Contact President Trump And A.G. Sessions Regarding U.S. Judicial System Corruption

Courtesy of Charlotte Iserbyt


Please contact President Trump and AG Sessions to encourage them to continue their efforts in regard to need to clean up the utterly corrupt justice system (with a very few exceptions) in MOST if not ALL of our states.

Trump and Sessions MUST have the support of the American people in what appears to be the beginning of a thorough house cleaning.

Since Jeff Sessions was sworn in as Attorney General last week, federal and state police had conducted a series of operations to crack down in human trafficking and pedophile rings.

The Department Of Justice appears to be taking down the network’s infrastructure as it gathers evidence in preparation for the high-level arrests in Washington D.C.

The following important people are involved in stymying our constitutional rights as parents and taxpayers:

State Attorneys General, U.S. Attorneys General, District Attorneys, elected officials, lawyers, police, business people, real estate, banks, hospitals, doctors, media, sex and drug traffickers, p-ring, etc.

Look in your children’s eyes and tell me if above request and/or support for Trump and Sessions efforts should not be No. 1 on your “To Do” list. Tell me what you think is more important and URGENT.

#1 Links below cover just one example of utterly evil and sickening corruption. Keep your precious children out of educational institutions which are the brewing grounds for evil behavior. Look at the faces of these predators who have the nerve to call themselves “educators”.

#1 links: Click HERE and HERE.

(2) Be sure to  include #2 link below regarding courageous work of Mike Gill, NH, who is spearheading national effort (above call to action) to motivate President Trump and Attorney General Sessions and his Justice Department to conduct an immediate (no time to lose) courageous, thorough  investigation of our nation’s (ALL states) systems of justice.

#2 link:  Mike Gill – New Hampshire State of Corruption….President Trump Packages Delivered! Click HERE.

#3 The New Normal? (Be sure to click on Granite State Future…click here…google your own state’s “new normal” future and have the shock of your life).

#4)  Corruption in education – DeVos and School Choice to Control “ALL”, click HERE.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Education

To order the updated abridged 2011 version of The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America  click this AMAZON ORDER LINK

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  1. Shutting down the so-called judicial system is not only a great idea but an essential step to help free the people, Sessions however is a BAR CARD holder and they all seem to hold more importance in their oath to the BAR than to their oath to the people.

    Hope I’m wrong but won’t hold my breath until he does what he swore he would, the majority of BAR CARD holders should by jailed but i do not believe Sessions will go there.

    Trump is talking of having the NG round up illegals unless I’m wrong that move constitutes a direct violation of his oath, doesn’t that make him just another drop of water in the swamp he promised to drain?
    allowing the NG to police the streets is another big police STATE step,
    along with his proposal to ramp up the idiotic WAR ON DRUGS leads me to believe he is better than Killary but not by much.

    • President Trump promised to “drain the swamp.” Let’s see what happens.

  2. I think we are seeing what’s happening, he is increasing the size and scope of the police STATE, he is saying he will build up the military and the military complex is already out of hand their primary function today is dominating the world for the benefit of the international banksters, I say close all the military bases on foreign soil bring home the troops let them guard our borders, the present military is sufficient to handle that.

    Another thing that should worry all of us is his plan to have the NG round up illegal aliens, military on the street should worry us all and his oath violation should not be tolerated.

    Also notice his NOT going after Killery or that other criminal OBOMBUS, I think for the most part the swamp is safe and will continue filling and over flowing.

  3. I was deliberately failed in the beginning of senior year Fall 2010 as a returning student in Electrical Engineering by Extreme Left Faculty at NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY because I did not support their ways. I noticed they passed the LBGT COMMUNITY and especially beautiful young women. I talked with the Dean in mathematics about the problem I had with the GAY professor but he said he wasn’t going to talk with him about the unfair grading so I therefore dropped out again to salvage my GPA from a 3.5 prior semester. The school wasted my money, Financial Aid, that I am obligated to repay and wasted my time. Moreover, they shattered my 26 year long dream. I was going to school off and on since 1984 to 2010. I see that our college institutions are decaying from this detested corruption. If we don’t Oust the GAY Movement out of our schools soon the USA WILL take a downfall that will be catastrophic to our way of life.

  4. ALBANY and the Adirondacks are MAFIA / COP LAND …… DEC Runs an Open Air Prison ……..

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