Maine Uses Fake Jurors To Guarantee Desired Results

‎Dave Boyal: “I want to share a true story. A friend of mine was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to county jail. The DA & his lawyer (Jeff Toothaker) that works for the DA hides the evidence that proved his innocence. While on trustee duty he noticed the same person as jury foreman on several cases. They remarked one day when entering the jury room, “This is my good luck sweater.” The trustee documented the same person as jury foreperson on multiple cases. Purely coincidentally all the people in these cases were found guilty. This is because Maine uses a FAKE JUROR to guarantee the desired outcome of a trial. It was discovered how this works is they pick the dumbest possibly jurors and have the fake juror as jury foreperson. This fake juror simply manipulates the other jurors to obtain the desired outcome. In the video is a example of how they used a fake juror to find a dirty pedophile cop not guilty. This state has been doing this despicable trick for years. Today this type behavior is routine in the Maine court system and is not right.”

View Video HERE.

Visit Despicable for more information on how to identify misconduct and file “VALID” complaints.

Have you been a victim of Maine’s judicial system? Report Misconduct, HERE.


There are many cases that can be added to this judicial misconduct that involved Judges Arthur Brennan, Roland Cole, Paul Fritzsche, Robert E. Crowley and District Attorneys (now former) Mark Lawrence, Michael Cantara.

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