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3 5 2017

Based on my personal recent research, I have a theory of an anticipated “False Flag”.

This theory may be far reached, however, I feel compelled to share my thoughts and pray that I am wrong.

Recently the news is full of pending doom for the Oroville, California dam. The spillway had a small hole in it but not addressed expeditiously became a huge gaping section now missing and the earth below it awash.

There are eight or nine reservoirs above the Oroville dam that are at maximum capacity.

There is still substantial rain and over an inch of snow fell again just last night, March 4 2017. This will again increase the water level at the Oroville dam as well the already maximum capacity filled reservoirs above the dam. Warmer weather is also expected to melt snow, 600 inches deep in some areas, which will add to the already full reservoirs.

Atmospheric rivers appear to be directly atop of the Oroville dam location dumping many inches of rain per day.

Further still, a dam in Eastern Nevada has already breached and washed out about a football field length of earth beneath the railroad trestle now just hanging in mid air now looking like a footbridge.

A once dry desert town is now sand bagged to keep the water flowing down what once was the road.

Looking at Google maps the Oroville dam, should it break, will flood the Feather river, the Sacramento river and others.

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