Maine Secretary of State Dunlap Talks Out Of Both Sides Of His Mouth

Courtesy of Dorothy Lafortune

Each year, the Secretary of State solicits nominations for the Lorraine M. Fleury Award. “The award is intended to recognize and honor an individual who has made a significant contribution to the election process and who exemplifies the qualities of fairness, experience, knowledge and service.”

“The integrity and efficiency of the election process depends almost entirely on the devotion of municipal officials,” said Secretary Dunlap. “It’s tough to single folks out, but individuals who carry out their duties with extraordinary energy and commitment are recognized by their peers, neighbors, and many elected officials, who have acknowledged this work with nominations for the Lorraine M. Fleury Award.”

“Maine’s a national leader in the administration of elections,” said Dunlap.

Source: Maine Government News

In 2004 I ran as a clean election candidate in a special election held in Biddeford. People who helped out with my campaign worked their hearts out and we conducted a clean campaign. The events surrounding this election were not just mere “irregularities” or “mistakes”. A full investigation into the City of Biddeford, and clerk Clairma Matherne, was fully warranted.

My issues are:
1) The premature opening of absentee ballots
2) The failure of the Post Office to mail my first-class campaign flyers. This was paid with clean election funds by the taxpayers of Maine. These were not delivered and neither did the taxpayers receive their mail.

These are state and federal violations of law and a matter of public interest.

Sec. of State Dunlap ignored my complaint to his Deputy Secretary of State, Julie Flynn and Asst. A.G. Leanne Robbins.

Dunlap also viewed the physical evidence of campaign flyers not mailed by the Post Office. Click here.  Taxpayers funds paid for this! You should be outraged!

Evidence of cover up of violations of law within the Secretary of State’s Office (inc. DMV), dating back to Bill Diamond, were presented to Mr. Dunlap. He has the same generic answer used today…”there’s nothing I can do.”

When Charlie Summers took over Secretary Dunlap’s position, I requested to meet with him about Dunlap’s failure to act. Summers did not grant me the opportunity to meet with him. However, the following is what transpired. Click here.

Secretary Dunlap speaks of “the qualities of fairness, experience, knowledge, integrity and efficiency of the election process”, yet dismisses/ignores all of the above  with the City Clerk of Biddeford because it suits the Office of Secretary of State and its cohorts. Those who do not listen/read the media/press releases are uninformed, those who do…are misinformed. The people of Maine are being misled by one side of Mr. Dunlap’s mouth. (However, beware, this is the norm with public official announcements.)

There must be oversight and accountability within the office of the Secretary of State, the Attorney General’s office and the Ethics Commission. Unless, and until, there is accountability and oversight of state agencies, including constitutional officers, this is what can we expect from Augusta!

Maine is hardly “a national leader in the administration of elections.” Pay attention to Mr. Dunlap’s lips.

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  1. Hi!

    Every time that I asked Dunlap for the judges’ commissions I didn’t get any and STILL don’t have any even though I have sent a number of requests for them.

    Is he honest?

    He is obligated to keep records of the Governor, etc.

    No, according to me and my dealings with him.

    Lise from Maine

    • Awhile back myself and another person went to his office. I presented him with much documentation about the wrongs and frauds happening within the Secretary of State’s office. I wanted him to resolve these issues. There’s nothing he could do. I’m telling him about violations, inc. the election process and city clerk in Biddeford. Upon leaving his office, the person with me had remembered a question she wanted to ask Dunlap. She immediately returned to the office and Dunlap was on the phone. She overheard him say to the party he was speaking to that I “was just in the office.” Who was he talking to Baldacci?

      No he is not honest…speaks out of both sides of his mouth…to accommodate their agenda!

  2. Hi!

    Who are the voters?

    See the Maine voter application form.

    One has to declare themselves a “citizen of the United States of America.”

    This is NOT the 14th amendment citizen – “citizen of the United States.”

    These are “foreign” agents and NOT state electors.

    Where did the state electors go?

    What happened to them?

    That is a fraud in itself to have “foreign” agents voting in this state.

    Thank you!

    P.S. I keep repeating that education is key to comprehending what has happened to our once free, independent and original state. It went empty.

    Lise from Maine

  3. who is the person ‘running’ in the above ‘clean’ election I don’t see a name anywhere

    • Dorothy Lafortune….view the links.

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