ALERT! New Hampshire State of Corruption – Mike Gill Jailed For Contempt!

Update 2-1-17

Court watchers needed!
Mike has a court hearing before Judge Lefrancois:

 Rockingham County Court
10 Route 125 Brentwood, NH
Friday, Feb. 3, 2017

New Hampshire State of Corruption – Radio Broadcast Recording With Host Mike Gill – Week 15 – aired 3-18-16. Great broadcast! View and read more HERE.

Update 1-31-17

Update from Mike Gill

“My paralegal Eileen Landies an associate of Aaron Day that was working covertly with Bill Shaheen and Steve Gordon. Not only to corrupt our cases but quite literally to have me murdered.” View video HERE. (Scroll down to “All Videos.”)

“This video may appear crude it was done in my home. I was afraid if I left the house u may not be seeing this. Bill Shaheen fixed the New Hampshire Senate Race for Senator Hassan. He extorted Aaron Day for 20 million and tried to have Mike Gill murdered to silence him. Aaron Day ran to take votes away from Senator Ayotte and destroy State of Corruption NH.” View video, click HERE.

Update 1-29-17


“He is thankful for everyone who is/was concerned. He is even more resolute and will be releasing a video in the next 48 hours that contains explosive information on the corruption.

Mike has discovered their plan from top to bottom including fixing a US Senate race, absolute proof. This is going to be National News!”

Stay tuned for details from Mike.


Mike Gill jailed in Rockingham County Jail for contempt again on bogus missing court date…. $96,000 cash bail!

Mike’s life and freedom are at stake. Please join us in support of Mike. The corrupt are hell-bent on silencing him. Help is urgently needed!

Calls to NH1 Newsroom are being made to get a crew to the jail. Call 603-230-9010,,,,,,NOW !!!!!!!! Mike’s life is in danger!


“I want you to watch a secret meeting Aaron day and myself had with the Bedford Police. Trusting them with evidence to help protect the witnesses in Judge Delkers courtroom instead they turn the information over to the drug dealers. You hear attorney McLaughlin for Shaheen and Gordon in court referring to the evidence the Bedford Police gave them days before.” (Mike Gill)

View meeting at State of Corruption NH, click on Videos, scroll down to All Videos, CLICK HERE.

Mike Gill – New Hampshire State of Corruption Fighting “The Head Of The Snake”, click HERE.

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  1. How the COPs operate in,_New_Hampshire

  2. At about 51:30 to then 47:30 ” is that Mike said that this bank* has never been audited? I think that’s an exaggeration, of maybe not once every within 18 months like the rest is what I found out years ago when N.H. Banking had moved from downtown of SE of the Capitol (with Roland Roberge) to Manchester Street (up by then Louie’s Diner) of now on Regional Drive. Maybe “they” of PRIMARY Bank* get audited less? like every 2+ years? So maybe an RSA 91-A:4,IV to Banking to see WHEN last done? They will not tell you when it will next be done, of just with-IN is their goal. / / / / / That interesting of his story of N.H. Banking officials to Miami to bust into Mike’s motel room? Sounds like a Winter “vacation” like what “they” of the State Police wanted to do on the John C. Fairbanks case of the 1990s to Florida of they “heard” from somebody that he might be there, but that he skipped to Montreal and then Las Vegas where he supposedly gambled away his $millions, but no video tape? just a bag over his head and ruled it a suicide.

  3. Was it civil contempt? Not unless they have him in a binding, lawful contract. Was it criminal contempt? Not unless there’s an injured party with affidavit. What was it? NH BAR – Crown Temple B.A.R. fraud and coercion. These foreign B.A.R. Agents work for the Rothschild CROWN/FEDERAL RESERVE DEBT enslavement machine, under U.N./I.M.F. organization. The real problem is that irregardless for how many publications are put out for the people to see, only a fraction of one percent actually reads. The people are getting muscled by the Jesuit-Zionist Banksters. U.S. is owned and operated by the Crown-Vatican-Swiss Banking cabal, and they’re set up on the District of Columbia as of 1871. People need to awaken. The B.A.R. is behind all the unlawful human trafficking, land grabs, taxation, wars, fraud-closure, CPS kidnapping, fees, fines, and more, just to use people as DEBT collateral.

    Visit the page below and see what they’re really up to!

    New Hampshire House Criminals

  4. Hi!

    I fear for his life.

    Criminals, for the most part, don’t care who they kill. Those, who expose corruption, are dealt with severely in one fashion or another.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • So do I. It’s a good thing that his evidence is documented and publicly posted. Should anything happen to him, his support system will not stay quiet.

  5. Mr Gill, my name is Gerald Baker. I would like to speak with you when you have a free moment.

    I have no money to put toward your project but I am facing my own issues with corrupt officials. I do need to learn from you, get involved and replicate your successes elsewhere.

    I can be reached on +829-786-2468 (WhatsApp#) or

    If we never speak, keep doing what you are doing and above all else teach others.

    Stay safe,

    G. Baker

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