“A bizarre but little-known lawsuit has caused headaches for freshman Sen. Kelly Ayotte and cost her at least $120,000 in legal fees just as her political stock rises and she’s being mentioned as a potential running mate for Mitt Romney. Ayotte, a New Hampshire Republican, has dismissed the suit as “frivolous,” and a federal judge largely agreed when he tossed it out in May. But Boston blogger Chris King said he would appeal to the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals and threatened to take the case all the way to the Supreme Court.”

“U.S. District Judge John McConnell of Rhode Island wrote in his ruling that King had failed to prove he had been discriminated against and that the events were private and held on private property and therefore not subject to the First Amendment. Last month, McConnell also rejected King’s motion to reconsider the decision. But because the judge ordered each party to bear their own costs, Ayotte said she’s still paying off some outstanding legal fees. She’s doing so through a special Senate legal defense fund she launched in May 2011 that allows donors to contribute $10,000 per year to help offset her bills. Ayotte has paid two law firms at least $120,000 to fight the suit, including $20,000 between April and June of this year, Senate records reveal.”

“A number of GOP senators including John Cornyn, Richard Shelby, Rob Portman and Lindsey Graham have donated to Ayotte’s fund through their political action committees or PACs. Honeywell International’s PAC has given $10,000, while Andy Card, former chief of staff to President George W. Bush, donated $1,000.” “It’s an unfortunate price to pay for going into public service,” Easton said. “Unfortunately, elected officials increasingly become targets of these kinds of tactics.” Read more.

Chris, can we add a layer of Misprision of Felony and Obstruction of Justice to Kelly Ayotte’s onion? It’s an unfortunate price for people to pay when an attorney general plays politics with peoples’ lives. Before she even considers a possible run for V.P. with Mitt Romney, let her straighten out the travesty of justice that occurred with her buddy, (now former) Police Chief Scott Roberge, Farmington, N.H. and (now former) Strafford County D.A. Janice Rundles (who landed a job in the homicide division of the A.G.’s office) Enough lies and cover up!

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  1. Hmmmmm wow I didn’t even know about this latest round. So much, so much…. I’m busy prepping my Notice of Appeal and digging up $455 urgggghhhh the bastids.

    • You sent me an e-mail telling me to post at politico. Got an address?

  2. Geesh I am so glad I left NH. Unreal I did not know how much baggage was connected to her all this time. thanks for keeping us updated!!

  3. You didn’t know, as others, because her corruption is not reported in the mainstream media. You’ll get the truth here! Her cover up for local and county officials and law enforcement has been brushed under the rug…..and ties into Christopher Christie, NJ Governor.

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