For the People…:My Foreclosure Case


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  1. I’ve followed this case closely. You’ve got them cornered. I don’t like the obvious stall tactics by Judge Cantara. He’s been hiding behind a mask since his days as District Attorney of York County. He didn’t get where he is being on the side of the people. He’s been aware of the frauds perpetrated by banks since the 1990’s and did NOTHING except shield Saco Biddeford Savings Bank, Attorney Michele Robert (who now occupies a position in the State A.G.’s office) and (now former) Judge Robert Crowley.

    I wish you the best. You should win this case as a matter of law.

  2. TY Dottie! Let’s hope that judge Cantara will do the right thing this time and dismiss my case. But after 2 years of this, and all the waiting, and the scheduling of hearings to hear my motions ONE by ONE, is getting a LOT tiring! Hopefully, with everything I submitted Monday, this will finally be ended. One can only pray & hope so.

    • Be careful, legal entities will lines their bank accounts with your emotions. Keep it as business transactions only. Cantara is known for using facts out of context to suite his own feel-good, self-rightiuos position. Pay ettention to all detail.


  3. Hi!

    You have done your homework in this case. Good for you!

    The “powers that be” want you to get “tired” of the case so you
    eventually falter in some way.

    Get plenty of rest and regroup.

    Keep up the good work.

    Lise from Maine

  4. Cantara is as dishonest and corrupt as the universe is endless

  5. Cantara is as dishonest and corrupt as the universe is endless. His tragic abuse of individuals human rights are blatantly prominent in all of his personal or leagal activities. He is and has been taught well by his dishonest mentors. When reviewing my own personal case with him, it becomes apparent that he purposely ignores facts as well as facts used being taken out of context. His only interest and goals are for his own personal feel-good , selfrighteous existance. May he forever stagnate in his dillusional false livleyhood.

    • Cantara is and should be considered a mini terriorist. These were also the beginings of people such as sadam , ossama and hitler. What are we in for. Only future will tell.

      • Cantara presided over my family case. He single-handily destroyed my family , my finances , and alienated me from my children, regulating me to a part-time visitor dad seeing my children 4 days a week. I couldn’t afford a lawyer. It’s like I didn’t even show up. He’s corrupt as tey come. Hope he rots in hell.

  6. Hi!

    Where in the Constitution of the State of Maine can a constitutional judge decide a case?

    It says ALL criminal and civil cases must be tried by a jury. It doesn’t say “some.”

    Do you suppose that an Administrative Law Judge otherwise known as a “hearing examiner” operating in a “private” court can decide a case?

    I do have to wonder.

    Debbie, you did an excellent job in showing the process of your case. Keep up the good work. It shows that you did your homework.

    Your presentation of the case can serve as a great learning tool (most people cannot explain the “chain of title” or lack of it in their paperwork or explain it verbally to the courts) regarding the securitization process, and the fraud exposed (fraudulent exhibits, for instance) when certain plaintiffs bring forth a foreclosure case in the courts.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  7. Hi!

    By the way, that female lawyer who felt offended (being a liar), when challenged regarding the fraudulent exhibits, is in the wrong business.

    Does she think that the opposing party is not going to challenge her exhibits/briefs or her verbalizations?


    She needs to find a new profession.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  8. ..I meant 4 days a month. Cantara’s a joke

  9. karma is coming he just doesn’t see it yet. i wish the best for his family.

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