Incumbent Legislator, Opposing Candidate And Local Voters…You Are Invited To A District Symposium In Hampden Or Chelsea Maine


To All:

We have been invited to the Portland area and given the chance to produce the 7th Symposium. This will be the last chance to receive, understand and use the combination of the U.S. & Maine Constitutions.

As promised, this information concerns the Portland area Symposium, held in Portland, August 23th at the Masonic Lodge #216, 22 Poland St. (off Forest Ave, near the Jct. with Stevens Ave.) Portland, Me.

If you could not attend any of the past 6 Symposiums, or if you wish to attend again and further your knowledge, you may wish to attend this one. This will be our last Symposium!

If you do not already have an up to date Maine Constitution or if you forget to bring it, we will hand them out at the Door. We will be referencing it during the presentation and the questions period.

Location: The Masonic Lodge #216, 22 Poland St. (off Forest Ave, near the Jct. with Stevens Ave.) Portland Maine

Date: Saturday, August 23, 2014

Time: 12:00 to 03:00 P.M.

The Constitution Coalition
for Maine

Dear Incumbent Legislator and Opposing Candidate and local voters:

You are invited to a district symposium in Hampden or Chelsea Maine. This meeting is targeted for legislators, opposing candidates, anyone that takes an Oath and constituents who demand their protections of natural & unalienable rights which are guarantied and secured by the mandates of the U.S. and Maine Constitutions.

We have finally installed all Senators and Representatives names to our email list. You may have been contacted by us in the past or this may be the first time we have reached out to you.

Many of us are still privately researching under our own citizens group; but we have now joined forces and are presenting our summer symposiums under the name, “The Constitutional Coalition”. One of our main goals is to provide the history of the Maine Constitution and how it has been pushed aside and ignored and in some cases, changed for the sake of personal agendas.

Established political parties sometimes refuse to follow the Constitutional requirements and mandates. Because political parties favor their own platforms, the U.S. and Maine Constitutions are ignored and neglected soon after the legislators deliver their oaths, which by the way, are to preserve and support the U.S. and Maine Constitutions for life; hypocrisy? Have you ever wondered why you would take two Oaths of Office to support the Constitutions until death, but yet, after you are confirmed, you never have to attend a class for the U.S. and Maine Constitutions?

If you have attended or received any of our materials or presentations in the past, you would know that we are not politically oriented as a political party is. So, why would you want to attend this meeting and who would benefit from this meetings and why would a legislator want to attend such a meeting? Why would an incumbent or an opposing candidate not wish to be present for our informational format? Have you ever wondered why no one in the Senate or the House ever mentions following the Constitutions mandates, but yet they convince you that you are following the Maine Constitution? Hopefully, this format will entice you to ask many more questions. Three hours is not much time to properly cover the Constitution. So, we promise that the answers to these questions will be answered at this symposium or we will get the information to you at a later date.

The greatest benefit obtained from attending this meeting will be for those who attend our symposium, they will have our authorization to use our material and information and to take that knowledge to re-introduce the process to create Constitutional bills and resolves that are for the benefit and defense the Maine people according to Article IV Part Third, Section 1 and Article X Section 4 of the Maine Constitution.

Our Main(e) goal is, you will now have the truth and knowledge and when you leave, you will know why the Constitution was destroyed, when, why, what and who destroyed it and how we/you can reverse the damage by returning to the intent of the original Constitution.

Lastly, what do you have to lose? Please do not let anyone bully you to not attend. Ask them if they are they afraid of the truth? It is our life, your life, your family, your district, your morals and ethics and your reputation!

Location: Hampden  Municipal Building, Western Ave. Hampden, Maine

Date: July 26th

Time: Noon to 03:00 P.M.

Location: Kennebec Valley Assembly of GOD, 44 Hallowell Rd. Chelsea, Maine

Date: August 9th

Time: 01:00 to 04:00 P.M.

For more information, call Phil Merletti, organizer and moderator, 738-4861.

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  1. 1st under title 50 war powers act we are all enemies of the state
    2nd no one in this office has and Oath of office confirmed by the SOS
    3rd since there is no money there is no law, and they are not a legislative body they are a committee, and committees can’t right law only statutory law, codes, rules. Regulations for a certain class of persons, TRUST, CORPS., Prodigal entity’s, not people. what they’re doing is creating so called law but is only Public Policy dealing w/ corporations and or it agents and codes (color of law ) to create more debt on the un informed people, but not for long!
    4th 13th amendment == well we have around 25 B A R union members brokers foreign to America in the legislator they didn’t like hearing that! Yes the house speaker
    5th there in the yellow pages
    6th they are registered Voters , in the constitution it says when of age you can vote 25 0r 21 not sure now , does not say you have to register 1st , you register because of title 50, and title 28/ 14th amendment corp. U S Citizen/ slave not an American National, even your UCC code states “ I/WE are a national bank where do you think all this money is coming from, its created when your public broker lien our accounts this is another reason why you need a lic, its insurance our or your SS# is a access account number anyway and under title 46 you or your prodigal are a vessel operating in maritime=waters commercial commerce and title 49 as a commercial vessel on the rail road

    And there is no law that says you have an obligation to register, donate, or pledge any private property period (that’s your body, car, Child ) if you do then you give the corp. bankrupt Government the ward- in control of that, so if you registered (like your Birth Certificate} then well ,,do you now have any rights ? do you own your car, your child ,,,, no you don’t you don’t even own your home even if you think you paid the mortgage off read your deed, are you a tenet on the property and not the owner of land. That’s another subject,, and can be changed.
    So how the hell can they the Legislators or even the persons walking the street lawfully vote, and the important thing to remember sad but true your birth certificate is really a death certificate, why,,, well that bond created a corporation for you to operate in,in this bankrupt commercial world where we exchange debt/sin as a commodity ,, and all corps. Are dead entity’s there are not a people but as in this letter I just gave you our remedy is in there for all this commercial BS we have to deal with. anyway I could go on 4ever be good to hear what you think of the write up always good to hear the other side so maybe I can see some of my errors if you don’t respond I comprehend it

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