Are Health Care Clinics A “Backdoor” For Covid Vaccines?

SENIOR ALERT! Do you need a prescription renewed?

Southern MaineHealth Care Clinic will NOT renew a prescription unless you sign and accept their EXTREMELY INVASIVE Agreement.

In part, the Agreement states that you “agree to provide blood and/or urine sample for testing upon request at any time.” That you “”will fully participate in all treatments recommended by the provider” and if you “do not actively participate in these other treatments”, your “medication may not continue to be prescribed.” This invasive, unconstitutional Agreement is a violation of the 4th Amendment, a trespass upon our rights and liberties and a risk to our well-being. Further, expecting an elder living on social security to participate in other treatments (not requested) is unfair and deceptive. Who foots the bill for “all treatments” recommended by the provider? SMHC, must be held accountable for their unconstitutional actions as a healthcare facility. This serious problem demands answers and immediate action. Will the actions of SMCH be a future precedent for seniors?

Your help and support is needed to END this intrusive, invasive, unconstitutional “health care” in Maine before it is totally OUT OF CONTROL and we are all subject to the results of their intended goals.

Do Health Care Clinics in your state require such an AGREEMENT? So goes Maine…..

Please post your thoughts, ideas in the comment section. Together we can put pressure on the medical establishment.

Please share with alternative media/broadcast hosts for their help in exposing this NATIONALLY. This is a matter of public interest, public health, public trust!

Should anyone have questions, please reply to the e-mail.

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  1. Im sorry you are going through this. I suggest you contact me for alternative solutions because this is only going to get worse.

    After years of research and much prayer, I now believe our founding documents were necessary to create the one world government. I am not saying this lightly. If you look at the founding documents of other nations, they are basically the same. Who started them were men involved in secret societies whose goals were institutionalized by the Illuminati and these men spent billions studying secret sciences to know how to manipulate the masses and steer us in the directions they wanted us to go. What they have planted is now bearing fruit and medicine and anything related to what we perceive are our basic necessities are going to be used by them to control us because all mainstream ideals (like healthcare) have been centralized and are under their control. So if you continue to look for their constitutional form of governance to save you, you are pleading to the foundations of hell on earth they created to get where they are today.

    Look around you. We are in a one world government. This means national sovereignty now only exists in those too blind to see.

    The only other solutions are what they don’t control which is what they have been trying to hide from us via their control of education and main stream medias. You have my email, so contact me.

    • I agree with your comment, but this “protocol” needs EXPOSURE.

      • I agree, we must shine light into dark places exposing the workings of evil, but we also need to put our trust in God and not in men for anything to change for the better.
        Expecting ones “rights” to be protected by the very instrument used to enslave them is insanity.

    • You may have looked at the documents but do you know the history that created a US corporation in 1871? Do you kmow how many times the US has been bankrupt and had to borrow from other nations? It is the loss of our Liberty and the false idea of “it is for your safety..better for the community…canceling your culture and everyone elses for mediocrity” that has been one of the issues. Expand your thinking and research.

      • You might research this blog for Act of 1871 and other useful research.

      • To Epigea: I know what you are talking about. It was the implementation of the hidden powers of Article I Section 8 Clause 17 of the Constitution of the united States of America. Which gave Congress sole authority to create the government for the District of Columbia and sole power to govern it any way they wanted. They govern it as a corporation and have deceived all Americans into slavery through trickery of language in law. Roman Civil Law was already a part of if via Treaties for doing trade by Sea with other nations but now it runs everything as UCC.

        This is world wide my friend, not just in America. The Vatican which is run by crypto-Sabbean Franks control the world via their control of the International BAR and all organized religions and the blackmailing of all they need to control. Our founding documents were designed to create this and make America the military arm for Rome and the NWO.

        Its why this battle is spiritual and needs a spiritual solution, not a secular one were we can vote the criminals out. The only way at this point to change leadership would be for Divinely ordained sinkholes to open under every criminal in power so that they all disappeared along with their controllers and funders allowing us to start over.

        The our founding documents designed the system in a way that allows them to fully control it and us. We have only been given the “appearance” (like casting a spell) of control and have not been taught the truth of the matter.

        Ever look of the definition of the word “capitol”?

        It is a Temple to Jupiter.

  2. Agree! However, nothing will change with the same people in positions of authority. They need to be EXPOSED.

  3. In regards to this unlawful and unConstitutional forcing of a vax…think Nuremburgh trials. Report them and justice will find them. You can also use your Rights as a Sovereign Citizen to arrest those accountable.
    I have been called twice now by the VA to schedule an appt for that damn vax. Both times I have refused and both times they said they would make a note of it in my records. So why have I continued to get calls? We can all say NO to any medical treatment. Tthey have an oath to do no harm.

    • The purpose of this post is to inform the public of this horrific, unconstitutional “protocol” used by doctors and MUST be questioned and acted upon to STOP it. Everyone’s health and well-being are at risk! Numbers can accomplish this goal. The doctor in this case has violated his oath and MUST be held accountable.

  4. First & foremost…this is elder abuse! Because how is an old person, in a healthcare facility supposed to fight this? And if they do, who is to say that they won’t get worse daily treatment because they’re “bucking the system” that is taking care of them?! WE have to fight FOR THEM! We can’t leave them to face & fight the wolves by themselves!
    Second, Maine is just following the feds example! I just got my Medicare card in the mail. Decades ago, to get it, you had to APPLY for it. And if you wanted any other “extra” plans, you also had to apply. But now? They have automatically enrolled me into not only plan A…but also for plan B. Which will cost me $148.50…A MONTH! How is this possible that they can contract me to take & pay for health insurance? Didn’t the US Supreme Court rule that the government can’t FORCE citizens to buy it? To opt out of plan B, I have to send back the card saying I don’t want it. And, if later, I change my mind or can suddenly afford it, they most likely will FINE me for “early termination” when I sign up for it! Talk about contracting me to something without my permission & then fining me if I later want it!!
    EXPOSE the facists and share this far & wide!!!!

    • They can do whatever they want because they assume you are their property via the contracts that you signed with them. The words on the page are not defined in Law, as they are defined in English. To have power, you have to know who you are.

  5. Also, doctors who work for the state clinic still have their hypocritical oath …and refusing to give life saving treatment & meds does harm and can KILL, which breaks that oath! Thus, they can be held, along with the clinic and state, together, separately & individually responsible for that harm. Even though the force signing of the agreement by the clinic is worse then the Medicare card issue, BOTH are unethical, unconstitutional and immoral!
    “For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing.” – Simon Wiesenthal
    SAY SOMETHING…strength in numbers!

    • 100% in agreement, however, one of the entities comprised of SMHC has been protected by the court. ie. “sealing for life” a medical malpractice suit that resulted in death.

  6. Totally Unconstitutional and HIPA violation and elder abuse. Sounds absolutely crazy and unlawful. Yeah this needs to be halted right away. Human Rights violation too, SMHC must be STOPPED pronto!

    • Thank you for your input. Correct – SMHC must be STOPPED pronto! This is also criminal.

    • Actually we were lied to about HIPPA laws too. That piece of paper given to us to read and “sign off on” that we read the law, is an abridged version of the law and not the whole law,, which means we sign it as “not fully informed”.

      In the full law, the last plank reads, that by signing the paper, we agree to give the federal government and its agents access to our medical records.

      I think we are better off without main stream healthcare. Its nothing but sorcery that only causes harm. White coats should be seen as the garment of satan instead of knights in shining armor.

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