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Maine clean elections money was used in my campaign that was infiltrated by Dan Rogers, a registered democrat in Auburn. Why wasn’t anyone in Augusta, including Jonathan Wayne, not concerned about the Post Office not mailing my first class campaign flyers paid with clean election monies? Hundreds of flyers were returned for alleged “undeliverable as addressed.”  B.S.
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  1. I have done that in the past until I became sick over it! It did no good – no one would listen. There were crooked heads of departments in Augusta that were the so-called places to make complaints to so-call investigate – like SMMC and some of the abusive nurses (to my boyfriend who they drugged to death)! They lied about the investigation, they lied about the nurses and doctors involved! They used Haldol which the FDA issued a warning not to administer to the Elderly but they are STILL doing it! Money talks and as they say, “you can’t fight city hall”! I did get an Amendment bill to the Guardianship law passed and that was a miracle! I did what I could. St. Francis prayer says, “Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Believe me, I still advocate but I try different ways to try and make a difference and I won’t let them steal my health in the process. Some evils never go away – until the second coming of Christ!
    Marie Tupper

  2. Marie, so nice to hear from you.

    You wrote to me, Great Blog! Wow, what excuse did they give for returning all your campaign notices?

    They did not, cannot, have an excuse! The legislators/government employees are as guilty as the offending parties!

    No one did anything about that, nor anything about the tampering with absentee ballots! This is a FELONY! And there is no corruption ongoing in Maine? Please….

    What they did to me they are doing to everyone in Maine……….this is YOUR money!

    Why aren’t people going public with their harassments and tortures? I’ve got this blog for people to scream out. The good ole boy network continues to climb the political ladder.

    Do you remember when we all met at the Journal Tribune and Sen. Barry Hobbins attended? Did he do anything as a lawmaker and attorney about the corruption? NO! He’s still climbing the political ladder!

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