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The “last door” has not closed! More unanswered questions abound! New Jersey “Bridgegate” Trial, click here.
Something smells! It appears the court does not want to touch on the “motive” behind the “scheme.” Is there fear that deliberating this issue will further reveal the involvement of the U.S. Attorneys Office in shielding Governor Christie from obstruction of justice and abuse of power?

March 3, 2017 – Editorial: “Last door for Bridgegate answers closes.

On Thursday, the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office closed the door on Bridgegate, the tagline for a criminal scheme that toppled the presidential ambitions of Gov. Chris Christie and destroyed the lives and reputations of several high-ranking public officials. An attempt by Wayne resident Bill Brennan, a retired firefighter and candidate for governor, to bring Christie to trial for official misconduct failed after prosecutors determined that official misconduct could not be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

In legal jargon, case closed. In the real world, too many questions remain.” Read more HERE.

March 2, 2017 – reports “Christie will not be charged in GWB case, prosecutor says, citing a lack of evidence. Read more HERE.

Bill Brennan statement: He was charged and Probable Cause was found – The prosecutor has a conflict of interest in that the defendant can fire him. They dismissed it before the Special Prosecutor motion was decided – that decision is due 3/17/17.”

February 16, 2017Judge again finds probable cause in Christie case

Editorial: Bridgegate in a Bergen courtroom

February 2, 2017 –  Christie’s criminal defense lawyers just failed to show up at the hearing they demanded.

Judge to rule next week on Gov. Christie Bridge-Gate complaint

January 30, 2017 – Democrat gubernatorial candidate Bill Brennan interviewed on New Jersey Power and Politics. (start 1:50)

January 29, 2017 – Bridgegate and Groundhog Day: Chris Christie’s recurring nightmare returns Feb. 2 | Mulshine

January 27, 2017 Bill Brennan statement:  “Office of Governor issued a false and misleading press release. Earlier today the Office of Governor issued a false and misleading press release that deceived a few media outlets into reporting that State v Christie had been dismissed.
The Probable Cause Hearing will proceed as scheduled at 0900 on 2/2/17 in the Bergen County Courthouse.
Christie’s blatantly false press release was based upon a letter from the Bergen County Prosecutor declaring that no matter what evidence is presented or what decision is reached by the Court, he will not prosecute Chris Christie.
The prosecutor’s letter was not a motion, it was not addressed to the Judge hearing the matter and it did not seek any judicial action. It was a prop in prosecutorial political theater. Prosecutors don’t normally become pen pals with an Assignment Judge simply to facilitate political theater orchestrated by the defendant.
When a series of unprecedented actions are taken by the prosecutor in a case that requires the executive branch to prosecute the chief executive; the court has a duty to hear the merits of any argument that a conflict of interest exists. To date nothing in State v Christie has been decided on the merits.
Judge Mizdol’s punt forces Judge McGeady to address the unresolved issue of conflict. As goes McGeady’s integrity so goes the integrity of the justice system. Judge McGeady bears a tremendous weight on behalf of us all. He can either destroy any sense of legitimacy our justice system could hope to hold on to or he can save the system by ruling that a special prosecutor is warranted. The judiciary is our last line of defense when the executive branch needs a check or balance. The Hon. Roy McGeady has been placed in a position that will define his legacy as a jurist.”

January 27, 2017 –   Prosecutor Won’t Pursue Charges Against Governor Christie. The case stems from a complaint Bill Brennan filed against Gov. Chris Christie in September regarding the Bridgegate trial. Read more HERE.

January 12, 2017 – Chris Christie Loses Appeal: Official Misconduct Charge Moves Forward. Gov. Chris Christie lost an appeal to have an official misconduct complaint regarding Bridgegate thrown out, but a new hearing will be held. Read more HERE.

Update: 12-6-16

The New Brunswick Today Show Interview With Bill Brennan – #Episode 25 (12/6/16), (at 18:00) click here.

December 06, 2016 the Star Ledger reports “Ex-firefighter Bill Brennan puts a damper on Chris Christie’s ambitions.”
“Gov. Christie didn’t take questions after assembling the media in the Capitol Rotunda last Tuesday for the announcement of a $300 million plan to renovate the Statehouse.

That left a vacuum. Bill Brennan promptly filled it.

The retired Teaneck firefighter quickly commandeered Christie’s spot. The cameras flocked around him as talked loudly about his effort to get a special prosecutor named in the citizen’s complaint he had filed against Christie last month during the Bridgegate trial.

That got him a lot of media attention. The next day he got a lot more during a press conference outside the Bergen County Courthouse following a hearing on his request.

In that hearing, the judge denied his motion to name a special prosecutor. So that means Christie can finally put Bridgegate behind him, right?

Wrong. It’s just getting started.

Bill “lost that motion last week on the technical grounds that he did not have standing to bring the motion. But yesterday at yet another well-attended press conference Brennan announced that he is appealing. “I think he has a good case on appeal,” said state Sen. Ray Lesniak. “If he doesn’t have standing, then no one has standing. Judges do that when they want to punt, when they don’t want to make a decision on the merits.” Read more HERE.

New York Post reports “Activist who filed complaint against Christie plans to run for governor.”
“The activist and former firefighter who filed a citizen’s official misconduct complaint against Gov. Chris Christie over the George Washington Bridge lane-closing scandal plans to run for New Jersey governor in 2017.

William Brennan made the surprise announcement Monday as he also railed about a judge’s ruling that no special prosecutor is needed to handle the case he brought against Christie.

“We are dealing with rampant criminality in the office of the governor of New Jersey. It is unprecedented, the level of deceit that has gone on,” said Brennan in announcing his longshot bid to succeed Christie.

“I have decided to clean house from the top down. Effective immediately, I am a candidate for the office of the governor of the state of New Jersey.” Read more HERE.

View FIOS1 news report HERE.

“Judge denies special prosecutor request in Bridgegate complaint against Christie.”
“A Superior Court judge on Friday denied a request for a special prosecutor to be appointed in a criminal misconduct complaint against Gov. Chris Christie for his alleged role in the Bridgegate scandal.

The ruling was handed down by Judge Bonnie Mizdol, who heard oral arguments on Wednesday on whether a request for a special prosecutor to handle a citizen’s complaint against Christie.

In an order released Friday morning, Midzol cited a “lack of standard.”
Read more HERE and HERE.

Update: 11-30-16 

Judge to rule if Bridgegate complaint against Christie gets special prosecutor.
Superior Court Judge Bonnie Mizdol said Wednesday that she will decide by the end of the week whether a request for a special prosecutor to handle a citizen’s complaint against Gov. Chris Christie for his alleged role in the Bridgegate scandal should be granted. Read more HERE.

Case shines spotlight on Bridgegate mysteries. Read more HERE.

Bridgegate mystery? It is sincerely believed that Fort Lee Mayor was used as a “decoy.” The motive behind the lane closures was dismissed in the court case. Why? It is believed there is something behind Christie and Bergen County Prosecutor Molinelli. Best to use a mayor for an excuse than to expose a prosecutor for misconduct, obstruction of justice and abuse of power!


Your Citizen Support is Needed at the November 30th Special Prosecutor Hearing in Chris Christie Criminal Official Misconduct Case filed by NJ Social and Political Activist Bill Brennan!!! PLEASE WATCH/SHARE THIS VIDEO and JOIN FELLOW CONCERNED CITIZENS on NOVEMBER 30th!!!

View video HERE.

Chris Christie to appear in court over misconduct complaint, click here.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Facing 10 Years In Prison As Summons Issued For Misconduct In Office, click here.


New Jersey “Bridgegate” Trial, click here.
Something smells! It appears the court does not want to touch on the “motive” behind the “scheme.” Is there fear that deliberating this issue will further reveal the involvement of the U.S. Attorneys Office in shielding Governor Christie from obstruction of justice and abuse of power?

The U.S. DOJ has already accomplished this! A complaint was filed with the US DOJ/OIG. The “events” that occurred with Bridgegate coincide with correspondences, e-mails, etc.regarding a demand for investigation into Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office and Fort Lee. Pursuit of a full investigation continues. (View commentaries and documents)

Tom Gage (N.J.) Addresses President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence, click here.

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