State of Corruption NH – Wheel Of Corruption

Exposing the coordinated plans of New Hampshire judges in their systematically efforts to destroy State of Corruption NH and to murder Mike Gill.

View video “Judical Prejudice”, click HERE. (Click on Videos, scroll down)

2-13-17 Update for Mike by Dorothy Lafortune:
Shaheen bought the law firm, Smith & Eliott, that stole my business property in cahoots with Saco-Biddeford Savings Bank and City of Saco officials!!! And that law firm is connected to the City of Biddeford….with city attorneys from that law firm! And the City of Biddeford stole my home….behind closed doors. All in cahoots! Oh, judges are involved too….sound all too familiar Michael Gill?


“I want you to watch a secret meeting Aaron day and myself had with the Bedford Police. Trusting them with evidence to help protect the witnesses in Judge Delkers courtroom instead they turn the information over to the drug dealers. You hear attorney McLaughlin for Shaheen and Gordon in court referring to the evidence the Bedford Police gave them days before.” (Mike Gill)

View meeting at State of Corruption NH, click on Videos, scroll down to All Videos, CLICK HERE.

Mike Gill – New Hampshire State of Corruption Fighting “The Head Of The Snake”, click HERE.
NOTE* The City of Biddeford’s (ME) attorney, Keith Jacques, as well as former city attorney, Harry Center, is from the Saco (ME) law firm of Smith & Elliott. Perhaps it’s no wonder why people in Biddeford are getting no answers from city officials/law enforcement on the heroin/drug epidemic in their city. The same occurred with thefts of property “behind closed doors” when Harry Center was at the helm!

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  1. Is it any wonder these criminal drug dealers want the “WAR ON DRUGS” continued.

    • Absolutely! And people in the City of Biddeford can’t figure this out!

      • Biddeford? as I see it people everywhere can’t figure it out, look
        at the moron most people call Governor his answer is more drug agent (thieves) to rob the people blind, non can seem to figure out it’s nobody’s business what others want to put in their bodies.

        If they are government their collective thinking seems to be the government owns us and has total say about controlling everything we say and do, while robbing us blind paying for our enslavement.

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