The Country’s Loss Of A True Patriot…David Dodge, Researcher 13th Amendment

David Dodge

It is with great sadness to report the passing of a true patriot, David Dodge. David passed away on Friday, February 3, 2017.

In 1983, researchers David Dodge and Tom Dunn, while investigating governmental issues, came across a copy of the Constitution of the United States published in 1825. They were astounded to find the original 13th Amendment.

“His work will be long remembered as will his place with our efforts.” Dick Marple


Evidence of historical scandal found at Belfast library, OCTOBER 17. 1991

Missing 13th Amendment -Interview with David Dodge, Researcher Nov 2012, Click HERE.

Talkshoe Radio With Guest David Dodge, Researcher – The “Missing” Original 13th Amendment, click HERE.

Talkshoe Radio With Guests David Dodge And Brian March, Researchers – The “Missing” Original 13th Amendment, click HERE.

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  1. Although I only met him only once I think it was with Tom Dunn when they were in Portland one day with Roger M. Rush (and his wife Joyce) of 1494 Forrest Ave. in Portland (who ran for Cumberland County Sheriff) and Ed Wayland when I was there in Maine as a Bounty Hunter out of the State Treasury in August IN SEARCH OF. . . Missing Heirs, including the relatives of a man who put gold AND silver coins on deposit into his bank account in the 1920s that he forgot about that passbook that eventually escheated to the State as Abandoned Property when I found them in 1981 and sought to get them the quality of con that their ancestor had deposited, of the bank became “banksters” and only wanted to pay-off in debased coins or greenbacks, of I told them that I had gone down to the Fed in Boston to collect the “lawful money” by 12 USC 411 [ ] but that they did REFUSE to do, One of these days to take them to Federal Bankruptcy Court! Tom had told me of this find and also of them investigating public bridges for private $profit in Maine, like what Sherman Adams did in Lincoln, N.H. of he convinced the U.S. Forestry to build a bridge over The so as to contain any fire with water trucks so as a forest fire not to approach the town of THEN of AFTER-wards he bought the Parker-Young lumber Company over there and built his Loon Mountain Ski Area with the “free” bridge. R.I.P.

  2. Hi!

    What happened to him? How old was he?

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  3. Hi!

    I also have an 1825 book containing the “original” 13th amendment.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

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