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Readers of CAFR1:

The following is a communication between Art Ingalls and Walter Burien

Based on what is brought forward it is probably the most important communication put out to date from CAFR1.

I wish, and I hope you wish also, that this communication reaches far and wide and is prevalently in circulation a hundred-years from now as a standard for one-and-all to keep in the fore-front of their thinking when it comes down to a population’s inter-relationship with their over-seeing government.

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Walter Burien –


From:  Art Ingalls
Subject:  Article
Date:  Sun, December 4, 2011 11:23 am

Good morning Walter,

Excellent article, Who Controls Whom. I sent it off to my email list. Question, will they read it. I have discovered most can not stand the truth.

I believe half of the governor offices are held by attorneys.

Thank you for all your work,

Art Ingalls



I prefer personally not to imply truth or non-truth but I stick to reality vs nondisclosure due to the money involved.

Keep in mind the population is being confronted with the wealthiest organized “corporate” syndicate ever known who out of self interest selectively spoon feeds the population the parameters of  how and what to think due to the money involved. They have the best psychologists; market strategists; and create the curve of public opinion that money can buy.

The strategies used of omission and selective presentation make it easier than taking candy from a baby. The hardest thing to break through with per the public is breaching the individual’s own ego. TV; Radio; and political marketing is designed to play (inflate) the marks ego where they are led to believe they are intelligent and savvy by following and believing in the selective presentation. This is the standard and not a once in a while application so the key parameters of how and what to think are well entrenched being kept as a standard over decades. People’s own ego’s thus have a well entrenched “created” wall, established over decades (I am to smart where something as basic as this could have been pulled off without me knowing about it)  Denial protects the id and ego.

The good point is that the whole routine pulled off revolves around the basics. The decades of  id and ego programming can be bypassed  in one step.

The majority (99%) when what I have brought forward gels in their mind, when they easily verify by looking for the first time, and they finally comprehend what took place over decades as the “basic” mode of operation, they all want to “tell” all that they know.

Well, when they “tell” the masterfully conditioned individual for the first time it “triggers” the id / ego wall five-foot thick as the syndicate by selective one-sided omission intended and thus the wall of “denial” pops up strong and fast.

The way that id / ego wall stays down where the individual gets it is not by telling but by asking a question. A question is supportive to the id / ego being that the individual will utilize their “lifetime” of experience to answer establishing how smart they are and thus supportive  to their own id / ego. People do NOT like to draw a blank to a basic question that it is obvious to themselves and the person asking the question that they should easily know the answer to the question asked.

Could you imagine the on-the-spot reaction created if asking someone what their name was; where they lived; the names of their children; how old they were and they drew a blank and could not answer? If you said, OK, take your time and think about it and answer the question and they still could not. You then said take a guess and they refused to do so and continued to draw a blank. The id / ego disappears real fast under those circumstances and the person being asked the question has now only an open ear and really wants to know the answer of the VERY “BASIC” question asked.

We all know our family members; neighbors; co-workers have been complaining for decades about tax increases; unrestrained growth in government; blatant corruption seen; rip-offs taking place in the financial markets where they have been baited in and then their wealth taken over and over again; watched the best people that would downsize government and significantly reduce taxation “in reality” be omitted from news coverage with the corporate take-you-to-the-cleaners candidate “in reality” being spotlighted and thus win an election..  

Keep in mind that the political syndicates operating on the intent for access to the til for self-enrichment for themselves and their cooperative buddies require selective presentation and omission of the asset side of the basics to succeed.

** I can not emphasize enough how important this is: When you hear someone complaining about tax increases for their State; County; City; School District or any of the points listed above where the basic question(s) when asked, in an instant will cause the id / ego to fall down and then the missing pieces of the puzzle fly together for a clear view of the complete picture is seen by them. So, the “basic” QUESTION(s) to ask where based on their masterfully selective programming that the majority will draw a maintained blank  are:

1. What is taxation for government? All will give their programmed responses, but all that I have asked so far miss the true and simple response of what taxation in “reality’ is. ANS: It is a revenue source. When the answer is given all will say: “Oh yes, that is what it is.” I note to them at that time the reason they were conditioned to draw a blank is that: If the true answer was prevalent in their minds, a cognitive thinking mind would obviously equate one revenue source can be replaced with another. (The revenue sources of investment and enterprise as is accomplished through the TRF)

2. (Several part question) Do you know how much cash is in your pocket, your checking account, the value of your investments; approximately what your net worth is? The majority will clearly know the answer.  Most if you asked the same questions if young or old will know the answer. It is a “basic” that we all keep rolling in the back of our minds from kid to death unless Alzheimer roots in us..

Now ask: “Being that you were complaining about a thirty-million-dollar tax increase (or bond issue) for your – city; county; school district; state (whichever is applicable in the conversation, and here for example we will use a city)  how much cash do they have coming in; what is the value of their investments; what is their net worth? They, (99%) will draw a blank on each aspect of the question and when asked to guess they will refuse to do so. They, as was intended by the soundbite conditioning and selective presentation of the syndicate will draw a complete and absolute blank “of the basics”.

NOW, with the id / ego evaporated they are eager to know the answer to the “basic questions” presented  that they were not intended to know DUE TO THE MONEY INVOLVED. You can now quote basic examples of investment funds held or income accomplished from that local government’s CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) or AFR (Annual Financial Report) or AFS (Annual Financial Statement) and watch them react as if they just got hit by a truck or found out they were in the middle of the ocean when they thought they were on dry land.

You can instruct (tell) them to get their own copy downloaded from the internet after a Google search to find it, or if not available for download they can get a copy from the auditor or finance director for that local government.Then put the final kiss of death to that soundbite conditioned / selective presentation false id / ego that has been embedded in them over the decades by bringing forward that every local government creates the same report with their “own” showing of income; investments held; and now think of the collective totals..? Collectively government took “in reality” it all over by investment as we ALL were masterfully entertained DUE TO THE MONEY; WEALTH; AND PERPETUATED CONTROL INVOLVED. 

Make sure to tell them the report is segregated into separate accounting areas: General purpose (what government calls and promotes as the budget, where tax income is brought in and spent): Discretely presented component units (primarily Enterprise or quasi government holding operations); Proprietary funds (specialty investment funds, self insurance, bond repayment, pensions).

Also note that they are now showing “net” figures and no longer “gross” figures in their combined financial columns. Many games can be played there as anyone who runs their own business know. It is thus very important to read through the “Notes” to the financial sections to spot true balances of specialty advance forward liability funds to view the true standing balances vs the “net” presentation shown in the combined financial columns. 

Emphasize over and over again they have never heard about this accounting structure, or were intentionally misdirected from it with a soundbite misdirection by and from their local government; controlled education; political parties; syndicated news media, with this report being the Holy Grail of any local government’s true accounting, over the last seventy-years specifically due to the money / income shown and inside track elbow rubbing involved to move; spend; and invest the same.

Note that every one of those specialty investment funds small and large listed and shown is a power base that is based on where those funds are invested. How used can make or break any company; real-estate venture; make an inside player’s personal wealth fortune; and can be used to fund the same or another local government’s debt or bond issues that the public is paying back the interest on. (Profit for the same local government and a parking grounds for their investments) Also note that the scope of the use of these funds is now “global” in application.

3. And last but not least per those local governments crying short or close to bankruptcy or in fact any local government, the question is: What has the growth: total income, investment value held in our local government (again whichever one is applicable in the conversation) been over the last three; five; ten-years?

Keep in mind there are three “separate” accounting areas, each with their own totals to see and realize the complete and “whole” picture. Government representatives will focus your attention on the “General purpose Operating Funds” due to the fact that is where their selective presentation and soundbite conditioning game for public focus is directed to that gives the impression it is the whole picture, when in reality it is in general a viewing of one slice of the pie, about 1/3 rd and where 100% of the revenue source of tax income is accounted for.

The TRF consolidates the other two revenue sources of investment and enterprise to knock-out incrementally until elimination the inside gang’s “promoted” and “selective presentation” revenue source of taxation. With restructuring under the TRF, taxation is not needed.

The void and vacuum for cognitive thinking that the general population is confronted with in this multitrillion dollar a year system of wealth generation for the inside players is as strong; rooted; and pervasive as it gets. The general population never stood a chance in modifying; stopping; or redirecting its operation  with the void and vacuum so prevalently in place and enforced for its continuation by many eager and cooperative players having such a symbiotic and wealth generation aspect for all cooperative players on the inside track.

As I have said many a times in the past: “The Silenced is Golden Rule has truly been golden” for those inside players on the inside track.. They will continue to do so until hell freezes over unless confronted by overwhelming force or a valid reason is presented to eradicate / eliminate the Silence is Golden rule for the maintaining of ever-increasing taxation.

The TRF when implemented erases the need for the inside players to maintain the Silence is Golden Rule  being that with the population being firmly entitled by inherent right as: “The First Line Beneficiary”  and the phasing out until elimination of all taxation, ALL benefit to a grander scale then is currently in place.

The population; no taxation thus growing their wealth base and maintaining their productivity value; the Financial Cartels have access to more global and “stable’ investment wealth then Midas’s entire family ever dreamed about; and Government with a now very stable and profitable / prosperous economy without any taxation has more truck loads of cash rolling in the “front door” from the investment and enterprise operation returns then they ever would have thought possible.

Government also now has the incentive to downsize and stay out of the affairs where applicable in a private sector thriving economy… A clear Win-Win for all involved.. and what I, and I hope all others believe will be the path and start of at least a thousand-years of prosperity for “one-and-all”… Promise of the millennium granted, promise fulfilled, and then we can all go on from there.

Those from the population; Financial Cartels; and Government (from across the Globe) – Jump! Move forward clearly, subsequently; and forcibly for “one-and-all. Our combined lives for a positive, peaceful, and prosperous future depends on it.

History is made by a few and watched by the many. This communication is transmitted for the use of the makers, one-and-all.
Walter Burien – CAFR1
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854

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Investigative Hearing on the MF Global Bankruptcy

On October 31, 2011, MF Global Holdings Ltd. declared bankruptcy – the eighth largest bankruptcy in U.S. history. Since then, federal officials have been unable to find a significant amount of the firm’s customer’s money. It is currently estimated that up to $1.2 billion in customer funds is missing. The Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry has jurisdiction over the sort of commodity trading that MF Global was engaged in, and the hearing on December 13 will be a continuation of the Committee’s investigation into the firm’s bankruptcy. Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow has called on former MF Global CEO, Jon Corzine, to testify. Other witnesses are to be announced.

The Hill reports “Lawmakers subpoena Jon Corzine to testify about MF Global collapse.”

Another elected official too busy making money to be concerned about official corruption occurring in his state at the expense of the people.

Stay tuned!

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