Public Exposure Moves Maine’s Attorney General Janet Mills


PPH reported “Maine attorney general enters fray over divorce case. In an unusual step, Attorney General Janet Mills has joined a vitriolic email exchange over the judicial branch’s appointment of a Cumberland County judge to be deputy chief of Maine’s District Court.

The appointment this week of Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz drew some heated opposition, most vocally from Lori Handrahan, a former Maine resident. Moskowitz presided over Handrahan’s bitter divorce and child custody case, which began in 2008, and ruled against her in several court orders.

After the announcement of Moskowitz’s appointment Tuesday, Handrahan sent dozens of mass emails and hundreds of tweets from several Twitter accounts to dozens of members of the Legislature and the media, demanding a federal investigation into what she called Moskowitz’s misconduct. She included a link to an online petition she started, calling for his removal from the bench.

While many state officials ignored the messages, Mills said she decided to respond, sending an email Wednesday that included Moskowitz’s May 2012 court order revoking Handrahan’s parental rights for her failure to undergo therapy for a “narcissistic personality disorder.”

Mills’ email went to the same list of legislators and media.

“I thought that since I was getting inquiries, I should give some context,” Mills said late Thursday afternoon, when asked in a phone interview why she would respond in such a public manner to Handrahan’s email.

“While this Office was not involved in her custody dispute, this decision, which is a matter of public record, may help you put into context the communications you have received from this individual,” Mills wrote in her email.” Read more HERE.

Now for the rest of the story…..

This newspaper article begs the question as to why A.G. Mills would “jump into the frey?”  It also requires additional reporting on what the PPH left out.  A.G. Mills’ conduct appears to attempt to discredit Lori Handrahan in an effort to protect the misconduct of Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz.

A.G. Janet Mills should be taking care of the peoples’ business. Notice and Demand to A.G. Janet Mills,which was brushed under the rug. Click here.  This is a matter of public trust and public interest. Yet, Janet Mills took no interest in this issue!

Jim Burke, a professor at the University of Maine School of Law,is absolutely correct in stating “People should be informed (about) who are the public servants who are working for them.” But try and get the mainstream media to report on this!

“Mills’ email drew quick criticism from state Rep. Lisa Villa, a member of the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee, who said Thursday that she is considering calling for a formal inquiry into citizens’ complaints that may have been filed against Moskowitz. In her opinion, “there are too many unanswered questions for (her) to be swayed by one document that doesn’t address some very disturbing issues.” “Villa, a Democrat from Harrison who ran for office on a platform of family court reform, said she took no position on Handrahan’s case but believes that complaints against judges are too often ignored.”

“The Senate chair of the Judiciary Committee, Linda Valentino, D-Saco, disagreed that legislators should be inquiring about judges’ qualifications. As chairperson of the Judiciary Committee, I don’t have a position. I don’t feel it is within the purview of the Judiciary Committee,” Valentino said. “I don’t feel this is a legislative issue. I feel this is a judicial issue.” She feels it’s a judicial issue, but not within the purview of her committee??

Re the Judiciary Committee:

The Judiciary Committee members’ task is to hear public testimony as to the honesty, integrity and qualifications of attorneys who are nominated by Governor LePage to be appointed and confirmed as Judges.

It is time for Maine people to see how the Legislators conduct their own actions of ignoring public presentations of written evidence and how they believe in their own favoritism of fellow legislators and Lawyers.

On March 11, 2014 a confirmation hearing was held on the nomination of former A.G. William Schneider. Sufficient documented evidence, as to Obstruction of Justice and cover up by A.G. Schneider, was submitted to the members of this committee. View video of this hearing ““A System in Crisis” and watch this travesty of public trust. (Opposition to nomination begins at 46:14) Click here.

With the documented evidence in their hands, ALL members of the Judiciary Committee voted in the affirmative as to confirmation of William Schneider.

Why did Rep. Lisa Villa, a member of the Judiciary Committee, not call for a “formal inquiry” into complaints against William Schneider? She had more than “one document.”

Would you not agree that the conduct of the members of the Judiciary Committee commands removal?

Mary Ann Lynch stated “she was unaware of any formal complaints against Moskowitz or any other judge” filed with the Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability.   Cabanne Howard, the committee’s executive secretary, states  “all of the complaints filed with the committee are confidential unless the committee decides to charge a judge in the Supreme Judicial Court.” Members of this committee include judges/attorneys.  Is this NOT a conflict of interest?

The Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability is a Personal appointment which does not require a public hearing or approval of the State Legislature. If Governor LePage’s priority is to “put Maine people ahead of politics”, he must remove the members with this committee.

Augusta has all of its “bases” covered…to include the courtrooms… with its “revolving door policy.” 

Until the status quo changes, there will be no justice within Maine’s judicial system.

Where is the media coverage on this?

Related: Falmouth Today reports “A.G. MILLS’ CONDUCT THIS PAST FRIDAY RAISES QUESTIONS”, click here.

Research has revealed that Maine judges must be commissioned…and they are not! No commission = no oath of office = no judicial power. Read more HERE.

For more information on this subject type in “Lise from Maine” in the search section of this blog. Lots of information and discussion in the comments section.

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  1. What a statement by Valentino is she bought and paid for or just plain stupid?

  2. Hi!

    Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz?

    Is this a joke?

    He is no more a constitutional judge than I am.

    I don’t have a “commission” and neither does he which means that neither of us have a “title” and a “public office.”

    He is an impostor.

    Is he disclosing to the general public that he does not possess a

    I believe not.

    Someone ought to conduct a “Freedom of Access” (Title 1, MRS, Chap. 13, Sec. 408-A) request and ask him for a copy of “his” commission.

    I am willing to bet that he doesn’t have one.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • Now they call themselves,”Jurists”! Wow! Corporate Court!

  3. This is what you get when you ignore the law*: appointed judges “on the take”** rather than having to be accountable DIRECT-ly to the people by elections. Thus you end up with elected officials; yes- in the Legislature, but infiltrated by Bar Members who like to twist arms into making wimps out of those like who might have run on the plank on their political platform of to be a check-and-balance against crookedness in the judiciary, BUT who have turned into wimps to be walked over. * The law you ask? Answer: Section 2 of the Fourteenth (14th) Amendment. So WHY do you let your governor overlook his duty? in Article V, Part First, Executive Power, Section 12 of: ” Shall enforce the laws. The Governor shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed. ” What laws? with the letter “s” in the plural, of like here are the details, like in our New Hampshire Constitution, Part the Second in Article 51 of that the governor shall “execute the laws of the state AND of the United States” (emphasis ADDed for BOTH!!, reference Sec. 2 of the 14th at: = ” when the right to vote at any election for the choice of . . . Judicial officers of a State, . . . is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such State, being twenty-one years of age, and citizens of the United States, or in any way abridged, . . . the basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion which the number of such male citizens shall bear to the whole number of male citizens twenty-one years of age in such State. ” Thus one of your two Federal Reps has got to go. footnote #2 of ** = of not just “bribes”, but that of also: “in search of personal profit at the expense of others. ” as in the court clerks and judges taking their $ salary after demanding against the word “free” in Maine Article I Declaration of Rights, Section 19 that reads: “free”, and “without sale”, not having to pay for it of to obtain justice for a filing “fee”, and especially when the State has a $surplus, like New Hampshire has of $15 million, but still demanding these filing fees! that I call THEFT by Extortion! The point being that when you overlook this state law AND the Federal law you leave it up to the state judge to adopt Federal policy and custom as like an over-ride to the law, of like in the example of “Contempt of Court”, that when you find the judges NOT in Contempt of Constitution, they do what they “will” with you, of like here in N.H. of to over-ride the limit for contempt by Articles 22+23 in Part 2 to the maximum time of ten (10) days as applicable to the judiciary by Article 72-a to the Federal policy of no trial by jury in “petty offenses” defined as such of when any possible incarceration on the County Farm/ Jail be less than a six-month sentence! So you get what you allow! Thus to tell your governor to do his current job BEFORE a case just starting, like by “Roberts Rules of Order”. Good luck. – – JSH

  4. Hi!

    Since the “overthrow” of the ORIGINAL constitution of the State of Maine by that fraudulent, supposed, pretend law of 1875 (1875 resolve), there aren’t any actual laws in place today.

    It is all an illusion.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • Ah, so bribery I see has been resolved to that of O.K. to be able to hold public office again after ten years from conviction, eh? (;-) @ page 35 in Chapter 98 from: Answer to question: no, see: for the “may” word of this an enabling clause, of to see IF the Maine Legislature ever enacted such. So what are you saying? that the entire Maine Constitution is a “maybe”? To come to that conclusion is wrong with those “shall” words. But then HOW do they get around it to those un-lawful filing fees over there too? There must be a similar case-law that is something like a George Orwellian “Nineteen Eighty Four” Double-Speak to say that free means fee because somehow a public servant can what? remove the letter “r” from words at his or her whim, notion, or fancy!? That’s arbitrary law, as in to call the court clerk not only asking for a filing fee but demanding such a Despot! with a capital letter D. and so what good are the oaths of office to the constitution when such are voided all the time!? Here in N.H. we have RSA Chapters 42:1 and 92:2 to Article 84 * What statute do you have there to have the public servant have to obey the “law” or else they are to be “dismissed forthwith”? Not that it does any good over here in New Hampshire because all they do is ignore it over here because when you go to The “Law Enforcement” officers of like the N.H. State Police to Articles 8 + 32 instruct them to en-FORCE the law, for which they are paid to serve AND protect is their motto or logo, they take their marching orders from the Attorney “General” whose duty is to that of the Bar customs OVER the law! * and plus for Article 84. A custom a right like on a Native American Indian Reservation, but not when such attorney customs effect us who never gave them our “consent”, of it what? an implied consent unless we opt out of it in writing that of we acknowledge to be the inhabitants paying for this service? That unless such be written that what? the property taxes are in the nature of merely a tribute!? as the victim in an unknown battle in some unknown behind-the-scenes war for which we are thus not free but mere slaves!? Maybe the signs on the Interstate ought to read: Welcome to the not state but what? Plantation of Maine?!

  5. Hi!

    My book called “Where Did The Original Constitutional State Go?” by Lise Dupont shows plenty of fraud and treason against the people.

    It is available at and for cheaper than the list price.

    The “original” state is still there but it is empty and nobody is home.

    All three (3) departments were involved in some fashion in this overthrow of the original constitution – Gov. Nelson Dingley, Jr., the legislature, and Chief Justice John Appleton.

    They were all in cahoots together “cooperating” with each other. They ought to be “rivals” defending and protecting their own departments – separation of powers doctrine under the constitution (see Article 3, Section 1 of the original constitution) and the common law.

    If anyone thinks that this overthrow was an accident, mistake, or error, think again. This was well planned and well organized AFTER the civil war. The states were changing their constitutions after the said war.

    Additionally, I recently discovered that “this” state was under “martial law” in 1880 the same year that the “seal” of the state was destroyed.

    Any connection?

    I don’t know yet.

    It was about an election fraud (Greenback party), and Governor Alonzo Garcelon, a democrat, feared for his life and used the militia to surround the capitol.

    It is actually fun reading as I had no knowledge about this until I read it in the said book as mentioned below.

    I made copies (copyright is now gone) of the two (2) chapters over the weekend regarding this from the book called “The Life and Times of Nelson Dingley, Jr. (1902),” and Dottie will place this on her blog soon.

    Enjoy the two (2) chapters.

    It is quite revealing.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  6. One aspect that needs to be part of the discussion it the low funding rate of the Maine Judicial System. It is pitiful and greatly restricts the Judges and other members of the system from being flexible in their actions. I don’t know about the District Court Judges, but the Superior Court Judges write pretty solid opinions. The Maine Supreme Court is fantastic in their decisions, like the one last year on keeping 911 transcripts public, even when they relate to a homicide.

    So, my two cents worth.

    Dwight Hines

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