Oath Keepers Bundy Ranch Debrief

Published on Apr 30, 2014

This is the official statement from the Oath Keepers regarding the Bundy Ranch Situation.

View HERE. (51:37)

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  1. My name is Brian Danielson. I am the founder and President of Integrity4Maine. We are an advocacy group working hard to bring integrity back to Maine due to the growing problems of State corruption, prosecutorial misconduct, and family court reform. Families across Maine are being destroyed emotionally, physically, and financially because prosecutors act with a certain immunity from the law. I have personally investigated close to 100 cases in Hancock and Washington county alone where men were targeted for non-existent sex or domestic violence crimes. They are prosecuting each and every accusation regardless of evidence and even hiding evidence that can prove the innocence of the defendant. Families are going bankrupt because of the malicious and unconstitutional tactics of the DA’s office.

    You may have heard about Mary Kellett, Assistant District Attorney who was found guilty by the Maine Supreme Court of violating 7 bar rules. The following is taken directly from the decision posted by the Maine Overseers of the Bar:

    Based upon the above findings, as well as the parties’ presentations to the Court, the Court makes the following conclusions:
    1. ADA Kellett has now acknowledged that she committed multiple errors in the way she handled Filler’s trial:
    She admits that her rebuttal argument in Filler’s first trial unfairly prejudiced the defendant and resulted in the granting of a new trial.
    She admits that, to the extent certain statements in her closing argument to the jury might suggest that Filler had any burden of proof, her statements were improper.
    In so doing, ADA Kellett admits that she violated the rights of the defendant, and violated the following then-applicable Maine Bar Rules: 3.1(a) (conduct unworthy of an attorney); 3.2(f)(4) (conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice); 3.6(a) (failure to employ reasonable care and skill and apply best judgment in the performance of professional services); 3.7(e)(1)(i) (failing to employ before the jury such means only as are consistent with the truth); and 3.7(i)(2) (failing to comply with a public prosecutor’s duty to make timely disclosure to the defense of exculpatory evidence).
    2. ADA Kellett has also admitted that she violated the discovery obligations of a prosecutor under M.R. Crim. P. 16, Bar Rule 3.7(i)(2) and the Superior Court’s June 3, 2008, discovery order. ADA Kellett acknowledges that she failed to act with reasonable diligence to provide both automatic and requested discovery in the form of a written statement by the complaining witness, a recording of a 911 call made by the complaining witness, and a recording made at the time of an encounter between the complaining witness and a law enforcement agency. Although ADA Kellett did not intentionally attempt to violate the then-existing Bar Rules or the rights of defendant Filler, she admits that her actions did violate his rights and did constitute violations of then-applicable Maine Bar Rules 3.1(a); 3.2(f)(4); and 3.7(i)(2).
    3. ADA Kellett has appeared before this Court and acknowledged her errors in judgment and her failure to comply with her responsibilities as a prosecutor. She has accepted responsibility for her actions, and expressed her contrition for her misconduct.
    4. Bar Counsel has confirmed to the Court that ADA Kellett has no prior disciplinary or other sanction record on file with the Board of Overseers of the Bar.
    5. In the three and one-half years since the conclusion of ADA Kellett’s involvement with the Filler prosecution, both ADA Kellett and her office have taken steps to ensure that such misconduct will not recur. She has attended the Maine Prosecutors Association presentation on the duty of the prosecution to supply exculpatory and impeachment evidence to the defense as set forth in cases such as Brady v. Maryland 373 U. S. 83 (1963) and Giglio v. United States 405 U. S. 150 (1972). She has re-read Justice Robert Clifford’s article on Identifying and Preventing Improper Prosecutorial Comment in Closing Argument 51 Me. L. Rev. 241 (1991) and other literature on that topic and has also discussed proper closing argument with other prosecutors and her supervisor. She routinely reads new case law bearing on her duties as a prosecutor including cases analyzing discovery and closing argument issues.
    6. ADA Kellett’s office has stopped using the discovery form it used at the time of the Filler prosecution that directed defense attorneys to request materials directly from law enforcement agencies when they sought discovery. Office staff have been instructed that in complying with discovery requested by the defense they are to forward the text of the actual request to the appropriate person at the involved law enforcement agency so that the officer knows precisely what has been requested rather than simply making an oral request describing the materials.
    7. ADA Kellett now routinely reviews police officer’s case files with the involved officer(s) to ensure that all materials required by the discovery rules are supplied to the defense. She also obtains written confirmation from officers who inform her that certain materials requested do not exist. She has adopted a policy of using written communications with defense counsel to document discussions regarding discovery, especially in those instances when counsel has informed her that certain materials previously requested are no longer sought by the defense. Additionally, she communicates directly with defense counsel to ensure that they have received the materials they requested in discovery and have received those items that the Criminal Rules require be made automatically available.

    On May 31st, in Ellsworth, Maine, we are holding a public protest for positive change and accountability. Below is the information for the rally. I have internationally known activists coming in, as well as former and potential politicians coming to speak about the loss of our constitutional rights. This protest will be huge. The current DA, due to the first ever prosecutor getting punished for misconduct in Maine, as elected not to run. However, two ADA’s are looking to take her place and continue to destroy everyone in their path. There are two other candidates for DA who are willing to completely change that office, but we need assistance in convincing the people to make the right choice come election time. I am hoping that we can discuss this at length.

    Please get back to me at your earliest convenience.


    Brian Danielson
    P.O. Box 2113
    Bangor, Maine 04402

    MAY 31, 2014
    Hancock County Courthouse
    50 State Street
    Ellsworth, Maine, 04605

    The past several years have seen an increase in the State’s abuse of power against citizens and the erosion of our Constitutional Rights. Non-partisan groups in conjunction with the Center for Public Integrity have ranked Maine the 5th most corrupt State in the nation, and gave it an “F” for not holding its corrupt public officials accountable.
    When State actors are allowed to abuse their power and violate civil rights with impunity, the citizens have a duty to assemble peacefully, demand change and accountability, and move to vote corrupt officials out of office. Citizens truly are the fourth branch of government.

    Few State functionaries today are able to cause more destruction and civil rights abuse than State prosecutors who enjoy absolute immunity for their violations.
    In Hancock and Washington Counties, numerous men, women, and children have been abused and have had their lives destroyed by the practices of the 7th District Attorney’s office. In 2013, the infamous prosecutor Mary Kellett, who prosecuted countless innocent individuals throughout her 10 year 10,000 case career, was the first prosecutor in Maine’s history to be charged and found guilty of violating 7 Bar Rules; advising police to withhold evidence, failing to turn over evidence of the defendant’s innocence, and not being truthful before a jury. Her only punishment, despite reports of numerous victims, was to complete 6 hours of continued education classes.

    Such inexcusable abuse of citizen’s civil rights are being ignored and excused by the judicial system and the State functionaries responsible with protecting the public.

    We are here to say enough is enough and are calling on citizens to make informed voting decisions this year to defend their families and communities from the State’s abuse of power.

    On May 31st, 2014, at 11am we will hold a protest and press conference on the steps of Hancock County Courthouse at 50 State Street, Ellsworth, Maine, to bring attention to the egregious abuse of the judicial system by State prosecutors.

    Prominent community leaders, advocates, victims, and human rights activists from Maine and from around the nation will come together to take part in this historic protest to bring attention to unethical abuse by the State and its functionaries.

    Everyone interested in taking part in this historic event is urged to come to Ellsworth Maine and take a stand in solidarity with victims in the community who call for State accountability to The People.

    Please join us:
    Hancock County Courthouse
    50 State Street, Ellsworth 04605
    11am Saturday May 31st.

  2. I have a first hand account of the corruption of Mary Kellet and her cohorts. I am trying to get into touch with one Brian Danielson in order to discuss the details with him. It seems that he has disappeared off of the map since the departure of Mary Kellet form the Hancock County DA’s office, I am hoping that I am incorrect in this conclusion. A case that was begun by Mary Kellet and mirrors her other cases identically has just been closed by the DA’s office. We are the family and we wish to break our silence after two and a half years. How can I reach Brian? Thank you.

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