Maine CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) (2013) (2012)

CAFR Report-State Of Maine-2013, click here.

CAFR Report-State Of Maine-2012, click here.

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Talkshoe Radio With Guest Walter Burien – “The Biggest Game InTown” About The Government CAFR Wealth Shell Game

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

9:00 PM EDT

Call in Number: (724) 444-7444
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Archived broadcast – Episode 43, click here.

CAFR1, click here.

“The Biggest Game InTown” Video, click here.

Report: State Agencies Have $4.9 Billion In Ending Fund Balances, view HERE. (Applicable to any state)

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Walter Burien – CAFR1: The word that hovers over the market place with a foreboding tone



That foreboding word is deflation.

Copied below is the CAFR1 Market Rants of 10/03/14 which notes the deflation aspect of what appears to be the force overhanging the markets.

The dollar index projections noted are generally in line and stand. The silver notes were off per the extent of the push to the downside.

On silver it appears the DEC SILVER contract may breach tonight the lows set previously last night and I am looking at two prices to be a buyer. The first buy price is more of a day-trade at $14.960 looking to cover at $15.22 and stand back to see the forces at play. So far the forces at play have been persistent exerting downward pressure basically in line with inverse moves to the dollar index. If that holds true, I am looking at bottom picking tonight or early in the morning. I would imagine there are many players that bought much higher who are under pressure to liquidate their futures positions in silver and gold.

With that in mind, and the nature of the commercials / fund managers to squeeze blood from a rock, what is called a blow-off may be in line for the setting of the lows and possibly the bottom price for the year.

That second trade I am looking to do, and will be standing back to see if it happens is a slide down to between $14.73 to $14.615 and if that happens I will be taking a long term position with an initial upside target of $20.000 come December and then $24.500 come February 2015. After, and if that happens I will re-evaluate at that time.

Walter Burien – – Prior CTA 1978 to 1992



I have not put out a Market Rants Post for over a year.

Today though I see a reason to do so.


As of this writing the US Dollar index is at 86.825 and Silver at 16.815

First and foremost, the Dollar index over the last several years appeared to be held by the Feds at the 82.50 mark. If it went below, intervention brought it back. If it went above, Fed intervention backed off and it returned to that level.

Well, in the last few weeks the Dollar index has been picking up steam as can be seen by the current price. Precious metals in the US are priced in Dollars so as the dollar goes up, the price of metals is pressured to go down. You could have metals in another country stay the same but in the US go down being priced in Dollars which are going up.

So, the big question is “What is going to happen and what is going on?”

When the Dollar is low, business activity is strong regarding international trade. US goods are cheaper to foreigners with a cheaper Dollar. The opposite is true with a stronger higher priced Dollar. So what are the Feds doing here? Allowing the Dollar to push higher and higher creates a word to many businesses that causes a cringe, that word is Deflation. So why are the Feds pushing at this time for Deflation? Business cycles are looked at in long term parameters. It is a chess game of motive and motivation. If the International community looks at the Dollar as heading to new high territory, and the trend is for it to continue to do so, they will not back off from buying US goods that they need. In fact they will increase their orders and then back off. This has a positive effect on the economy (if foriegn purchases back off, here the opposite is true). Additionally, the higher Dollar has the effect of bringing down prices in the US, Crude Oil, agricultural, precious metals, price of foriegn imports, etc.. or in other words: Deflation.

Government’s intent here? Well, they want to maintain the value of their multitrillion Dollar holdings and see a good rate of return on their investments.

Looked at on a global perspective per investments in the US, real estate values increase (even though they may go down slightly); stock market is attractive motivated to maintain its value priced in Dollars, inflation is stymied with a higher Dollar. Overall another word comes into play, “stability”. Here is what I think the Feds are going for. If deflation accomplishes that purpose, then motive and intent is answered.

The 10-year high level in the Dollar index was at the 91.0 to 92.5 range. I don’t think it will pass that mark in the next four years. Reaching 88.0 to 90.0 in the short run, that appears to be a strong probability. Again, this is a chess game. Next 30-day top? I would put it at 88.50 to 88.80 and the backing off to 86.00 to 85.00

What effect will this have on Silver? Well, when Silver was in the $30 range and I was asked higher or lower, I would say higher BUT, if the commercial boys wanted to push it lower the target mark I would look for to be an aggressive buyer was $16.85 per oz. (most that I told that to at the time probably thought to themselves what is he smoking, it will never get down there). I have learned to pick points after asking myself: Where would they push it to if the commercials and money manager boys wanted to screw everybody? The $16.85 mark was hit a few days ago and breached today with a $16.64 low set early in the morning. In the time it took to write this article, as of 8:45 AM AZ TIME it is at $16.90

Per Silver, I stand with the $16.85 mark being a good price for buyers who have bought looking to hold and “if” $15.55 was hit with the commercials and fund mangers putting the squeeze on, that price I refer to as the “Mortgage the farm price” as a buy.

Sent FYI from,

Walter Burien – CAFR1 – Prior CTA 1978 to 1992
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85937

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Re: The Walls Are Crumbling Down Around the “Official 9/11 Story“ Why? by Walter Burien

Walter Burien – Prior Tenant WTC1 – 1978 to 1990

Reply by WJB to an article from Global Research, read here.

I truly wish all writers would bring up the following “glaring in your face” points in every 911 article. I bring the points up as a prior tenant of WTC1 from 1978 – 80, and the following three points are the 1,2,3 knock out punch per exposure towards the true motive behind the event:

1. The WTC Towers were constructed with hundreds of tons of asbestos foam sprayed on the internal infrastructure as a fire retardant. Then asbestos for use in construction was then banned, whoops. In 1979 the WTC spent about 135 million dollars to build a special micro-particle air filtration system to capture asbestos particles as they broke down to keep exposure of the particles from the tenants. They also commissioned in 1979 a report per the cost for demolition of the towers due to the asbestos. It came back with a cost of 8 billion dollars and the report noted that is was not accounting for the billions in law suits that would arise from people saying they were exposed to the asbestos as the towers were demolished. That problem they were sitting on was resolved on 911.

2. From almost completion of the towers it was a “no-fly” zone. Only commercial aircraft at a high altitude were allowed to fly over on a pr-designated flight path. Any private plane that came to close, an intercept was launched from one of the three surrounding military bases. If the plane did not back off as instructed by the intercept, it could be taken down by the intercepts. Any commercial airplane that flew off course, did not respond, could be shot down with an order to do so from any one of the base commanders. Thousands of military sorties were run per threats, potential threats, or practice drills from the opening of the towers. Port Authority, the owners of the WTC complex bragged in their monthly tenant news letter that the response time from threat alert to military intercept in the air was less than four minutes. The only day in an exemplary history of protecting the towers for over 25-years from in the air threats, that an intercept was not launched from not just one reported threat in the air but four known threats in the air? That day was 911. On that day was the only day a firm stand-down order was given. When I saw that on 911, as a prior tenant, I knew with great certainty they were allowing this to happen.

3. The Port Authority starting in 1978, now knowing about the asbestos situation and in a separate matter that due to the massive flat surfaces of the towers, if a level 4 or 5 hurricane hit with sustained winds of 195 to 210 MPH hitting those flat surfaces, the towers could not withstand the massive millions of metric tons of directional wind force, and would go down. The tower’s ratings were designed to handle “gusts” up to 165 MPH. Port Authority in 1978 started diligently pushing to sell the WTC complex. No matter how hard they tried with any and all potential world buyers, no takers. Then in 1999 / 2000, in steps Larry Silverstein, a joint US and Israeli citizen, who negotiates a 99-year lease on the WTC complex with the total lease having a cost of 3.5 billion dollars and requiring “monthly” payments of somewhere around 100 million dollars monthly. The contract was signed for the lease and Silverstein effectively was now the new owner by lease of the WTC complex. The complex had no insurance for terrorism events, so one of the first things Silverstein did was put out a bid to the insurance companies for a policy coverage that included a “double indemnity” clause on the 3.5 billion dollar lease, so total coverage would be 7 billion dollars. It took several months for a group of insurance companies to come together to write the policy. When the final large insurance company that entered finalized the policy, in so many words, the ink was not even dry yet on the policy and down go the towers, and in goes Silverstein’s claim for payment under the policy of 7 billion dollars noting the double indemnity clause that there were “two” acts of terrorism. Poof, there goes the problem of the asbestos, flat surfaces of the towers in the event of a level 4+ hurricane, the excuse initiated and promoted for the largest military action in recent history, and by the way the dates and targets for that military action were planed in advance two-years prior to 911. The Afghanistan and then Iraqi “Shock and Awl” hit took place almost to the day as planned well in advance before 911.

SUB NOTE: I think we all remember the TV News video shot they played over and over again in the first three days after 911 of a bunch of mid-eastern types noted as Arabs that were celebrating and popping bottles of champagne on a rooftop from Fort Lee, NJ overlooking the burning towers shortly after being hit. Clear exuberance was being shown due to the event by one and all on that rooftop as they toasted their champagne glasses. Well, the press immediately pulled that segment when it was learned that all on that rooftop celebrating were Israeli Nationals, celebrating due to the fact that they knew based on the event, the US Military would now start the planned event of decimating Israel’s presumed neighboring enemies in the middle east. I bet most Americans never knew what the reality was behind that video clip broadcasted and then pulled. Additionally, the towers were designed where the center “steel core” would act as a guide for collapsing floors in the event of catastrophic failure. By design, the floors would pancake down around the center steel core protecting surrounding buildings but in no event would the center steel core fail. When I saw the center steel core “coming down” with the collapsing floors, there was no question in my mind that pr-placed demolitions on the center steel core was the only plausibility for that to happen. Even “if” as they said in the promoted story line heat from fires on the impacted floors caused the center steel core to fail, then the upper intact steel core would have toppled over, and the lower unaffected would have been left standing. NO QUESTION WHAT-SO-EVER demolition.. The 3000 911-archetcts for accountability concur.

The top individuals controlling a large and corrupted government view the general populace as “useful idiots”. Their well planned “in advance” story line towards one of the most corrupt acts in history, 911, is designed specifically for the uninformed by the perpetrators intent, useful idiots to parrot. Including the selected date and logo used: 911, a well know call for emergency action.

Will there ever be serious and consequential accountability levied on the inside players that pulled off 911 and the subsequent devastation that took place in its aftermath? I sure as hell hope so! The clock is ticking and so far those responsible have been laughing their asses off all the way down to the bank over the last decade without any or true consequence for their acts..

Please share my comments with one and all. If you have a website or news letter please publish.

Walter Burien – – Prior Tenant WTC1 – 1978/1980
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854

PS: The “Poster Boy’s” name, Bin Laden was mentioned by CNN and other Media networks as the claimed perpetrator starting “22 minutes” into the event. Must be some very clairvoyant news reporters out there, but then in reality they mostly are just following a pr-drafted script given to them.

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Walter Burien – “Collective” Government’s True Wealth Exposed!



Walter welcomes you to – To view this informative and impressive web site, click here.

BIO of: Walter Burien HERE.

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Introduction to the CAFR – Why You Can’t Get Ahead (Government Insiders Behind The Curtain)

A great video, view HERE.

“There is massive fraud on the public by the institutions we thought we could trust.

Virtually every public entity is involved in hoarding and diverting public resources from public service to insider crony benefit and misuse.

This video explains why this is not only going on, but considered essential by the elite who want to keep you on a treadmill for their enrichment.

The message underlying this video is, demand an independent audit of the accounts (CAFR) of your city, county and state governments, school districts, courthouses, every public agency.

And most important, KEEP WHAT YOU EARN. – FIND A WAY.”

Find out more HERE.

Let your governors and legislators know…that we know!

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Mandatory Private Health Insurance…Behind The Curtain

Brasscheck TV reportsDid you think it was strange that we started out with “heath care reform” and we ended up with MANDATORY private health insurance? I did and then I remembered research done by this man, Walter Burien. He uncovered a simple, but vast and well hidden system whereby city, state, county governments and agencies have collectively syphoned many TRILLIONS of tax dollars for off-the-books investment accounts. One of their favorite investments? Insurance companies. Do you think that might be why the weasels in Washington magically pulled MANDATORY private health insurance out of their hats as a way of addressing the country’s very real health crisis? “

“Another bait and switch scam?”

View Walter Burien video (5:53) HERE.


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Walter Burien, Government Money Expert, Reveals Where The Hidden Government Money Is

Courtesy of William Wagener

Trillions Hidden – Walter Burien # 1 (8:15)
Walter Burien elaborates on the Trillions of Dollars held by…
at the Freedom Law School & Health Conference, to “Take Back America”
View Video, click here.

Trillions #2 by Walter Burien (8:00)
Walter Burien tells us WHERE the MONEY [hidden by Government] IS.
View Video, click here.

Trillions Hidden by Gov. #3 (9:52)
Walter BURIEN, a Government Money EXPERT… leads you to the hidden Government money. Explains difference between BUDGET $ & Financial Report $$$ & why they don’t add up… while Government taxes you out of home and family.
View video, click here.

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Walter Burien Shines The Light Of Day On YouTube

A revealing message from Walter Burien:

“Yesterday Bill Windsor released an 8-min YouTube of Walter Burien’s commentary for his documentary “Lawless America”

I sent the link to view the segment to the CAFR1 National email list; had the same published on and a few other news sites where thousands of views would be generated.

Well, I kept an eye on the video view counter. Hit about 1,753 the last I looked yesterday. Checked this morning and it was verging on breaking 1,900 of which was low for the thousands that were clicking and viewing.

Well, just looked a few minutes ago and I used the search feature from YouTube to find the segment and the icon hits for the search showed 1,545 views which is usually running behind being lower than the actual video views. Well, when I clicked on the icon to go to the video page, now the view count said and was frozen at 1,331 – YOUTUBE REDACTED!”

Here is the snap shot from the search icon page showing 1,545 views that should have the lower view count:

Here is the snip snap shot showing 1,331 from the displayed video that should have the higher view count:

“In reality the segment probably has broken the 10,000 view mark.

Why redacted? It is a very effective psychological tactic used by the internal gang. Two things are accomplished by doing so:

1. It keeps the video from jumping to their front page and most popular where millions will see it.

2. It creates a psychological effect on the viewer if they see a low hit count that: “Oh, other people must not be interested” and they stop there. If the true viral view count was seen, each and every viewer would be motivated to shout it out in all of their circles.

The segment has gone viral over the last 24-hours, so REDACTED to impact 1 & 2 as stated above.

Before Google developed and switched to YouTube for their videos, they did the same thing when I released the “Biggest Game in Town” video on 12/25/08. In four days it was over 750,000 views and about 6,000 downloads, had bounced to their Google video front page and most popular page, and then: REDACTED to 3,200 views and zero downloads, to be stripped from the most popular and front page of Google video.

Well, I caught them on that one also. On day-four I did snap shots from my Google video account view stats pages showing the true view count. Wrote an article on 01/13/09 with the snap shots shown, establishing as fact they had redacted the view count and put a freeze on the view count meter.

The article and snap shots from day-4 can be accessed here –

Now that a little light of day is shinning on YouTube’s recorded view count, let’s see what happens.”

Sent FYI from,

Walter Burien –

PS: I did a 40-min video shoot with Bill Windsor where names were named. I found out today that he clipped a different 1-minute segment of commentary from Walter Burien as a National Promo for his documentary and that segment can be seen here, click here.

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Congressional Testimony: Walter J. Burien to Bill Windsor of Lawless America

View Video.

“Lawless America…The Movie is all about exposing the fact that we now live in Lawless America. We no longer have laws that are enforced because judges do whatever they want to do. America has also become lawless because government officials are dishonest and/or corrupt.

The movie will expose corruption in every state. The Movie will focus on victims. Corrupt judges and corrupt government officials will be exposed, and we will confront a number of the crooks.

If anyone has ever questioned the story of a person who has expressed the view that they were a victim of the government or of judges, this movie will prove that the odds are that the corruption report was true. In fact, there are probably tens of millions of victims in the United States who never realized what happened to them.

One feature length documentary movie is being produced. It will be shown in theaters, on Netflix, Blockbuster, and other such video places, and the movie will be presented at the Sundance Film Festival and other film festivals.

In addition, videos will be produced for each state and for each type of corruption. Everyone interviewed for the film recorded a three-minute segment that will be done as testimony before Congress as well as a 30-60 minute on-camera interview with Bill Windsor, founder of and the revolutionary Party. The legislators in each state are receiving the testimony from those in their state, and the members of the U.S. House and Senate will receive all of the testimony nationwide.”

For more information,


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