened to “people before poliltics?”

“The People cannot be safe without information. When the press is free, and every man is able to read, all is safe.” — Thomas Jefferson

“Every violation of truth is not only a sort of suicide in the liar, but is a stab at the health of human society.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


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