The pattern of elder abuse in the case of Carolyn Rousseau is the same situation that happened to Lillian Murray which took place at Brentwood Rehab/Nursing home in Yarmouth, Maine under the administration of Dan Burns. Update of the abuse of Lillian Murray from Litchfield, Maine and the horrific abuse which led to her death.

Per her daughter Andrea’s update, “Lillian Murray, an elderly woman, fell at home in May 2010. She was taken to a local hospital and later released to Winship Green Rehab Center in Bath, Maine. During her brief stay at the center, all medications were taken away, including insulin, by Dr. Don Hill. Lillian went into shock state and Andrea took her mother to a local hospital. From the hospital Lillian went to Brentwood Rehab/Nursing Home for rehab.”

“During Lillian’s stay at Brentwood, daughter Andrea noticed bruises to the body. As time went on Andrea noticed what appeared to be a buise on her mother’s back and foot. Due to the lack of care at the home, the bruises developed into “holes” in Lillian’s back and foot. The “hole” in Lillian’s back was so big “you could put your fist into the back all the way to the bone.” (pictures) Andrea sought the help of state legislators, DHHS agents Orin Deal, Michael Parks, Joan Standbyguard, Wendy Harris and Ricker Hamilton, in seeking an investigation into the abuse of her mother and the release of her mother to the hospital. State legislator, Dale Craft, was to set up an appointment to resolve this issue. That did not happen. Later, Craft told Andrea “there are things in life that you have to let go and move on.” Andrea never heard from him again, nor any other official that she contacted. DHHS agents named above have conspired with Dan Burns and Dr. Dan Pierce (who oversees several nursing homes) and filed a number of false documents in the court to obtain both state and federal funds and the assets of Lillian Murray.”

“Andrea held General Durable Power of Attorney and Power of Attorney for Health Care. From November 18, 2010 Andrea fought for the release of her mother to the local hospital. Dan Burns, Administrator of Brentwood Rehap/Nursing Home, refused to release Lillian to a hospital, denied her medical care and had Andrea removed from the facililty. Andrea was no longer able to visit with her mother. Lillian was alienated from her family and friends and denied any, and all, visitors and phone calls. Under Dan Burns’ administration, Lillian was totally silenced by the use of drugs and was left alone on Christmas day as she layed close to the floor in filth and draft.”

“On November 19, 2010 DHS filed for Guardianship and Conservator of Lillian Murray with no hearing and no notice given to Andrea. Guardianship was granted ex parte on November 22, 2010., contrary to Judge Joseph Mazziotti’s order dated Feburay 8, 2011 stating a hearing was held on Janauary 5, 2011. After claiming guardianship DHS took Lillian’s social security check and have set claims upon her property. Lillian’s Last Will and Testament left the property to Andrea.”

“On January 18, 2011 Andrea was advised by Wendy Harris, DHHS agent, that Andrea’s mother had been taken to Maine Medical Center on January 17, 2011. Harris advised Andrea that she had no rights in any decision-making relative to her mother, but that Andrea could now see her mother at any time. Andrea was advised by hospital personnel that her mother was a “ward of the state” and that hospital staff could not discuss Lillian’s care with Andrea.”

“On the morning of February 9, 2011 Judy Harrington, social worker at Maine Medical Center left a message on Andrea’s answering machine stating that her mother had died. This is in the very least suspicious as Judge Mazziott’s order, dated February 8, 2011 at 3:02 p.m., revoked Andrea’s Powers of Attorney and authorized DHHS sole decision makers on behalf of Lillian Murray, including end-of-life decisions. And the following morning Andrea’s mother was dead.”

“Andrea went to MMC to claim her mother’s body. Nobody at the hospital knew where Lillian was. Andrea later discovered that her mother had been cremated and she never saw her mother again.”

“Agents employed by the State of Maine are now threatening to take the home that Andrea and her mother shared.”

Andrea’s wishes are that more people in Maine will gather and end the abuse on the vulnerable and the elderly.

When will those in authority step up to the plate? Is a life of no value in Maine to those in authority?

State employees are gathering this week at the state capitol in opposition to the pension reforms included in the Governor’s biennial budget. Andrea’s horrific experiences with the abuse of her mother and the DHS employees refusals to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of the elderly is deja vu all over again for me. The above named DHS employees should not only forego pension loss, but SHOULD BE FIRED and brought to justice for their criminal acts and abusive treatment of those within their care!

The poor job performance by state employees extends beyond the Department of Human Services. The state deficit could be reduced by eliminating certain agencies/offices within state government or replacing incompetent personnel and gatekeepers (receptionists/secretaries), ie. Office of Elder Services, Bureau of Financial Institutions, Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices, Bureau of Corporations, Elections and Commissions and the Bureau of Insurance. Through years of personal experience, no matter which office is called personnel never know the answer or refer you to another “rabbit hole”. These state employees who fail/refuse to uphold their job requirements, violate the law and act as “gatekeepers” to deny the people access to a state official equates to fraud upon the taxpayer! Governor LePage must take a close look at who “in the system” is “bilking the system.” Let’s not forget the “Confidential Employees” who remain anonymous. Don’t we have a right to know who these “employees” are?

If this doesn’t assault your sensibilities and cause outrage, what will?

To voice your opinion on the Lillian Murray case, you can call:

Maine Governor Paul LePage   207-287-3531

Mary Mayhew DHS Commissioner 207- 287-3707

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  1. Hi!

    I believe that “letters” to Gov. LePage and the Commissioner of DHS would be more beneficial rather than phone calls.

    The above written story is not the full story as I know that someone here in Maine attempted to get Power of Attorney (POA) of Andrea’s mother (I am assuming that it is the same Andrea that we know) but was thrown out of court according to him.

    I know this person well, and he would have seen to it that Andrea’s mother would have had her needs met. He is a great guy but when he told me of this story, I disagreed with him that he should get POA since this woman has next of kin.

    I believe that another approach would have been more helpful than seeking POA from family members. It is a waste of time and effort and going after the “real” issues of abuse should have been the “focal point” instead.

    I hope there are photos showing the woman’s face alongside her injuries (holes)which actually shows more concrete evidence of abuse.

    This is a horrible story and something needs to be done about it.

    Thank you!

  2. […] [update] ELDER ABUSE IN MAINE MARCHES ON (unmasker4maine.wordpress.com) […]

  3. Sounds very similar to my mother in Arapahoe County, CO in 2012. I was Medical Power of Attorney. She received excellent care from me but probate judge for that county working in tandem with the associate district attorney’s office and an empty lost soul caseworker who not only had been trying to take my mother for years, but had empty promises from the probate judge that maybe, since I would be alone, and lose our apt. he might take me off the street, make me a ward, and give me to her, no less, pursued denying my mother’s advance directive to be a sustain and resuscitate (she was already in a rehab unit of a nursing home but walking around); staff lied to me (and I knew better) that she had fallen and her superficial fracture of her hip was worse; they medicated her for weeks with morphine, and when they thought I was moving our possessions out of state the empty caseworker came in and told my mother she had been thinking of letting her be moved into the hospice wing, but since she seemed to be not able to hold her water pitcher, she was not going to allow it and would not be fed. It was while for the first time a hospice nurse was present, who told the caseworker that was not the way hospice handled things, that my mother could not hold the pitcher because she was laying on her injured hip but she really could and in hospice they would help her drink and eat anyway. The nursing home was billing for hospice care all along I found out, while I was still paying her Medicare and supplemental, which covered everything anyway. They kept me away because when I asked them to send her to the hospital for treatment of her hip one month before, they goaded me to do it, while the judge had a letter waiting that marginalized me from spending quality time and saving her after she was returned without treatment, and she was ordered to sign a paper when she went to the hospital saying she didn’t want to see or speak to family, when she had said, as we took care of each other alone for 60 years, that there was never a time she didn’t want to see me. Even at the hospital they ran away with her on a gurney as she was calling my name. They drew her down while I and the hospice nurse were away a few days, though I had told them to call me if there was a problem. The caseworker stood in the parking lot as I approached while the hospice nurse was with her four days before she died, when she seemed well to the hospice nurse, trying to push back against my walking through and looking in my mother’s window. As usual the empty caseworker ran out saying she didn’t care what they did but she had already set up the nurse to repeatedly take away my mother’s water so her system could not be flushed of morphine. I told them the guardianship ended by law when she passed and was able to take her to funeral home crematorium.

    They broke every law, her legal documents were totally disrespected and now there is a website, http://www.coffergroup.org as to others taken down by the same empty but killing machine. We had little wealth, but there was the promise of taking me (I moved to another state) and have been hounded by DHS minions, some wards themselves, to achieve brownie points by reporting on my activities.

    These caseworkers clock in and lie all day and become empty and don’t know how to live to fill the void of emptiness they become except to continue to feed their evil with stealing wealth or stealing people. Check out the articles of David Olinger on this subject in the Denver Post.

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