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Tragicomedy Merriam Webster: tragicomedy | a play, movie, situation, etc., that is both sad and funny.

The following is update from a previous post Doublespeak Abounds is in regard to Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s response to the Washington State Supreme Court decision declaring Charter Schools unconstitutional.

Isn’t that interesting? In other words, the AEI (American Enterprise Institute) suggests that the issue go back to the people so that they can vote to eliminate their right to vote. Would such reasoning be the result of the elimination of Formal Logic in schools some time ago; and, could such reasoning qualify one to become…”

So, Attorney General Bob Ferguson believes it is his “duty to defend the will of the voters” even when what they are voting on has been declared UNCONSTITUTIONAL by the Washington State Supreme Court.

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Ready. Aim. Fire: Richard Rhames – Perhaps Biddeford’s Most Public Citizen

September 29, 2015

With host Andrew Ready…

Episode 11

Andrew interviews Mr. Richard Rhames. Richard is running against incumbent Stephen St. Cyr for the Biddeford Ward 3 council seat.

Listen HERE.

More HERE.

Ready. Aim. Fire!


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ABCs of DumbDown: The Three Amigos Of Climate Change

“To further their goals of “Agenda 21”, in 2012 the United Nations held their Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development. U.N. personnel illuminated the statue of Jesus Christ on top of Corcovado  mountain with bright green lights. “Shortly before the conference began, green legend James Lovelock — the scientist and environmentalist who first came up with the whole ‘Gaia’ concept [earth worship…ed.}— warned that the ‘green religion’ was now ‘taking over from the Christian religion.’ Running the show at this conference was: ‘The Secretary-General of Rio+20…anti-American Chinese Communist known as Sha Zukang... according to the high-ranking Communist Party operative, the Chinese dictatorship has ‘broad prospects’ for participation in ‘international cooperation’ on the issue of so-called ‘sustainability’…’The executive coordinator of the Rio+20.

Obama, the Pope, and the President of China Are Teaming Up to Save the World.
Something big and strange is happening in the United States this week.

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ABCs of DumbDown: Welcome to Communist America‏…Compliments of the U.N. Agenda 2030 and Sustainability

The United States will turn its sovereignty over to the United Nations beginning September 25, 2015 at the U.N. General Assembly in New York. Let the New World Order Begin!

“Once the SDGs are adopted in September, they must be communicated to inspire billions of people everywhere to take ownership and implement the agenda. They must be distilled into something that people can understand, identify with, and relate to their daily lives”.

This is the Communist  Agenda for the enslavement of America.
“Limited Learning for Lifelong Labor”

Read more HERE.

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By Charlotte Iserbyt
September 24, 2015

For Your Excellency Pope Francis: Welcome to the United States of America!

Being a convert to the Catholic Faith, to traditional Catholicism, NOT to the NOUVELLE THEOLOGY being imposed on Catholics internationally, I pray that you will listen to those of us in America, Catholic and non-Catholic, who see nothing but moral, political, economic and social tragedy for the world’s people, if the Church’s present policies and pronouncements continue. These policies, with the exception of the Church’s continued opposition to abortion and euthanasia, can only bring misery and the loss of faith in Jesus Christ’s redeeming message to future generations.

How can anyone who knows history not understand that the destruction of America’s pure capitalist economic system, hopefully practiced in the light of Rerum Novarum and a just civil society (not the United Nations atheistic public/private corporate fascist/communist system being imposed globally) can only lead to poverty for all, in all areas of endeavor, including religion, medicine, law, science, art, music, literature, etc? United Nations Communism does NOT work and has brought nothing but misery and physical, intellectual and moral death to hundreds of millions of persons internationally.

Why and how can the Catholic Church ignore the fact that the United States, prior to the godless globalism being presented to humans worldwide, in the name of “sustainability, etc., etc., became the home of refuge for millions escaping atheist communist and fascist tyranny. If the USA was the preferred nation to which millions of humans immigrated why, oh why, and how can the Catholic Church be part of denigrating what we stood for in so many ways?

Please read the recent (three) posts at my blog, which relate to this urgent plea to Your Excellency. Please especially hear the words of a great American, the late Norman Dodd, regarding the Satanic role of internationalist tax-exempt foundations in promotion of the globalist/New Age (anti-Christian) education agenda being foisted on innocent children from the earliest age.

I pray that you, as the world leader of Jesus Christ’s mission and message, will rethink the present policies of the Catholic Church, which do not in any way relate to traditional Catholicism (dogma) as practiced and preached by Jesus Christ.

I am the author of the deliberate dumbing down of america, 1999, which is a free download at This book provides much history regarding the content of this urgent plea to you, Your Excellency.

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Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging – Full Movie (Documentary) – View HERE.

This video provides the facts about psychotropic drugs and the huge profits they create for the pharmaceutical industry.
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ABCs of DumbDown: Action Alert: Is Green The New Red?


This mural decorates the walls of MasteryConnect’s headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Utah’s multi-talented researcher, writer, and talk-radio host, Cherilyn Eagar, brought MasteryConnect (MC) and its Mural to our attention. In an email alert, Cherilyn commented on the Mural:

“Notice the Fist on the back wall. This was – is – the symbol of militant marxism and communism.  The owner of the company said his goal is to “revolutionize education” and they invested in a chaotic, aggressive artistic design to illustrate their mindset.  This mural cost $25,000!

Cherilyn continued by saying, “MasteryConnect” (MC) is the Utah-based software company that provides tools for teachers to assess the performance of their students – a tracking system for mastery learning assessments for common core, but it stresses it is “agnostic core.”  In other words, it doesn’t matter what the label is, they have developed the software to track 6,000 standards for all mastery learning models, and they are getting millions of dollars and growing to international markets.  One of the presenters at Utah’s recent conference – Vander Ark endorsed this software.”

Read more HERE.

Related: ABCs of DumbDown: Action Alert: Satanic Influences In Education By Norman Dodd, click here.

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Pope Francis’ U.S. Visit Schedule

View Itinerary HERE.

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ABCs of DumbDown: Action Alert: Satanic Influences In Education By Norman Dodd

Norman Dodd Revealing… View HERE.

Scroll down to bottom for “Action Alert”.

Here is a section of the Monteith-Dodd interview from 1980 (24.49mins-29.55 mins) which deals with foundations’ role in destruction of conscience through education for One World Government. Dodd actually points to Satanic influences. Brilliant, brilliant.

Although I knew Norman Dodd and bought the last remaining copy of the 3000 page transcript of the Investigation of the Tax-Exempt Foundations, 1953-1954 (, I was unaware that Dodd had ever expressed so clearly and with such conviction the solution to the problem in education.

I transcribed part of his interview, which follows his brilliant discussion of the purpose of the Federal Reserve Banking system:

24.49 mins-29.55 mins.

Norman Dodd: Original purpose Federal Reserve was in no sense to eliminate bank failures. This discrepancy and these contrasts and contradictions are the telltale part that those who have imposed these practices on us who are scared to death that it will be picked up, and as a people, stressed and taught, etc., but it isn’t.

Dr. Stanley Monteith: No, and mass media doesn’t talk about it at all.

Dodd: No. Neither does educational world. This is what will meet the challenge: One accredited educational institution, with Trustees who openly declare that we notice this inconsistency, the contradictions, and we are setting forth an effort to account for them. And that, in my opinion, would explode the whole network.

“And they have told me that this is what they are scared of, scared to death that someone, at some point, is going to pick up the end of the string”.

Read more HERE.

Send to Pope Francis at the UN:
Contact Us |
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ABCs of DumbDown: Fifty Years Of Tax-Funded Poisonous Education Lies

1965-2015 (ESEA TO ESEA S1177)

In a remarkable admission (Joanne Weiss, ed), the former director of the Race to the Top (RttT) competitive grant program and chief of staff to U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan says the federal government “forced” full support for adoption of the Common Core standards from each state by requiring its governor, chief state school officer, and head of the state board of education to sign off on the grant application.

Feds Admit U.S. Education Department ‘Forced’ States To Accept Common Core From Its Start.

Read more HERE.

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