Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz Apologized And Acknowledged That His Order Was Not Lawful

Update 1-22-15

PPH reports “A judge has ruled that a criminal defense attorney who is under supervision for committing crimes is temporarily barred from representing any clients being prosecuted by the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office.

Anthony J. Sineni III, 52, of Standish was sentenced on Jan. 5 for assault and disorderly conduct, with terms that included supervision by the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office for the next two years.

Justice Roland Cole issued his order on Jan. 16, limiting Sineni’s legal practice with regard to criminal cases brought by Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office, but not other prosecutors’ offices, said Mary Ann Lynch, the Judicial Branch spokeswoman. “Justice Cole told Mr. Sineni that it would be a conflict in his view to defend clients going against the District Attorney’s Office when he is paying the District Attorney’s Office a supervision fee,” Lynch said.
Read more HERE.

So this is his sentence?

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Judge rescinds media gag order (video – WCSH6), click here.

BDN reports “District Court Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz on Wednesday reversed a previous order restricting media coverage of testimony in open court and apologized to a Portland Press Herald reporter for what the judge described as an unlawful demand.

On Wednesday, Moskowitz explained his initial rationale for the gag order and acknowledged that, in hindsight, it was illegal and a mistake.

The judge said his order likely would have been considered immediately void due to the fact that it was illegal, but to clear up any possible dispute, he officially rescinded it. He then singled out Dolan, who was in attendance covering the brief hearing Wednesday.

“I want to take the opportunity to apologize to Mr. Dolan for placing him in a very awkward position on Monday, and I appreciate the professional way in which he has proceeded since then,” Moskowitz said. “In order to rectify the error I made on Monday, I’m ordering that a transcript of the proceeding be made available to the public as soon as possible.”

Redding (news director for WCSH) told the Bangor Daily News on Wednesday he still had mixed feelings about how Moskowitz handled the situation.

“Today I have a lot of questions. Obviously the judge was gracious in his apology for making the gag order in the first place and I commend him for his openness and willingness to take it head on,” he said. “But the journalist in me says something doesn’t add up. While the judge was saying he did all this to protect the witness, I was watching that witness. She was clearly shaking her head back and forth in disagreement. So I’m left unsatisfied with the reasoning.”

The gag order multiplied media attention for a case that otherwise may have been headed for a quiet resolution Monday.”

View video and read more HERE.

Journalists Challenging Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz’s Order…The Egg Has Cracked, click here.

Michael Redding, news director for WCSH,  told the Bangor Daily News “he still had mixed feelings about how Moskowitz handled the situation”, he had “a lot of questions”, and “something doesn’t add up.”

Perhaps Mr. Redding could assign his reporters to sit in on court cases and let them witness for themselves the injustices metered out in Maine courts. There are plenty of cases out there that need true and fair reporting.

Some questions for Mr. Redding and all reporters to ponder:

Judges/attorneys know, or should know, the law; Judge Moskowitz didn’t know he was violating the law and the constitution on the day of his order?

Why did it take media attention for Judge Moskowitz to realize his order was unlawful, null and void?

Do reporters think that Judge Moskowitz is the only judge who issues unlawful, void orders?

Do reporters think that this case is unique and that no other Maine judges violate constitutional rights in the courtroom?

Mr. Redding, something “does add up”….the genie is out of the bottle.


Another interesting point:

Attorney “Sineni’s criminal case may have concluded but his legal career faces scrutiny from the Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar.

Under the rules that govern attorneys licensed to practice in Maine, a lawyer convicted of a crime must inform the board of that conviction within 30 days, Jacqueline M. Rogers, executive director of the board, said Wednesday.

“We were made aware through news reports of the charges pending against Mr. Sineni and Bar Counsel [Scott Davis] has opened an investigation,” she said.

Davis will determine whether the matter should be referred to a disciplinary panel, which would hold a public hearing.”

Will the BAR uphold the law any more than the Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability, a committee of judges judging judges? Is this not a conflict of interest?  Is this not newsworthy?

Here is a great reference, research, informative and educational tool for everyone! Click here.

All power is inherent in the people (original constitution of Maine 1820 – Art. 1, Sec. 2)

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25 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. Hi!

    Since so-called judge Moskowitz admitted to issuing an “illegal” order, then he committed a crime and is a criminal.

    Why wasn’t he arrested?

    If any of the rest of us committed a crime, we would be arrested, would we not?

    Same thing for “fake” judge Moskowitz. He is an “admitted” criminal.

    Arrest him!

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • How can people, including officials, not see through this…..it’s crystal clear!

  2. The so-called judge (GOWNED-CLOWN) in this matter admitted to unlawful (criminal) behavior does that let him off the hook as to criminal charges? and being overlooked is that this same GOWNED-CLOWN let this low life BAR member plea-bargain five felony counts down to two misdemeanors, I wonder when the last time was this GOWNED-CLOWN did the same or even similar thing for one of us non-BAR-card holding commoners.

    I suspect that the GOWNED-CLOWN never did anything even close to this type of leniency but then BAR-CARD-HOLDERS are a very special breed that deserve special treatment.

    I wonder if this BAR-CARD-HOLDER can now keep all the stolen guns he had now that he is not a convicted felon?

    • It wouldn’t let us off the hook! The “deal” was made with the Attorney General’s office.

  3. Hi

    Furthermore, was “fake” judge Moskowitz just protecting “one of this own,” an attorney?

    I believe so.

    Should this attorney, who is accused of domestic violence, be protected?

    Absolutely not!

    What about protecting the one who was abused?

    Did she matter?

    Obviously not!

    This is an outrage!

    What about LePage’s issue with domestic violence and wasn’t there a recent law passed regarding domestic violence?

    I believe so.

    Remember, there aren’t any counsellors-at-law (superior to attorneys) operating in this state as their profession was “passively” eliminated when the licensing and educational level of “attorneys” was accomplished. Attorneys are not allowed in criminal cases.

    “Fake” judge Moskowitz should be removed from the bench. He is an “admitted” criminal.

    Protecting the witness? Horse manure!

    How does gagging the media protect the witness?

    It doesn’t at all.

    I believe that this “fake” judge is a fool, and he displayed that in this case.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • It’s in the open now…crystal clear, they protect their own! Time for the media to expand on this corruption.

      I wonder if Governor LePage will react like he did with sports guy…don’t recall the name.

      Your comment is well stated.

  4. Hi!

    Was “fake” judge Moskowitz “dumbed down” in school?

    Appears that way, doesn’t it?

    Is this guy dumb?

    According to the article Moskowitz stated: “On Wednesday, Moskowitz explained his initial rationale for the gag order and acknowledged that, in hindsight, it was illegal and a mistake.”

    Does he need “hindsight” to understand the issue at hand?

    Is he dumb?

    Is something illegal and a mistake the same thing?

    It can’t be.

    A mistake is NOT a crime but something illegal most certainly is.

    Does this guy think that we are all stupid out here to not know the difference between a mistake and something illegal?

    Why would he use such language?

    I say again, is he dumb?

    He is now an “admitted” criminal and ought to be arrested and tried for his criminal behavior.

    Furthermore, does “fake” judge Moskowitz have a commission?

    If he doesn’t, then he has committed another crime since he is an impostor posing as a genuine, constitutional officer using silence (lying by omission) and deception to fool the people.

    Get him off the bench, would you please?

    And if the other so-called judges don’t have a commission, then they are criminals, too, as they do not possess any judicial powers, no immunity, and that they are ONLY “mere” employees of the “statutory” state.

    Get them off the bench if that is the case.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  5. Hi!

    Will this accused attorney of domestic violence be protected, too, by the Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar?

    I hope not.

    And if so, then there ought to be a public outcry over this matter.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • The BAR has a “pattern of protection.” Something to keep an eye on!

  6. I think there was a rule passed about domestic violence but any dependence on LePage for any action positive to anything lawful is a waste of time.

    The GOWNED-CLOWN in my opinion didn’t/don’t give a rats a– about the witness his efforts were/are to protect the BAR member at all costs but I do not think he thought his being so superior that anything he said would be brought into question.

    Are more coming awake or what?

    • Had it not been for reporters screaming about their 1st amendment right….this would still be “under the covers.”

      Will they change their ways?

  7. Good question an even better question is will they be allowed to change their ways.

    • Let them get a backbone….and stand up for their 1st amendment right! Hmmm,

  8. i have been giving this whole so-called court case some thought the BAR member got the AG office to bend over back ward for him the make believe judge stuck his neck way out maybe they just thought they were trying to help their fellow BAR-CARD-HOLDER (BCH) or maybe this BCH had/has some dirt on these dirt bags so they put their necks on the line out of necessity, what ever the case the Plaintiff in this case got screwed and this whole matter should be tossed out.

    So my question is where is the champion of the constitution according to him Mr. LePage and why has he not come to this battered ladies rescue?

    • Your comment is a little difficult to understand without punctuation. The plaintiff in this case is the state…the attorney has been charged with crimes.

      It’s crystal clear a “deal” was made between BAR members – the attorney and the Attorney General.

      Judge Moskowitz got caught trying to cover up what has been exposed. It’s the ‘good ole boy network’ at work again! Moskowitz exposed the “workings” of the entire judicial system. He had to “fix” his “mistake” in an attempt to save face for the other judges/judicial system. It didn’t work…the people are sharper than they think! We are on to them, enough of us have been harmed by the same tactics and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

      Let’s keep watch to see if Governor LePage addresses this. Pursuant to the (current) constitution, Art. V, Part First, sec. 9, “the Governor shall from time to time give the Legislature information of the condition of the State, and recommend for their consideration such measures, as the Governor may judge expedient.” This is a “condition” of the state that is irreparably harming the people and that Governor LePage must bring to the legislature for “repair.”

      • I will try to be more careful with punctuation (sorry), i did not have access to the complaint, did the battered lady make a claim then bow out? and if the STATE is the PLAINTIFF why would the STATE (AG’s OFFICE) bring one charge then plea it down? then tell the GOWNED-CLOWN to hush the press? is something missing here? or do they all think they can do what ever they want, in any manner they want, without consequence?

  9. there is no question the ” judge ” is the professional ahd should know about the law . constitutional or statutory .there should not be one question whether he should be held to account for his actions . arrest him immediately .

    • Without a doubt! However, Moskowitz is not the only judge who has pulled these tactics. A full investigation into the judicial system – and the Judiciary Committee members who confirm these “types” to sit on the bench – IS WARRANTED!

  10. furthermore , he admitted in open court on televised t. v. in front of thousands of the people of maine to wittness his behavior and go to court and demand his arrest .

  11. Hi!

    I was being “facetious” when I asked if so-called judge Moskowitz was dumb.

    I strongly believe that he was “ordered” to gag the media by either the Maine State Bar Association (MSBA) or the attorney general’s office or both.

    Furthermore, if the media can “scream” a constitutional right (freedom of the press which is NOT a God given right), then why can’t we, the people, scream about our God given rights as “secured” in Article 1 of the Constitution of the State of Maine (original)?

    “Secured” means that we, the people, ALREADY have God given rights, and it doesn’t come from any constitution.

    This proves that we can even in “their” fake state-wide court system acting “for” the statutory state with ONLY “administrators” presiding.

    We had better learn to start screaming for our rights or we have lost the opportunity to do so.

    What shall we do?

    I am constantly “screaming” from the rooftops showing the people the fraud and treason against the people.

    Is anyone listening?

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  12. Keep screaming – and exposing – until the legislators get their hearing back!

  13. You think if the people going before this GOWNED-CLOWN just told him they know what they did was a mistake and unlawful he will tell them, that’s okay your free to go and have a good day??

    Don’t feel bad “Lise” i have been screaming since the mid to late sixties, there was two of us at that time in our area Arthur “Cappy” Holt and myself we were regarded as either COOKS or TROUBLE MAKERS or both.

  14. KOOKS

  15. Hi!

    I know Cappy.

    He is a good guy. Haven’t seen him in a long

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

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