Oath Keepers “encourage all Americans of whatever political party to set aside their differences and come together in defense of our Bill of Rights by rooting out this den of vipers in Washington D.C. who are either knowingly killing our Bill of Rights, were too concerned with their careers to take a principled stand by voting against the NDAA, or are useful idiots who don鈥檛 understand what they swore an oath to defend. Whatever their excuse, they have violated their oaths to defend the Constitution and must be sent packing. This is not about politics. This is about defending the Constitution.”

View all, click here.

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The Clarion Edict has seem to have been received well. I have received many positive comments about the type of news that this newspaper brings to the Maine people and on behalf on the staff and myself, I say thank you!

We here at The Clarion Edict want to give you the unvarnished, fair and truthful news that affects you, the everyday Maine Citizen. The kind of news that, at best, gets a passing 15 seconds mention in the mainstream media venues. The kind of news that needs to be told but has been swept under the rug or shoved into the round filing cabinet by those who want it hidden.

A lot of the news here at The Clarion Edict will not be for the faint of heart. Nor will it be watered down for the sake of saving someone an embarassment. The news will be told as accurately and truthfully as possible, no matter who it may be concerning. Whenever possible, comments from both sides of the issues will be presented at the same time. If one party can not be reached by printing time for comment, then an article will be placed in the next issue after receiving their comment, if one is sent.

Hopefully this paper will go to print soon. But to do so, this editor needs a few more writers, contributors, donations and advertisers. If you are interested in writing (even part time) or contributing articles, please click on the “Write to the Editor” link on the bottom right hand side of the dark gray section of each page. If you wish to donate, please click on the PayPal donation button on the right side column of most pages. If you wish to advertise, please click on the “Advertise” link of the dark gray section mentioned previously. There you’ll find the needed information and contact info.

I hope you find the news here at The Clarion Edict informative, educational and interesting and help to support us in any way you can. Even if it’s just some kind words about us to the Editor to print in the next issue! (hint, hint 馃槈 )

Happy Holidays from all of us at The Clarion Edict!

– Debby Reagan

There are so many of you who cannot get your information, documentation聽or horror stories out in the mainstream media.聽 You now have a venue in which to do so.

While our paid representatives enjoy a happy holiday, as we must accept heat and underwear as luxury items, taxation without representation is beyond unacceptable!聽 Send your stories to the Clarion Edict and together we can make a difference!聽

聽Please support the Clarion Edict.

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Background Information

On June 30, 1980, the FRB, FDIC, and OCC adopted the Uniform Policy for Classification of Consumer Installment Credit Based on Delinquency Status (1980 policy). The Federal Home Loan Bank Board, the predecessor of the OTS,adopted the 1980 policy in 1987. The 1980 policy established uniform guidelines for the classification of retail installment credit based on delinquency status and provided charge-off time frames for open-end and closed-end credit. The Agencies undertook a review of the 1980 policy as part of their review of all written policies mandated by Section 303(a)of the Riegle Community Development and Regulatory Improvement Act of 1994. As a result of this review, on February 10, 1999 (64 FR 6655), the Agencies issued the Uniform Retail Credit Classification and Account Management Policy (Uniform Policy).

In general, the Uniform Policy:

路 Established a charge-off policy for open-end credit at 180 days delinquency and closed-end credit at 120 days delinquency.

路 Provided guidance for loans affected by bankruptcy, fraud, and death.

路 Established guidelines for re-aging, extending, deferring, or rewriting past due accounts.

路 Provided for classification of certain delinquent residential mortgage and home equity loans.

路 Provided an alternative method of recognizing partial payments.

Federal Register /Vol. 65, No. 113 /Monday, June 12, 2000 /Notices.

View entire document.

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The Hill reports “Gingrich: Congress can send Capitol Police to arrest rogue judges. GOP presidential frontrunner Newt Gingrich said Congress has the power to dispatch the Capitol Police or U.S. Marshals to apprehend a federal judge who renders a decision lawmakers broadly oppose. Gingrich says if there is broad opposition to a court decision, Congress should subpoena the ruling 聽judge to defend his or her action in a hearing room.”

Are there enough U.S. Marshalls to do the job?

Newt is so ethical these days. He must be running for the presidency.

Related: 聽House Reprimands, Penalizes Speaker

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Printed in the Clarion Edict.

The PPH (12/13/11) reported that the “Maine Medicaid deficit is mostly the result of a series of technical budgeting miscalculations, according to a report prepared by the LePage administration.” Miscalculations?

The state Department of Health and Human Services is facing a $221 million budget deficit for this fiscal year and the next says DHHS Commissioner Mary Mayhew.

In a press release (12/12/11) Governor LePage’s “plan protects and preserves services for Maine’s most vulnerable while addressing Medicaid’s out of control spending” while the “Democrats would rather ignore the problem altogether.” Surprised? Not I.

Governor LePage defended the cuts in his radio address, “drawing a response by Democrats who labeled them 鈥渋rresponsible and shortsighted.鈥”

As the lawmakers are trying to dissect the causes of a projected $220 million budget shortfall in the state’s Department of Health and Human Services, let’s shine some light on past history with DHS and Medicaid. We find ourselves in the same situation when (former) Kevin Concannon was Commissioner of DHS during the tenure of Governor John Baldacci (D). On September 17, 2003 PPH reported “State finds $37 million DHS snafu. The state has uncovered a $37 million budget problem at the Department of Human Services, just months after state officials and a consultant found millions of dollars in accounting mistakes in a separate program at the DHS.The latest problem involves a series of errors in the Medicaid program that occurred over a period of years and finally came to light this year.” Is this a mere “miscalculation?” In March 2003, Kevin Concannon left DHS and was appointed by Governor Vilsack to serve as the Director for the Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS). A consultant was hired to help figure out what happened to the money. Gov. John Baldacci said that there was “no inkling of any wrongdoing or any malfeasance in the latest DHS incident, but he and a top aide detailed several costly errors that add up to $37 million.”

Is this deja vu all over again? The LePage administration has introduced a supplemental budget addressing the Medicaid shortfall which will affect the safety net of Maine鈥檚 most vulnerable and needy. As both parties dicker over the reasons for the shortfall, it’s time for oral extractions. Maine could have prevented truth decay had our politicians taken action on the evidence presented to them regarding the fraud, waste and abuse of Medicaid funding.

I repeatedly requested a full investigation into Medicare and Medicaid payments that were paid out in excess for prescription drugs, that were not needed, medical equipment that was not needed and stays at a local hospital and nursing home against the will of my mother, all at the expense of the taxpayers.The abuse that has gone on in this case goes beyond all bounds of decency and the refusal of our elected officials to stop this abuse is a disgraceful PUBLIC SCANDAL.

Governor John Baldacci had years to work on health care issues to include Medicaid funding and elder abuse which continues today. However, he chose instead to further his personal agenda with the help of his campaign contributors, ie. North Country Associates, at the expense of taxpayers and the precious lives of our family members. It is critical that this information be reported, as the mainstream media has failed to do so, and share the truth with the public to avoid futher decay. Our representatives only report what they want us to hear.

What are the real truths and facts that lie behind closed doors beyond sight of the public view? As Governor LePage revamps the DHS, it鈥檚 imperative that he dismiss the 鈥漰roblem鈥 people left over from the Baldacci administration. This raises reasonable questions about the impact on Maine people. “The Governor has made difficult and painful decisions to correct an ongoing deficit that has been neglected in the last decade” and is looking for solutions. He could start by investigating the “miscalcuations” of monies given to a corporation that was not licensed at the time of receipt of Medicaid funding (1998), the unnecessary prescribed medications and the holding of elderly patients against their will in order to profit and gain financially and recoupt the funding. If health care institutions don’t keep records of patients, how do they receive Federal funding? There is a smell to this!

I brought these serious concerns regarding possible Medicaid fraud to Senator Susan Collins. As Chairman of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, Senator Collins thanked me for contacting her and that was the end of that!

There is need for a citizens review board to oversee DHS agencies and hold officials accountable for wrongdoings to prevent any further moral or truth decay.

鈥淓very violation of truth is not only a sort of suicide in the liar, but is a stab at the health of human society.鈥 Ralph Waldo Emerson

鈥淚t is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.鈥 Thomas Jefferson

THE CLARION EDICT Vol. 1 Issue 2- December 15, 2011

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Click here.

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BDN reports “A Northport couple has sued employees of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, DHHS Commissioner Mary Mayhew, as a successor to former Commissioner Brenda Harvey, and department employees Debra Potter, Claudia Kjer, Martin Smith and Christine Theriault in August in U.S. District Court. The state has until Jan. 12 to reply to the complaint. In addition to state officials, the couple sued former Waldo County Sheriff Bryant White and Bob Tiner, a Waldo County Sheriff鈥檚 Department employee. Joseph Baldacci, Bangor attorney represents them” (the couple).

I find this quite interesting that former Governor John Baldacci’s brother is the attorney representing the couple. Governor Paul LePage is attempting to reform the mess in DHS made by the Baldacci administration. Requests for help/investigation into elder abuse and evidence of Medicaid fraud were brushed under the rug. A first request for help was to Senator George Mitchell who stated to get a good attorney, turned and walked away.

Related, “the most connected and potentially conflicted political clan of all: the Mitchell-Baldacci family.”

Also view:

Letter to Congressman John Baldacci, January 15, 2002

Letter to US Senator Susan Collins, Jan. 11, 2001

US Senator Susan Collins letter to P. Castora, January 18, 2001

Letter to Dr. David Satcher, Acting Secretary, January 23, 2001

State finds $37 million DHS snafu, PPH September 17, 2003

As Governor LePage revamps the DHS, it’s imperative that he dismiss the聽“problem” people left over from the Baldacci administration.


The Washington Post reports “Rod Blagojevich, the former Illinois governor tried on corruption charges including attempting to leverage his power to fill President Obama鈥檚 vacated Senate seat in exchange for cash or a job, was sentenced to 14 years. As Bloomberg reported:
Rod Blagojevich, the former Illinois governor found guilty of trying to trade President Barack Obama鈥檚 U.S. Senate seat for campaign cash or personal favors, was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

U.S. District Judge James B. Zagel in Chicago today imposed the punishment on the twice-elected Democrat, concluding a two- day hearing and capping a case that began three years ago and featured two separate trials. Blagojevich was ordered to report to prison Feb. 16.”

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