By Phil Merletti

“I have been asked by legislators, law enforcement, lawyers and Maine voters who are confused as to the legitimacy of the 3rd referendum question and whether or not, it is Constitutional.

“An Act to Require Background Checks for Gun Sales and Transfers”

On the surface, the question seems innocuous and logical. I am going to by-pass the socialist propaganda and agenda, the anger, personal opinions and emotion driven discussions and ignorance of the United States and Maine Constitutions from both opponents and proponents. As a believer in the authority of the United States and Maine Constitutions, I am compelled to refer to both of them for answers and final direction rather than be redirected by past precedent, rules, regulations or statutory laws that are repugnant to the United States or Maine Constitutions.”

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Spokesperson Phil Merletti

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  1. Thank You Phil: another fine and informative writing, I hope you sent a copy to the SoS it might wake him up, but watching his actions in his official capacity I have a lot of doubt that will happen, as we know his position is part and parcel of the de facto government (Democracy) and although they swear or affirm an oath to the constitutions I wonder if it applies to them in their de facto positions, it certainly doesn’t seem to if you pay attention to their actions.

    As you mentioned “how did this question get this far” it appears to me the SoS, the Governor do not know or understand what their oath really means, and as for revisers they are of course ATTORNIES therefore foreign agents all, and not therefore party to the constitutions, and in my opinion traders against the American people.

    The Sos, the Governor and all the other oath takers that allowed Q 3 to get to this point should be removed for oath violations, and all the police people that made adds for passing Q 3 are in violation of their oaths, and should be removed from their position NOW!! and face charges.

    Alas, it seems the only ones that might face charges are people like us that think all bureaucrats should live by their promises through oath.

    Again thank you Phil.

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