Judicial Confirmation Hearing – Judge Jeffrey H. Moskowitz Thursday, May 07, 2015



Senator David C. Burns, Senate Chair
Representative Barry J. Hobbins, House Chair

POSITION: District Court Judge
NOMINEE: Honorable Jeffrey H. Moskowitz of Saco

PUBLIC HEARING: Thursday, May 07, 2015, 2:00 PM, State House, Room 438

Other upcoming confirmation hearings:

Gubernatorial Nomination on 4/29/2015 – Justice Joyce A. Wheeler
Gubernatorial Nomination on 4/29/2015 – Judge Andre G. Janelle
Gubernatorial Nomination on 4/29/2015 – Judge Rae Ann French
Gubernatorial Nomination on 4/29/2015 – Justice Donald H. Marden
Gubernatorial Nomination on 5/6/2015 – Justice Roland A. Cole
Gubernatorial Nomination on 5/6/2015 – Judge Peter J. Goranites
Gubernatorial Nomination on 5/6/2015 – Judge Susan A. Sparaco
Gubernatorial Nomination on 5/7/2015 – Justice William R. Anderson

DEADLINE FOR COMMENTS: Written comments relevant to qualifications of the nominee may be filed with the Legislative Information Office by 9 am on the day of the hearing.
CONTACT PERSON: Casey Milligan, Legislative Information Office, 100 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333-0100; 207-287-1692

View more details HERE.


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  1. These so-called Justices/Judges we know are actors, and they are only being appointed to administrative positions with no judicial authority, why bother with fighting there appointments? they should have no force
    or effect on we the people (unless we are incorporated), I realize the courts are having a great deal of effect on the people, you asked above if any of us has been harmed by the phony court system, I don’t know any that haven’t, do you?

    Let us all join together to expose the phony court system for what it is, and expose all the phony actors within, let the Gubernatorial appoints go forward, let the CEO (Governor) know what he must be ignorant about and that is the courts are private tribunals operating for profit and using the morons in the corporation STATE OF MAINE as dupes to allow these private tribunals (owned by the BAR CARD HOLDERS) to operate as if they were part of the govt. fooling us dumb clucks, and fleecing us on a daily basis.

    So let the appointments go forward, reveal it for what it is, let the CEO (governor) know he has been dupe like many before him, inform him we want our Common Law Court back, then we can bring all these criminals to justice.

    I can dream can’t I?

    • All of the info above is correct. We lack NUMBERS and commitment to force the DA and COURTS and COPS (All actors) to LEAVE US ALONE and stop harassing us for VICTIMLESS CRIMES…

      I recently was a GUEST at the GREY BAR Hotel (3/23 to 4/08/2015), Wiscasset, Maine for 15 days…. I nearly died, as my body was shutting down. I had no idea just how sick I was (Severe Dehydration).

      I’m just beginning to receive info about how we deal with all the ACTORS, when it goes to COURT process… We fail to ESTABLISH a RECORD, which simply states what they did to us. As soon as I ge the info, I will bring here and post…

      We need numbers, in order to have some success. It matters not if we can’t agree on everything to come together in unity. For instance, we need to get REAL ASSEMBLIES going here, so if someone gets KIDNAPPED to JAIL, we have a REPORTER get the story and publish it. We need to have folks get a WRIT of HABEAS CORPUS to get someone out of Jail.

      We need to put the fear of GOD into the DA, so he/she understands we will be suing them for VIOLATION of their OATH. Most attorneys/Lawyers have different names they use, opposed to the one they have listed with the MAINE BAR and thus aren’t LICENSED to PRACTICE LAW.

      More Later. Got to head off to bed…. I’m not here to fight with anyone!!!!!

      Would like to speak with other, to see what WE PEOPLE can honestly do to help each other and to be left alone, in Peace..

      Ted Wacholtz
      On Boothbay

  2. Hi!

    What will you, the people, expect from this “statutory” State of Maine
    that operates in the “administrative” state as opposed to the “original” constitutional State?

    Think on this for just a moment.

    I expect that the corruption will continue.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  3. Hi!

    Under the “original” constitutional State, it is the governor who nominates and appoints ALL judicial officers with the “advise and
    consent” of the Council (see Article 5, Section 8 of the “original”

    What happened to the Council?

    Gone unlawfully since 1976 by the tyrannical legislature.

    What happened to the governor’s power to appoint?

    Gone unlawfully by the tyrannical legislature.

    The tyrannical legislative department has “expanded” its powers unlawfully by getting involved as the “final” ones who decide who gets to be an “administrative law judge.”

    They have the “unlawful power” to reject the governor’s nomination, too.

    All fraud and treason, of course.

    Folks, there aren’t any genuine, constitutional commissioned judges here in Maine. They are “administrators” ONLY enforcing the “will” of the “fake” state.

    Furthermore, folks, there aren’t any county courts, within and for the county (local control). These “fake” courts are state-wide courts acting “for” the fake state.

    Additionally, folks, there isn’t any trial by jury of “his peers” since 1935. Trial by jury is a trial by jury of the government as government “selects” who “gets on” the jury and who “does not” get on a jury to ensure a conviction.

    Are your God-given rights being upheld in these “administrative” courts with “administrators” presiding in them with a trial by jury of the government?

    Absolutely not!

    Stay “out” of them as much as possible; you may get lambasted in them. Your chances of winning is nil.

    Some people don’t even have a trial by jury AT ALL as guaranteed by the said constitution as district court “fake” judges decide the cause unlawfully.

    Shall I say more?

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    P.S. See my book called “Where Did The Original Constitutional State Go?” by Lise Dupont available at all bookstores but must be ordered since bookstores can’t have such a book on the shelves since it reveals far “too much” truth.

  4. Hi!

    I should have said “your chances of winning “are” nil.”

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • From personal experience, those people who did sit on juries have no clue about determining facts and law….they can’t even figure out right from wrong.

    • Lisa, would love to talk with you. Ted Wacholtz

  5. Hi!

    It is all fraud and treason at the “federal” level, too.

    First of all, the “federal” has NO delegation of authority in Maine except the 10 miles square (federal property) as mentioned in the Constitution of the United States.

    The “statutory” constitution “continues” to say that the State of Maine is a “free and independent” state.

    No federal allowed that is NOT the 10 miles square.

    It’s a “fake” state, of course.

    Call it what it actually is.

    Fraud and treason is occurring on a daily basis here in Maine. Our “original” State was overthrown in 1876.

    Folks, we don’t have a genuine, constitutional State here in Maine.

    We don’t have one. That’s it, folks!

    That’s it!

    What we have is a “statutory” state where the chief justice (an administrator ONLY) who gets to decide what she will arrange, re-arrange, omit, add and so forth in the said constitution which places her “above” the constitution and then sends it off to the tyrannical legislature for approval or not which places the legislature “above” the constitution when they both are supposed to operate “within” the constitution.

    Got that, folks?

    Where is the people’s power to change the constitution?

    Gone unlawfully, of course.

    Article 10, Section 4 of the “original” constitution shows us HOW the constitution can be changed. It most certainly doesn’t allow the chief justice administrator and legislature to operate “above” it, and it allows the electors to decide if they want to change the constitution or not.

    We must know our history in order to comprehend what is happening today.

    All fraud and treason, of course.

    Furthermore, asking for a “federal” investigation is unlawful, will probably NOT happen, and it may prove more fraud and treason.

    Go figure!

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  6. Hi!

    Yes, the people have been dumb downed for sure.

    That is why the governments (state and federal) have gotten involved in education.

    That way they decide what gets taught and what gets eliminated from education.

    It is actually called “training.”

    Neither of them have a delegation of authority to be involved in education. That is the parents’ responsibility and local control (see Article 8 of the “original” Constitution of the State of Maine).

    It is vital that we, the people, learn to educate ourselves, and this blog is helpful in accomplishing this.

    I have, as I was dumb downed as anyone else going through the school system. I continue to read and study, and have learned a great deal.

    Those, who choose not to read and study, can remain dumb downed as it is a personal choice.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • The State and Federal CONSTITUTION don’t apply to WE people, as this is and was established to control the GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES but that is not what has happened….

      The only true way to make change is by UNITING to form PROPER and Lawful Assemblies. If 2/3 of all Maine Counties were to be back OPERATING Lawfully, then the STATE can be take back to the People.

      What is needed to get 28 People per county, functioning Lawfully, including have a JUDGE within that County Assembly. Check out the MAGNA CARTA, where it talks about 25 KINGS. Remember, we are all KINGS and QUEENS and we need to comprehend that FREEDOM ISN’T FREE. King GEORGE said you are now FREE, see if you can keep that. Well, our parents and their parents never taught us what we needed to know, in order to bring about change….

      Ted Wacholtz

  7. Hi!

    I disagree with some that you mentioned.

    I fail to understand how you can say that the Constitution of the State of Maine (original) does not apply to the people.

    It most certainly does in many respects.

    The people through their elected representatives “consented” to break away from Massachusetts and establish a separate, free and independent government “by the style and title of the State of Maine” (See preamble of the said constitution).

    Why would they do that?

    There are different parts of the “original” Constitution of the State of Maine that does, indeed, apply to the people such as electing (who shall be an elector – see Article 2) our representatives, changing the constitution, establishing schools (local control), trial by jury of his peers, become members of the militia and so forth.

    Read and study the “original” constitution once again. It spells it out very clearly.

    I agree that we need many more people to stand united and take a stand.

    I encounter so many people who just plain do NOT have enough education to comprehend the situation at hand. Many of them are dumb founded by what I reveal to them. If they are open-minded, then I continue to educate, and if not, I change the subject and move on.

    Thank you for your input. I appreciate it.

    Lise from Maine

  8. Hi Ted,

    Here are other parts of the Constitution (original) that does, indeed, apply to the people.

    And that is the “taxing power” of the State by and through the Legislature (See Article 1, Section 22) and the consent of the people.

    Who pays the taxes?

    Why it is the people who have property (things) to be taxed to support the “limited” government.

    It is the people who use their own resources to acquire property for their own uses.

    See Article 1, Section 21 where private property can be taken for public uses.

    From whom does the State take private property?

    Why it is the people (the property targeted for the taking).

    Shall I go on?

    The conclusion is apparent that the said constitution does, indeed, apply to the people in many, many ways.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  9. The constitution applies by “CONSENT”, your consent can not be given by another, if consent were a collective then freedom would not be possible, today the fake govt. assumes we all consent as it appears Lise also does, the constitutions apply to those that take an oath to them and those that consent, they also apply to the signatories of said constitutions.
    If it were any other way then a bunch of people could get together, write down any pile of crap they wanted and say it applies to all, what to hell part of freedom would that be?

  10. Hi!

    In the Constitution of the State of Maine it says in part in the preamble:

    “We, the people of Maine………..”

    “….do agree to form ourselves into a free and independent State…..”

    In Article 2 it states in part: “All power is inherent in the people; all free governments are founded in their authority and instituted for their benefit;…..”

    Why establish government if not for the people?

    Was it established for employees?

    Was it established for government officers?

    If so, for what purpose(s)?

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • The preamble says in part “We, the people of Maine…….”, I have never run into any of those people, I certainly was not included in that “WE the people thing”, has anyone out there met this imaginary bunch?
      What ever this imaginary group formed themselves into (should) have no effect on those not part of this forming, one of the people can not sign for another, in 1820 I was -122 years old, I had no way of singing onto anything, so could not have consented had I wanted to.
      If anyone looking at what is and has taken place since “GOVERNMENT” thinks it was established “For the people” they have been well trained, just the kind of “SHEEPLE” the Govt. wants.
      What power’s do the people have? and what power’s does the Govt. have? If the Govt. was established “For We The People” sadly it didn’t work, on second thought it did work, for the Govt. you don’t suppose that was the plan all along?
      The Govt. employees and Govt. officers certainly are not hurting they all are paid better than the vast majority of us slobs not part of this Govt. gang and a good many of them are above the law they create for us subjects (slaves), so even if the Govt. was created for “We The People”, it’s working a lot better for the Govt. you don’t suppose that was the plan all along?
      If by now its not clear why Govt. was created there is no hope, remember “None are so blind as those who will not see”, but I’ll say it one more time, yes the Govt. was created for “WE The People” only not for benefit of “We The People” but for control of “We The People”.
      Can you say SLAVE!!??

  11. Hi!

    Yes, the government of Maine has become tyrannical with the “statutory” legislature as the worse. It has become the most
    unlawful, powerful department and has participated in not only weakening the other two departments but also destroying them over time.

    Today, all three (3) departments participate in fraud and treason against the people.

    This “statutory” government in place today is NOT the government for the people, by the people and of the people.

    It is absolutely tyrannical.

    People’s God-given rights are not being upheld for sure. We are treated as slaves for certain.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • LiSA, Please call me at 207-315-5149. I had a very long post and it got wiped out and I lost if all. I should have put it in a WORD DOC first, then if WORD shut down, I would have been able to recover it. Your post back to me got me thinking and that was a good thing.

      Let me talk with you first and go from there. Is that OK with you….

      On Boothbay….

    • When did the Govt. become Incorporated?

  12. I believe the “STATE OF MAINE” was incorporated when it became a STATE, which means the people never had a govt. of for and by, we only had a corporation, that we still have today, the people never had any freedom only the corp. that became more and more oppressive every year, You know the frog in the water, we are now close to the point where the dumber of the dumb down are catching on and not liking what they are faced with, I think the shit will soon be in the fan.

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