PPH reports “Maine’s system of public campaign financing, which has been enormously popular with legislative candidates, appears to be losing its luster. Figures from the state Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices, which oversees campaign financing, show that 63 percent of Maine’s legislative candidates are drawing public funds through the state’s Clean Election Act in this year’s legislative campaign. That compares to 80 percent in the last election cycle and 85 percent in the previous one.”

“I think there has been a drop-off because some candidates are concerned that outside groups will launch negative attacks and there will not be matching funds to counter them,” said Sen. Lois Snowe-Mello, R-Poland.”

Snowe-Mello understood the corruption, and listened to the people, when she was a state representative. Since becoming a Senator, she’s deaf, dumb and blind…..another Barry Hobbins! What a big disappointment in Lois Snowe-Mello.

Maybe there’s a “drop-off” because good, honest, decent people don’t want to find themselves with trumped up charges……not to mention the election fraud that goes on when good people run!

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BDN reports “The secretary of state’s office administers Maine elections, and the Maine People’s Alliance says Summers, a Republican, should resign because of a conflict in overseeing his own election. “They want me to resign and I’m not going to do it,” Charlie Summers said Tuesday after criticism from the Maine People’s Alliance and Maine Democratic Party.” “Summers brushed aside both complaints, saying his deputy, Julie Flynn, will oversee the November election as she has for the past 18 years.”
“Besides, Summers said, others have held the same job while running for higher office. Democrat Bill Diamond of Windham was secretary of state during his losing bid for Congress in 1994. Democrat Joe Brennan was attorney general when he ran for governor and won in 1978. Maine’s constitutional offices — secretary of state, state treasurer and attorney general — often serve as a springboard to elected office in Maine.”
“Maine Attorney General William Schneider, who lost to Summers in a six-way Republican primary, had said he’d give up his job to devote his full attention to the Senate race, if he had won the nomination.”
Further evidence will prove that Senator Bill Diamond failed in his duties during his tenure as Secretary of State. He covered up frauds perpetrated by Clairma Matherne, Clerk, City of Biddeford. As far as Joe Brennan, the evidence speaks for itself. Maine Attorney General William Schneider should be removed from office for Misprision of Felony, 18 U.S.C. sec. 4 and Obstruction of Justice.
This goes beyond a “conflict of interest” as the evidence proves in this post. Secretary Summers is following the same pattern of corruption that has been ongoing for years by both major parties. IMO, a full investigation into the predicate acts of Deputy Secretary of State Julie Flynn, Asst. A.G. Leanne Robbins and Jonathan Wayne, Director of the Ethics Commission, is long overdue. Why won’t the Maine People’s Alliance and Maine Democratic Party address the major issue?
Maine held its primary election on June 12, 2012. Democrats had four candidates; Republicans had six all vying to be Maine’s replacement for long-serving Republican U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe.
Maine Secretary of State “Charlie Summers has won the Republican nomination to succeed his former boss U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe who abruptly ended her campaign in February, citing partisan gridlock in the Senate. Snowe employed Summers as her state director for six years.” He was Snowe’s state director from 1995 to 2004. However, “Immediately after abandoning her re-election bid, she donated her mailing list to Maine Attorney General William Schneider to help him gather petition signatures to get on the primary ballot and finished fifth in Tuesday’s six-way primary.”
Andrea Mitchell’s exclusive interview with Sen. Olympia Snowe when she ubruptly decided not to seek re-election and giving possible candidates approximately two weeks to gather signatures. “Having a milestone birthday helps you to focus about whether or not I was prepared to commit for another six years in the United States Senate.” I find it hard to believe that Senator Snowe didn’t know last year that she was coming up upon a “milestone birthday.”

The Maine People’s Alliance is calling for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Charlie Summers to resign his job as secretary of state citing conflict of interest because his office oversees elections. Summers has said he will remove himself from overseeing the election by delegating those duties to staff.

Summers has handed over management of elections to Deputy Secretary of State Julie Flynn, who runs the secretary of state’s elections bureau, in an attempt to avoid a conflict of interest as he runs for the Senate. Summers also sidestepped any perception of conflict about running for the Senate while serving as the state’s top elections official. Secretary of State Summers will have control over the same ballot on which Candidate Summers will appear and Julie Flynn will count her boss’ votes.

“(Deputy Secretary of State) Julie (Flynn) is in charge of the Bureau of Corporations and Elections,” Summers noted. “Ultimately, she’ll give what her findings are. And if there were some kind of problem, then obviously I would consult with her, I would consult with the Attorney General’s Office and make a correct decision.”

Let’s take a look at how Secretary Summers makes “correct decisions” and the disgraceful, unlawful, job performance of Deputy Secretary of State Julie Flynn, in concert with the Attorney General’s Office.

Letter to Secretary of State Summers, August 2001

Reply from Secretary of State, November 7, 2011.

FOIA Request to Secretary of State Summers, November 14, 2011.

FOIA reply from Secretary Summers, December 1, 2011.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Secretary Summers did not find that there is significant evidence to support an investigation into the City of Biddeford’s election fraud of 2004. Deputy Secretary of State, Julie Flynn, “thoroughly” examined the incident with the Attorney General’s Office. Secretary Summers was confident Deputy Secretary of State, Julie Flynn, arrived at the proper outcome. To the best of his knowledge, his “office does not possess any documentation of Ms. Flynn’s review of the matter in question as the process was based on oral communication. Please understand that I am not denying your request for documents; it is just that what you have requested does not exist.”

An “oral communication” does non constitute an investigation! Had a full and fair investigation been conducted Ms. Flynn, and Asst. A.G. Leanne Robbins, would have viewed the Post Office’s role in this state’s scam against decent, honest people who run for office. Campaign flyers and postage paid with clean election money were returned after the “post office forgot to mail them.” They were returned as “undeliverable.” This is a lie! Calls were made to many of the people who did not receive this mailing and did receive mail as addressed.

Where is transparency in government and accountability where it’s concerned? Are we to  trust that Summers will make the “correct decisions” in the upcoming election? There is not even a justification for his run for U.S. Senate. Secretary Summers has some explaining to do!

Where does the buck stop?

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Printed in the Clarion Edict

by Dorothy Lafortune

The American public has awakened. If our ” elected representatives” would have upheld the Rule of Law, upheld their oaths of office, performed their duties as they were paid to do, we the people would not have been forced to obtain a free education. Although it has been time-consuming, we have obtained more education than would have by attending law school and receiving a college degree. It is a blessing in disguise that our “representatives” and “employees” (federal, state, county, local) have failed in their duties and forced the people to research and investigate the corrupt agenda of our so-called “representatives” and their “employee gate-keepers.” Gate-keeper: one who answers the telephone (secretary, aide) and denies us access to our “representatives.” Now it is up to those of you who have not taken this opportunity to a free education to do so. It is hard work and time consuming. You must realize that our “reps” will not make change, we the people will make change.

The “revolving door policy” has been in effect for decades. Maine, New Jersey and New Hampshire (let’s not forget Washington DC) have a great investment in “revolving doors.” It’s a great “product” to keep their agenda in place. It’s also a terrific “security tool” for “gatekeepers” of elected officials who will eventually climb the ladder to a higher position.

On January 5, 2011, when Paul LePage became the state’s first Republican governor in 16 years his pledge to Maine people was very simple: “It’s going to be people ahead of politics.” “The framers had it right.” LePage pledged “to listen and work constructively” with anyone bringing forth sincere solutions to the state’s problems. “We are going to get around and learn from the people of Maine.”

States Governor LePage, “Basically, it’s very simple. If I’m running my own business, I’d like to know what my employees are up to, and that’s all I’m asking. Let’s just have open communication.”

On March 18, 2011 I had the opportunity to speak with Governor LePage during his Capitol for a Day tour in York County. He had just placed a Maine’s “Open for Business” sign and I reminded him that his office must also be open for business, unlike past governors. I spoke to him about the loss (theft) of my business property and home due to corrupt bankers, officials and others, and rubber-stamped by a corrupt judicial system. I hand delivered him some documents and requested a meeting with him to detail which government entities/committees/commissions are a real problem for small business owners and residents. I believe that I have much to offer in assisting with his administration in moving forward and making the state of Maine a better place for business and its people. Governor LePage was very cordial, interested and receptive. He promised to meet with me.  Unfortunately, a meeting did not happen with Governor LePage.  However, the governor arranged a meeting with Ronald McKinnon, Dept. of Economic & Community Development, on Wednesday, May 11th. I attended the meeting with another person.

We presented several issues to Mr. McKinnon, some of which come under his “umbrella” and those that did not fall under his authority we asked that he bring to the proper channels, including Governor LePage. Relative to Maine’s business climate toward our small businesses, we presented problems we faced with non-compliance of the law, of policies, of rules and regulations by town/city officials and state employees within various agencies that are in place to protect us, but have failed us miserably and irreparably. We also presented documentation of the deceptive practices and “behind closed doors” tactics used by city officials, specifically Biddeford, Saco and Lisbon, in concert with specific individuals and financial institutions with their deceptive and unfair trade practices to steal not only our businesses, but our homes. The intentional burning of one’s home in Lisbon, followed by another loss of property in Topsham (determined as a result of arson, yet to be justified), the unlawful interference by local officials and rubber-stamped by Maine’ judicial system which only resulted in further economic loss and expense to the State of Maine and its taxpayers.

We brought forward the unresponsiveness of state officials, the “conflicts of interest”, poor job performances, lack of oversight and accountability that exist in some Maine government agencies/departments/committees/commissions which pose a real problem for small business owners and residents.

We also brought forth documented evidence which warrants investigations and/or audits into the following:

Bureau of Financial Institutions, Lloyd LaFountain

Bureau of Insurance, Mila Kofman


Attorney General’s Office (inc. Criminal Complaint)

Secretary of State

State Auditor, Neria Douglass (3 letters – no responses)

Department of Human Services (elder abuse, nursing homes, evidence of Medicaid fraud)

Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices, Jonathan Wayne

Municipalities – Biddeford, Saco, Lisbon

Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability (the removal of judicial members policing justices will remove the “root” of the problems faced by small businesses and residents in this state.)

We requested Mr. McKinnon’s intervention in taking the necessary steps through the proper channels, including Governor LePage, to initiate investigations, audits and restitution as this is a matter of public interest and trust. After my July 17th request for an update, McKinnon responsed on September 14th with not so pleasant news. He had “explored this matter with people I trust and find no conspiracy or other unlawful acts on the part of any of the people and parties you have accused of illegal seizures of properties or persecuting actions.” What? We presented him with documented evidence, pictures, videos! Due to the vagueness of his McKinnon’s letter, I filed a FOA (Freedom of Access) request in which to provide the names of the people he trusts and reports. It took 3 FOAs for him to reply that he did not request any documents, responses, nor did he submit a report to the Governor. THIS AMOUNTS TO HEARSAY! McKinnon’s job performance is less than poor and obviously politically motivated. Who are these “trusted” people he speaks of? The same ones that our state legislators and other state employees talk to.

Through past administrations there has always been the excuse, including the Attorney General’s Office – top law enforcement agency in the State, that “there’s nothing we can do.” This being the case, it is MY opinion that the state has 2 choices: 1) replace the person in charge of an agency or 2) if an agency is not serving its purpose/mission, eliminate the agency. This would be fiscally responsible. Paying salaries of employees who fail in their job performance is a misuse of taxpayer money. Our elected officials also fall short in upholding their oaths of office and in performing their duties and obligations as the law requires. Are they incompetent, have a vested interest or have a motive to their madness? All of the above. But they do “get by with a little help from their friends.” Remember, they have “stock” in “Revolving Doors.”

With Governor LePage not realizing that he has surrounded himself with the wrong people, specifically (former) Governor Baldacci leftovers, his vision for Maine cannot, and will not, be achieved……”Maine, one where all of our citizens prosper now and into the future.” The crew is only as good as its captain.

LePage has said there are more welfare recipients in the state than income tax payers, seeking to drive home the point that the state’s systems are financially unsustainable.   It only makes common sense that there would be more welfare recipients than income tax payers when people are losing their homes/businesses through fraudulent foreclosures or “behind closed doors” deals in city halls, being thrown out into the street like wild animals, and the legislature agrees wholeheartedly!

Maine is not open for business when our elected officials turn a deaf ear to the deliberate destruction of families, their constituents! For decades our representatives have refused to keep their constitutional promise to the people and have demonstrated a blatant disregard for the rule of law…..laws that they themselves created. This is when lawmakers become lawbreakers.

Governor LePage, it’s time for you to take this “bull by the horns.” The people will support you and pursuant to the Maine Constitution, Art. V, Executive Power, Section 12. Shall enforce the laws. The Governor shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.

As manager of Marden’s, if customers reported to the supervisor(s) that people were stealing from Marden’s and the supervisor(s) did nothing, would LePage have fired his supervisor(s)? Would he take the word of his customers versus the hearsay of his supervisor(s)?

It was reported in the BDN that when LePage was manager of Marden’s they used “secret shoppers” to measure employee performance and to check on whether stores were implementing policies. The shoppers were company employees that posed as shoppers and developed valuable data for company management. “We need that in state government, “he said. “ We need to know what is really happening.”

Well, the Clarion Edict is the place to get valuable data for the state of Maine management.

Is a massive destructive political sunami ready to hit Augusta where state and federal laws are violated at the expense of our people, our lives/livelihoods, where elder abuse, police brutality, judicial misconduct, unfair trade practices, official corruption, and double standard of justice have become a way of life in the state of Maine? What happened to “people before poliltics?”

“The People cannot be safe without information. When the press is free, and every man is able to read, all is safe.” — Thomas Jefferson

“Every violation of truth is not only a sort of suicide in the liar, but is a stab at the health of human society.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


Portland Press Herald reports: Secretary of State Investigates possible voter fraud.

Maine Secretary of State Charlie Summers announced he his pursuing a two-pronged investigation into potential voter fraud, stemming from allegations made by an employee within his department and leaders of the Maine Republican Party.

Former Secretary of State Matt Dunlap, a Democrat contemplating running for the U.S. Senate, denied any impropriety while he held the office from 2005 to 2010.

States Dunlap ” Summers was “treading on very dangerous ground” by appearing to politicize his position as secretary of state. Everybody knew I had a ‘D’ on my sleeve and everybody knows he has an ‘R’ on his. It’s how you act, it’s how you behave,” he said. “The fact that I knew the Republicans were watching me like a hungry hawk hovering over a fat mouse added to, I believe, the integrity of my work.”

Secretary of State Charlie Summers’ press release.
*When I verified the link to this post the page could not be found. Luckily, I had saved it!  Interesting!
 * Secretary of State Summers: “Once you are in this office, you have a responsibility to all of the people of the state of Maine.” We’ll see!

“Absent any evidence,” observed Dunlap, “there’s no other answer but that it’s political.” It could also be “political” but absent evidence?

Also view:


PPH OPINION: “Secretary of State Summers disingenuous on voting laws.” The author is “disappointed in the Maine Legislature and particularly in Secretary of State Charles Summers for the recent modifications they have made to Maine’s voting laws.” He goes on to say “It is disingenuous of Mr. Summers to make these assertions, while in the background we have to listen to Maine Republican Party Chairman Charlie Webster gloating that these new rules will “keep liberals and socialists from stealing elections” and “as such, it is reprehensible, and Secretary Summers and our representatives in the Legislature should be ashamed of themselves for participating in this charade.”

PPH OPINION by Ben Grant, the chairman of the Maine Democratic Party. ”
“If you want to get really honest, this is about how the Democrats have managed to steal elections from Maine people,” Mr. Webster said in an interview with Portland Press Herald columnist Bill Nemitz. “Many of us believe that the Democrats intentionally steal elections.”

Before any further discussion of the issue, I think it is critical that the people of Maine hear my response: This is unequivocally false.

So, my central message is this: Whether you are a Democrat, Republican or unenrolled, it is not the government’s ballot box to give and take like some kind of reward.

That’s not how freedom works. It’s your ballot box, and your Election Day. In our civic religion, there is nothing more sacred.

The LePage Republicans may think that Election Day registrants are just lazy, or they may think that making it a little harder to vote is an acceptable response to Charlie Webster’s fact-free mythology.

The Maine Democratic Party thinks otherwise. We believe in policy that advances the great causes facing Maine. We believe in a vigorous public square, where the issues are raised and debated by citizens and legislators alike.

We believe in a responsive, respectful citizen’s government that works for the people it represents.

In the past 30 years, there have been only two convictions of voter fraud in Maine. What’s more, when pressed, Mr. Webster could not provide evidence to support his accusation.”


Comment and evidence to support voter fraud in Maine and the refusal of those in authority to act, per their oaths, duties and obligations is reason why there are slim convictions in Maine.

In February 2004 I was a candidate in a special election held in Biddeford, Maine during the administrative of (now former) Governor John Baldacci (D).

I want to note that the relationship between my opponent and I is amicable.

Letter to Julie Flynn, Deputy Secretary of State.  During the tenure of (now former Secretary of State) Matthew Dunlap (D).

Letter to Leanne Robinson, Asst. A.G. (I also hand delivered one to her)

Campaign flyersU.S. Post Office failed to mail.

In October 2005 when a Journal Tribune newspaper article “Ethics commission investigates anti-Beaudette postcard” was published I contacted a State Representative. I explained that Dan Rogers had “helped out” with my campaign in Biddeford, 2004 special election. I was not contacted to testify, but would welcome the opportunity to do so before the commission. I had evidence that pointed to him as the creator of the “postcard.”

At first, I thought my opponent may have had something to do with the post card because of his inaction of a closed door executive session involving my mother’s home. He stated that it is illegal to give out quit claim deeds in executive session. (He was not a city councilor at that time, but was later a sitting city councilor on the Coordinating Committee which I went before over this issue.) I took the advice of the State Rep. and immediately contacted the Director of the Ethics Comm., Jonathan Wayne. I told him of my concerns and evidence I had involving Dan Rogers. I also told him about my formal complaint, filed February 9, 2004, to Julie Flynn, Deputy Secretary of State and Atty. Gen. Stephen Rowe, Leanne Robinson (I later learned her last name is Robbins) demanding a full investigation into the fraudulent election held in Biddeford in February 2004, ballot tampering and mail tampering and that no action had been taken on my complaint. I offered to testify at the Commission hearing on November 9, 2005 and that I would welcome that opportunity. Not only did the commission need to hear evidence on Dan Rogers, but also needed to hear of the violations of Maine election laws which occurred in this special election. I was scheduled to testify at the November 9, 2005 hearing.

November 4, 2005, I received a phone call from Mr. Jonathan Wayne, Director of the Ethics Commission regarding the upcoming hearing on November 9, 2005. As he danced around his explanation of the commission’s upcoming hearing, he was trying to politely tell me that I would not be testifying, although he wanted me at the hearing in case “Dan Rogers lied.” Then I would be called to testify. I felt like I was being used by the commission to achieve their goal – to nail Dan Rogers. (Rogers did confess to mailing the “post card.”) From my conversation with Jonathan Wayne, I gathered that Atty. Phyllis Gardner (an Asst. A.G. who represents state agencies and works in the A.G.’s office) was advising the commission against my testimony. I explained to Mr. Wayne that my intention was to testify at the hearing and that it’s the duty of the commission to hear my testimony. He stated that there would be lots of media there whom I could speak with. I told him I intended to do so, but I also intended on testifying. He stated that he knew that I had issues with Clairma Matherne, Biddeford City Clerk, but that this hearing was not about that. This hearing involved Dan Rogers who helped out with my campaign in a Biddeford election in which Mrs. Matherne was of great importance. Rogers’ statements to me regarding Matherne (telling her he was a Democrat and she was all excited, etc. and I thought he was a Green Party member, being adamant about my not going to the polling place at 8:00 p.m. to inspect the absentee ballots received during the day) was also relevant to Dan Roger’s integrity and character. Mr. Wayne asked if we could meet with just him in the afternoon about this matter. I feel like this is another “Biddeford behind closed doors again.” Mr. Wayne did not permit my testimony. Mr. Wayne protected corrupt Biddeford officials, hindered an investigation, and obstructed justice with the help of Atty. Phyllis Gardner who protected her “clients” the Secretary of State’s Office, her boss, A.G. Stephen Rowe and Asst. A.G. Leanne Robbins who maliciously prosecuted volunteers who worked on my campaign.

To note, former A.G. Andrew Ketterer sat on this commission. I video taped the hearing and Ketterer is a must see!


Unless, and until, there is accountability and oversight of state agencies, including constitutional officers, what can we expect from Augusta!

And where was the “concerned” media?

2004 Nader election lawsuit heads Down East

See article.

Maine has an ongoing pattern with elections in order to keep their “good ole boys” in office.

I’m watching for any news reports on the outcome of this case. These “selective” elections and voter fraud MUST END……..and accountability of Sec. of State and A.G. is long overdue! Why has the Sec. of State gotten away with violating Ralph Nader and my rights? Why did A.G. Rowe turn his back on this? We all deserve these answers!

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Mainers Heading For The Polls…….Will the Fraud Continue, Secretary Dunlap?

Have you been a “target” for shining the light on corruption? If you are connecting the dots on this blog, you will see just how far officials will go to silence good people.

See letter to Julie Flynn, Deputy Secretary of State.

See letter to Asst. A.G. Leanne Robinson.

No response to the letters and no action taken by these officials on these state and federal violations!

To be continued…….

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