1891 Act Incorporating Maine State Bar Association

Talk about a conflict of interest!

1891 Act, click here. (Courtesy of Lise Dupont, Author of “Where Did The Original Constitutional State Go?”)

You will notice the signatures on the Act of Charles F. Libby, President of the Senate and Andrew P. Wiswell, Speaker of the House.

100 Years of Law & Justice, Maine State Bar Association:

On page 1, The Incorporation, Charles F. Libby and Andrew P. Wiswell are two of the several names of the original incorporators.

On page 69, Mission Statement contains five purposes:

1.   To promote and serve the interest of lawyers in general and members of the Association in particular.

2.   To improve the functioning of the profession and to enhance public understanding of and respect for lawyers.

3.   To promote the due administration of justice.

4.   To bring the special skills of lawyers and the profession to bear on the concerns of society as a whole.

5.   To attain the purposes of the Association by all necessary and proper means.

On page 75, Charles F. Libby listed as the first Maine State Bar Association President.


Talkshoe Radio “Maine Exposed” With Guest Lise DuPont, Researcher and Author of “Where Did The Original Constitutional State Go?” Click here.
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Report on Research of Maine State Bar Association Booklet “100 Years of Law and Justice”, Courtesy of Phil Merletti, Researcher, click here.

Incumbent Legislator, Opposing Candidate And Local Voters…You Are Invited To A District Symposium, click here.

Folks, you must be aware that the 81st Congress (1950) issued a “REPORT ON THE NATIONAL LAWYERS GUILD-LEGAL BULWARK OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY.” View report HERE. This must also be challenged and why this secret is (was) hidden from the people of Maine.

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  1. have you ever heard of your State Bar filing a grievance for someone? Out West here in the Corrupt State of Washington, when I caught the State Bar and their Lawyers Fund for client pro(rejection) blatantly defrauding me out of $288,712.36 by falsifying my documents to read the exact 180 degree opposite to what in truth really took place, these numb scull’s file a grievance for me against the executive Official I caught. The only problem with their little noble (RICO) plan was, they did this without my knowledge or consent. Hired a bought and paid for attorney out of the Attorney Generals office as an unbiased judge of this grievance(decoy duck blind) desperate wash their pure little hands attempt.

      I heard that the DEA & the Treasury dept. is getting rid of their sniffing dogs they use on these larger drug busts and counterfeiting busts, yes so true. They are replacing the dogs with attorneys due to their superior ability at sniffing out other peoples money!  

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