Tunnel Talk

With so much current exposure on underground tunnels, this article is quite interesting!

92moose reports “There Are Tunnels Below All The New Toll Plazas Along The Maine Turnpike.”

“Over the course of the last several years, the Maine Turnpike has worked hard to modernize the traveling experience for motorists who are looking to eliminate the stop and start that often comes with toll roads.

The Maine Turnpike has a history with tunnels underneath the highway.

If you’ve ever wondered why the toll plaza projects take significant time to complete, you now know why. It’s not just the high speed lanes and EZ Pass technology that needs to be installed, it’s also an underground tunnel.” Read more HERE.

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Abandoned underground bowling alley beneath this parking lot in portland

What lies beneath: Bowdoin’s “secret” tunnels

Underground downtown: Looking beneath the streets

Published in the Portland Phoenix

6 Stops on the Underground Railroad

Complete Underground Bases, Cities & Tunnel Systems

“These tunnels lace the subterranean areas of the entire globe many levels deep. Some are miles under the surface of the earth and even run beneath the oceans. Such underground bases like the one in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont are primarily used for junction points along tunnel systems that connect major bases in places like Montreal Canada to a string of major bases from Kennebunk Maine all the way down through Virginia.”

More Tunnels?

NH – Sisters say there were three tunnels under Cutts Mansion

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