Judge Moskowitz Finally Gets Caught By Someone Other Than FTM Running His Kangaroo Courtroom

Falmouth Today
January 8, 2015
By Editor:

“Don’t for a minute think this is aberrant behavior by Moskowitz; it’s just the first time there was someone in the room to catch him in the act. Of all the judges FTM has observed in Maine (nearly everyone of them in the last 12 years) including the crazy woman judge in the Kennebec County Courthouse that went berserk when we asked “how many continuances would the court give the DA”, Moskowitz is the single most incompetent baboon (in our opinion) ever to sit on the bench and is a disgrace to the entire judicial system in Maine.”

Judge rescinds media gag order, view entire hearing, click here.

“Fact: Moskowitz allowed perjured testimony to go unchallenged after the Defendant obtained the proof of the perjury. Perjury suborned by Attorney Nicholas Walsh.

Fact: Ordered a mother of four daughters, who went from a stay at home Mom, to a two weekends, a month visitor with her kids, to pay her husband’s lawyer $8,000 legal fee for one day in court as punishment. What was her crime? She picked up her kids at the bus stop and took them to breakfast and then to school. Moskowitz said in court “I will do this every time you disobey my Visitation Orders.”

Fact: Ordered a mother of three kids, one with special needs, and living at the Federal Poverty level to pay $7,957 to the Guardian Ad Litem at $100 per month. The woman told FTM to comply with this order her and the three kids would have to give up eating ANY FOOD one day every week for almost seven years.

This is the kind of Prize Judge turned loose on the people of Maine by Governor Baldacci.

Second prize, would be two judges like Moskowitz.

How did Sineni get four felonies reduced to two misdemeanors that will disappear if he behaves himself for two years? A potential 20 years in jail reduced to zero! Stolen guns, perhaps in payment from one of his clients, because you never know when you might need an untraceable firearm (a cold piece) to kill an ex-girlfriend while you might be high on the chemical of your choice. How does Sineni qualify to be SOLE guardian of his two biological kids and one NOT his? If this guy is father of the year what was his ex-girlfriend like or the father of kid number 3?

Here’s a scenario that was given to FTM by sources involved in the Maine Criminal Court System. Sineni had a client or clients such as drug dealers and pimps that wanted Sineni to use some dirt on Moskowitz to lessen their own sentence. FTM was told Sineni possibly had a big chip to play when he needed it (women beaters usually get caught when the woman goes to the hospital or cemetery) and never wasted it on a client. Well this week FTM was told that chip was cashed in, and poof, 20 years disappeared all the way down to no record after 2 years. You have to wonder how big that chip was that covered how much illegal activity? Can you say Zumba video of someone getting down and dirty? We’ll never know for sure until the bodies float to the surface.

Will Moskowitz be thrown off the bench for disobeying the U.S. Constitution? Of course not, he’s just as untouchable as Sineni said he would be when he beat the charges. Different rules for the Ruling Class, the rest of us peasants get 20 years.”

Related: Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz Apologized And Acknowledged That His Order Was Not Lawful, click here.

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  1. Hi!

    First of all, why is he called “judge?”

    He is not a judge if he doesn’t have a commission, and NO so-called judge has a commission.

    He ONLY has a “certificate,” and that document is NOT even mentioned in the Constitution of the State of Maine (original and statutory).

    He is ONLY an “administrator” in the state-wide court system and “enforces” the will of the state.

    He is an impostor and a crook.

    I don’t have a commission so I am “Judge Lise” (judging him and the others). If he can be called “judge,” then so can I.

    Judge Lise here!

    So listen up!

    See Chief Judge Laverdiere’s (District Court) response to me in my book (exhibit section) regarding my Freedom of Access request. He admits that judges do not have commissions but are appointed.

    There is NO such document called “appointment” or “appointed” (this is a verb – a verb is not a document) in the Constitution of the State of Maine (original and statutory) and cannot be under “seal” of either state.

    Can’t put a seal on a non-existent document.

    The commission has a seal (see Art. 9, Sec. 3) and is a “real” document but NO judge has one (see two copies of two dead judges’ commission in my book in the exhibit section).

    Furthermore, “Administrator” Moskowitz also violated Article 1, Section 4 of the Constitution of the State of Maine (original and statutory) which states in part:

    “….no laws shall be passed regulating or restraining the freedom of the press;”

    So this “administrator” not only violated the said constitution as above-noted but also the Constitution of the United States so, therefore, he is a criminal, and he admitted these violations in the media mind you.

    He ought to be arrested.

    Why is he not arrested?

    This guy has a “history” of fraud and treason against the people and needs to put on trial.

    There are at least 3 violations mentioned here:

    (1) no commission, (2) Constitution of the State of Maine – freedom of the press, and (3) Constitution of the United States – freedom of the press.

    Arrest him!

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine, Judge Lise.

  2. These f–king bastards all need to be jailed .Clear them all in my state out.

  3. Hi!

    They are all crooks and liars.

    They don’t have commissions, and they wear that lovely black dress knowing full well that they are NOT constitutional judges.

    They use silence (lying by omission) to hide this fact.

    Arrest them all.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  4. Great post@!

  5. January 24,2018
    Judge Moskowitz judged my prenuptial valid August 24,2015, when it had already been invalidated because I alleged my lawyer Gene Libby wrote an order with my signature forged on it ,May 22,2013 giving my abusive husband Ronald Blanchard control of our multimillion dollar estate (gained during our 29 yr marriage with co mingled funds) verified by Gene Libby to the Overseers of the Bar when I reported him writing the order and writing in my divorce complaint Ronald was the only one interested in our real estate Dec 24,2012 ,days after I went to see him unknown to me until 2015. Numerous well known lawyers and judges being well aware of what was going on in my case leaving me homeless and indigent being elderly and disabled from abuse. My lawyer, Wendy Starkey wrote me days before my final trial” Ronald promises not to give you anything”, which would be called a Kangaroo trial already decided before our trial.Ronald had a PFA on him for physically abusing me from 2012 to 2015 which was kept hushed during my three year divorce while Ronald continued to stalk, harass me and break into my home .My second lawyer, Dana Prescott told me he couldn’t represent me if I didn’t stop taking about the forged signature after he insisted on a $20,0000 retainer and he refused to take Ronald to court for contempt of court ordered support for me, while I lived and still live below poverty level. I reported five lawyers and four judges and was told they didn’t do anything wrong even though I had factual evidence. Wendy Starkey wrote me. After the trial she knew Tom Ainsworth was not being truthful testifying falsely about our prenuptial and Judge Moskowitz got it wrong. Gene Libby reminded Tom Ainsworth, August 29,2013 at a hearing with Judge Kelly, that Ainsworth had stated to him he had no recollection or memory of writing our prenuptial in 1986, but testified about the prenuptial at trial with much clarity.Starkeyy told me not to appeal my case because I would get the same judgement, which I did. Starkey omitted evidence my prenuptial was invalid deliberately and never filed for further findings. She told me Ronald wasn’t going to support me so deal with it. Ronald paid her $27,000, Ainsworth bill for the divorce was over $56,000 him stating he wasn’t involved with the divorce or bankruptcy. Prescott emailed me asking if he could just get me divorced and help Ronald with his $2.6 million refinancing , $200,000 for legal fees) for his bankruptcy ruse, Starkey stated the bankruptcy was a ruse).Ronald stopped paying our mortgages and took out a half million dollar loan at 33% interest (Ainsworth stated the loan was at $100 % interest at a hearing with Judge Kelly, August 29,2013), then stopped paying on the loan.There is much more to my story verified by caseworker, therapist, police, judge, lawyers etc.This has been happening to abused women and children in our Maine Courts for years, being victimized a second time by family courts. Sharon Blanchard

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