Biddeford City Counselor Bob Mills and HUD Behind The Curtain


Bob Mills is a member of the Biddeford City Council. Holding such a position could become self-serving or “buddy friendly”. However, he is not unique. There are many of his like among other local, county and state elected officials.

Mills, as Business Manager of Mainely Realty, LLC and owner, Tim Q. Ly, have many questions to answer.

When a request to review all documents in the Biddeford Commmity Development Office pertaining to CDBG grants and Tim Q. Ly, including financial statements of matching HUD funds awarded to Mr. Ly and/or Mainely Realty LLC, was denied by Linda Hardacker, a request was made to Councilor Mills for his help in obtaining these documents. He refused stating “this comes under the Privacy Act.” Who is he protecting or helping?

(Over the years many state officials were hand delivered/mailed many documents proving official corruption on Maine, most specifically involving officials within the City of Biddeford.)

On August 16, 2011 a Freedom of Access Act request was sent to Councilor Bob Mills and and Linda Hardacker, City of Biddeford HUD Office Coordinator.

Documents were received, but nowhere near the amount of “boxes/files” allegedly held in Hardarcker’s office. One interesting piece of documentation – in between documents – was a personal note between two employees relating to the concern with giving Mr. Ly money in his hands. Was this deliberately inserted with the documents or was it a mistake? Don’t know…but it’s fantastic evidence!

Mills talks a good piece, but you can’t change the stripes on a tiger. Keep an eye on his right hand!


At 6:07 p.m. this FB message was received from Bob Bills:

“I was NEVER Tim Ly’s Business Manager. I managed his properties from 2005-2006. Any FOI request you have ever sent me goes right to the city manager and city attorney.

I didn’t even live in Biddeford when Dion was mayor and yout house was sold for taxes.”
In response to Mills’ message:

He claims he was never Tim Ly’s Business Manager. Mills’ e-mail ties in with the court hearing in an attempt to collect $35,000.

Donna Dion became mayor of Biddeford after James Grattelo, who initiated the “behind closed doors” theft of property. Dion resumed the “activity” and Mills lives in Biddeford. He admits he “managed” Ly’s properties in 2005-2006. Mills is very much involved and in concert with city officials, Attorney Jens Peter Bergen, judges and the Attorney General’s Office.

Source: Biddeford Journal Tribune dated August 3, 2006 reports “Mills’ campaign treasurer, Biddeford attorney Herschel Lerman, said he’s known Mills for about three years.” Therefore, Mills was “in town” in 2003.

Contrary to Mills’ claim that property was “sold for taxes”, there was no sale of property, no auction held as advertised! This maneuver was done “behind closed doors.” A quit claim deed given to Mayor Gratello’s neighbor – Tim Q. Ly. This done in retaliation due to the exposure of the “operations” within city hall and revealed on public access tv.

Regarding a FOIA request, it was sent to Mills, not anyone else in city hall. He must answer the FOIA.

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  1. Ms. Lafortune, records indicate you owed the city tens of thousands in unpaid property taxes. Is this true?

    Did you have a payment plan to pay the city for owed property/sewer fees? And if so what kind of payment plan was it?

    Why is it fair that some don’t pay their taxes for years.while others do?

  2. If in fact an individual does owe the tax…..

  3. Again with the untruths. I moved here from Irving, Texas in 2002 to Berwick, Maine then to Biddeford in May of 2004. In your rants, at least try to get your facts straight and honest.

    • I also answered your numerous FOIA requests, I am a City Councilor not a City staffer who has records. I have forwarded them onto the City Manager and the City Attorney. I wasn’t on the Council or even lived in the City when all the actions took place at your former home. Why would you think I had records? It is interesting when I post comments to this thread of yours they are never posted.

    • I’m not concerned about “when” you arrived. The evidence speaks for itself. You’ve managed to expand the credibility gap with government officials within this state. However, they chose to jump in your boat!

  4. A response warrants more than a brief comment. You can view my response at

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