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  1. “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick and twisted society.”

  2. WAKE UP PLEASE ……WE HAVE NO COURTS JUST AGENTS of CROWN BANK. two(2) sets of books for your SS#s. One you see and one you do not. the 1933 bankruptcy, you are under right NOW!!! see senate report 93-549 and Karen Hudes world bank says the gold stolen from Ft Knox starting in 1913 is in a trust numbered 666, You can not make this stuff up! and Karen also says The IMF has BLACK SECRET SCREENS THEY WILL NOT LET HER OR ANYONE SEE. also see for answers Rod Class adventures in sovereignty & his DC GUN case suspended by judge Roberts. All are INVOLVED, SUPREME COURT IS A FRAUD?
    Follow THE CREDIT, THERE IS NO MONEY. WE HAVE NO COURTS. The Judge sits on the Bench. The Bench IS THE BANK. Defined by Blacks Law Dictionary We The People the AUTHORITY of our self government, have a TRUST placed on our birth certificate – A PLANNED FRAUD BY CROWN BANK. BY the WAY UNDER THESE STATES OF EMERGENCY’S the Constitution HAS BEEN SUSPENDED SINCE 1933!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SR 93-549?

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