Steve Rowe, CEO – Maine Community Foundation’s Mission To Entice Somali Refugees To Flood Into Aroostook County

Will this “move” become the “new gerrymandering”?

Maine First Media reports “EXPOSED: Open-Border Leftists Plot to Invade Rural Maine with Muslim Refugees.”

“A large, Leftist, Portland non-profit organization is teaming up with a community college in a plot to relocate refugees to rural Maine.

The Maine Community Foundation and Northern Maine Community College brought 45 Somali refugees on a tour of an Aroostook County farm this past August.

As a quick side note, it is estimated each refugee in the United States costs American taxpayers about $65,000. Meaning, the 45 Somali refugees on this field trip cost hard-working Americans nearly $3-Million.”

“MCF — a non-profit listing more than $450-Million in assets in their latest financial audit — paid for the farm tour and housing for the refugees. Rowe’s sentiment of shipping refugees from the overcrowded city of Lewiston to the quaint farmlands of Aroostook County is seconded by NMCC President, Tim Crowley.”

“Rowe believes the Somali migration from Lewiston to Aroostook County would also be beneficial for education in the rural Maine county.”

“And while Rowe, Crowley and Libah are eager to inundate Aroostook County with foreigners, the county may not be so ready.”

“Ann Corcoran is an expert on refugee resettlement. She operates the website, Refugee Resettlement Watch. Ann is from a small, rural neighborhood similar to Aroostook County and witnessed firsthand what can happen when your quaint community is overrun by Muslim refugees.”

“Employment opportunities were scarce,” Corcoran said of her ill-prepared town. “The health department was not familiar with illnesses and mental health problems who came from parts of the Third World. The school system was not prepared to teach large numbers of students who didn’t speak English. And subsidized housing was scarce.”

“Residents of Aroostook County are already beginning to speak out against this plot to transfer Somali refugees from Lewiston to northern Maine.”

Read more HERE.

Why must Mainers take a “back seat?”

When Rowe was AG he “turned a blind eye” to corruption, violations of law, human rights…he turned his back on Mainers!

Prosecuting governmental officials who won’t uphold our immigration law will not solve the problem. The “root” of the problem will remain! (Just like the judicial system). Steve Rowe is causing this problem…with the help of Tim Crowley and Catholic Charities of Maine – taxpayer funded! Why should he be free to go? Disgustingly….Mainers don’t come first! A continued pattern with Rowe since he was Maine A.G. Unfortunately, and sadly, people fail to recognize the “root players.”

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  1. Mainers should know these tactics are nothing new for State of Maine. Just go down to your local library and ask to see a copy of the Brookings Institute’s Report for Maine. As I remember, it shows what Maine needs to do in order to prosper and grow their economy in the near future in order to remain solvent. It simply said the State must make the most of the land and other resources that bring in revenue for the state and give up anything that costs the State, i.e. liabilities. In other words, barron land or Rural Land just sitting there doesn’t do much for the State. It has to be used in some profitable way. Is Rowe thinking he can make this happen by bringing in the Somalis? Maybe he has more in mind to this project? Will Rural Mainers be replaced?
    I don’t have the answers, but I do know Maine is in tough shape and needs to do something PDQ. A lot of younger people with children have left Washington County (next to Arroostook) for greener pastures. I am very concerned for those older who are still there.

    This is not the 1930-1940 period! MaIne is no longer the Agricutural state she once was, and not even the Forestry state. All shes got is Tourism and whatever is left of the small companies throughout the state.

    Mainers have to be told the truth by their government! There has to be transparency.

    Good Luck in 2018 to all Mainers. My suggestion? Educate yourselves
    ASAP, get together and talk things over, make an exit plan, and soon.

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