Absentee Ballots Are Being Counted = Great “Tracking tool”

Maine Absentee Ballots are being counted…when did the law change?

The Maine media reports that people are being hired to count the absentee ballot votes…who is doing the counting? Who is “watching the counters, making sure there’s no fraudulent interference in the true vote count?”

Absentee Ballots, in the past, were only used for extraordinary circumstances.

A discussion on Facebook has revealed the following:

The law was changed in 2016.

State Representative Beth O’Conner sponsored the bill – An Act To Expand the Early Processing of Absentee Ballots.

Summary of LD 1539 – 

No Senate roll-calls were found.

No House roll-calls were found.

Roll-calls for LD 1539 

“How is there accountability and transparency of our representatives if there’s no roll call and recorded voting of how they voted?”

The lack of transparency and accountability has gone on for some time…A prime example, if this became law last year, why didn’t Secretary of State or AG take action in 2004 Biddeford election when absentee ballots were being opened on the morning of the election? All of this goes against an honest election!  Perfect example “for a party or people with an agenda to mess with results to go their way and change true results as they want them to be!”

Comment by Dorothy Lafortune: “This is what happened in Biddeford 2004 when they tampered with the absentee ballots, saw that I was way ahead of the Democrat opponent and they panicked sent reps/aides to Biddeford.”

This topic of Absentee Ballot voting should be of great concern to all Mainers.  Since this became law last year and no action taken in 2004 when ballots were tampered with, it’s obvious the “system” chooses its candidate(s). Does Maine deal in discrimination also?



Are Organizations Who Work To Monitor, Improve And Defend Maine’s Landmark Clean Election Law On Board?

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  1. My son, who works in Boston, went to the Town Office to do an absentee ballot as he will not be in town Tuesday. He didn’t get back to Maine on time to meet the deadline. So he asked how he would be able to vote. He was told the deadline was all over the news and TV. He said he was not in Maine to see that news. So he was told he could fill out a ballot and give it to a relative to drop off at the polls on voting day. He wasn’t keen about that. Finally, she said, “Well you can vote right here” and he said, “Great, that’s what I’m here for”. He was given a ballot and envelope and sat down to fill it out.

    Meanwhile, a Navy guy came in with the same issue. He had to leave unexpectedly. He was given the “you missed the deadline spiel”, turned on his heels and said, “Well, I’m just not going to vote then”. Now why didn’t she tell him directly that he could “vote now” as she did my son after he bugged her? My son is Republican as is a good chunk of the military…hmmm, could that be why they were hassled? With that attitude, I’m concerned my son’s ballot will end up in the shredder.

    • Ann, something is wrong in Maine…will voters ever understand this? If they do understand, will they ever have the courage to take a stand?

      • I hope so. I did tell my son he should have grabbed the Navy guy and toldl him, “Yes, you can!” He said it happened so fast, and the guy left so quickly, he was just stunned. Besides, he’s exhausted…working on three projects in two different states simultaneously. and this goes on pretty much year-round.

      • Ooops. I have a typo in my last reply. Is there a way to edit a reply?

  2. Ann, do you see an “edit this” on your end? Click. If not, let us know what you want edited and will do it on this end.

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