School World Order: The Technocratic Globalization of Corporatized Education 

“Excellent new book on use of education to implement global economic system.” (Charlotte Iserbyt)

“For more than twenty years, Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt has been warning the American people of the New World Order stratagem to overthrow democratically elected school boards with public-private partnerships between the federal government and globalist corporations. In this volume, John Klyczek expounds on Iserbyt’s theories by tracing her work to the present moment as a last ditch effort to stop the corporatization of education. Klyczek explores how the infamous Yale Secret Society, Skull and Bones, utilized Robber Baron philanthropy and stimulus-response psychological conditioning to institute a corporatist system of workforce training for a fascistically planned economy. He then explains how this system is being upgraded to a technocratic education system of corporatist “school choice” through virtual education technologies that program students for a globally planned economy. School World Order will teach you the ulterior agenda behind the ed-tech movement: data-mining students for research and development into artificial intelligence and transhumanist biotechnologies for the establishment of an authoritarian, post-human society.”
by John Adam Klyczek (Author)

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Why Did California Outlaw Shortwave Repeaters and What Does That Mean for You?

Dave Hodges – Common Sense Show – View HERE.

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