Louisiana Activists Fighting For All Of Us…And Around The World

Courtesy of Charlotte Iserbyt

Louisiana is one of, if not “the” pilot for USA and possibly the world.

The following will help to educate Americans regarding what is coming down the pike.

(1) Michael Coffman’s brilliant presentation which partially explains what you are facing in Mandeville: America’s Choice: Liberty or Sustainable Development (Part 2) – Michael Coffman.

If you don’t have time to listen to entire presentation, go to 57 min. 15 seconds where Michael defines totalitarian Smart Growth, exactly what you are facing in Mandeville and what all Americans will face if they don’t wake up:

“Smart Growth is a Hoax. Not only does Smart Growth fail every promise it makes, its application increases the misery quotient for the majority of citizens. What it does do, however, is dramatically increase the power and control of government bureaucrats over the people. They just haven’t realized it yet. It is a planned effort to make their lives more miserable.”

(2) Rosa Koire’s equally brilliant presentation, which explains very clearly the communist agenda being implemented in Mandeville, Louisiana, and worldwide: Rosa Koire – Behind the Green Mask:Un Agenda 21 Disc 4

(3) The People LLC. Please read all entries on this blog and give The People LLC your financial support.


Thank you, Louisiana, for the incredible contribution your citizens are making to rescue not only Mandeville, Louisiana, but our entire nation (every city and state) from communist Smart Cities, UN Global 2030 activities, etc.


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