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A Mormon Tycoon Wants to Build Joseph Smith’s Mega-Utopia in Vermont, click here.

David Hall is snapping up farmland to bring his vision of a sustainable high-density community to life. The neighbors are horrified.
By Caroline Winter | July 20, 2016.

This is horrible. Interesting tycoon selected Vermont which back in the seventies was making plans for public boarding schools, and is presently up to its eyeballs in final regionalization (communization) of Vermont schools.


Some of, if not most of my most communistic family/community brainwashing research, came out of Utah…absolutely shocking stuff.

Reagan’s Secretary of Education, T.H. Bell, commenced (funded and oversaw this communist education agenda nationwide). He was responsible for “putting Skinnerian/Pavlovian Outcomes-Based Education” into all the schools of the nation.” William Spady, Far West Laboratory, part of U.S. Dept. of Education, directed the implementation, and G. Leland Burningham, Utah’s State Superintendent of Education, who received federal grant from Secretary Bell, said in a letter to Secretary Bell that this grant would be able to “put OBE into all the schools of the nation”.

For documentation see the out-of-print version of the deliberate dumbing down of america, 1999, a FREE download at  The updated abridged version of 3D is available at

I have a piece of paper dated by me August 1993 upon which I wrote:

“Not sure of reliability of source but for what it’s worth “Vincent Kuzin, Russian Deputy in Moscow’s City Council said:

‘OBE produced the leaders in the Russian Revolution. People brought up without any form of a conscience at all.'”

Another continuation comment from Charlotte included in above note: “Just another tidbit of info (correct or incorrect) to reinforce the “uncontrolled” conservatives definition of Mastery Learning/OBE.”

To understand the philosophy of the late T.H. Bell, buy Secretary T. H. Bell’s book “Reclaiming Our Nation at Risk”, written with Kent Lloyd and Diane Ramsey, available at A Performance Accountability System for School Administrators, 1974, was Secretary Bell’s bible for Outcomes Based/Performance Based Education (OBE/PBE) systems management/PPBS, now also referred to as TQM. Many quotes from Bell’s 1974 book are found in the deliberate dumbing down of america.

Secretary T. H. Bell was also a leader in the lifelong community education movement.

President Reagan’s administration was, within the Dept. of Education, referred to as “the Mormon Mafia”.

Maine Dept. of Education, and, I assume, other state departments of education, were sending their educators to Utah in the nineteen seventies for training in implementing lifelong community education which is necessary for UN Agenda 2030 and the Smart Cities Initiative.

This totalitarian plan is now being implemented (carved in stone), with the Police Station very possibly scheduled to be in charge of monitoring ALL services (lifelong).

Community education is international; it is in Russia and elsewhere. So are tax-funded charter schools with unelected boards. Click on:
“How Jeanne Gang’s Firm Designed a Better Police Station”

U.S. Dept. of Justice, COPS Task Force Report, click here.

First experiment, I believe, with lifelong community education was Montgomery County, Maryland, in 1946.  Yes, I said “1946”, one year after USA joined United Nations.


Whole communist system is put together (explained) in Anita Hoge’s magnificent Womb to Tomb treatise at American

Womb To Tomb – Anita Hoge

Extraordinary documentation of government plan to control Americans through changing values, PPBS, assessment, collection private data, workforce training, change personal development of each child through computer; how govt. will monitor and track individuals to see if they are meeting national goals.

I would never have found out about any of this OBE, Skinnerian/Pavlovian method had Ann Herzer’s letter to Arizona Rep. Eldon Rudd not come across my desk in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, Dept. of Ed. in 1981. Herzer was writing Congressman Rudd to let him know about the horrible Pavlovian (man is an animal) federally-funded Exemplary Center for Reading Instruction (ECRI) teacher training she and other traditional teachers were having to go through and requesting Rudd to initiate an investigation of federal funding of that Pavlovian communist program.

ECRI, developed by Dr. Ethna Reid, close associate of the late Secretary T. H. Bell, Salt Lake City, was the pilot for ALL the destructive Skinnerian performance/outcomes based education programs our teachers and children have been exposed to since the late sixties!

Inner city children were the guinea pigs for pilot OBE programs.   New method which has no grades, no competition, no academics (Communist Core), necessary for communist school to work,  is NOW being used on ALL American children.  Please read my “Experimentation with Minorities”:

A lot of this foundational info is in my little Back to Basics booklet, a free pdf at and for sale at Amazon for $10.  All research is found in the deliberate dumbing down of america.

Please read  Ann Herzer’s Our Children the Drones in my big 3D book, Appendix A-143-149.
Please read following quote from Back to Basics Reform or OBE…Skinnerian International Curriculum, 1985, page 3:

“Dr. Jeanette Veatch, internationally known in the field of reading, called the ECRI program “a more modern version of breaking children to the heel of thought control.”  She added, “it is so flagrantly dangerous, damaging and destructive I am appalled at its existence.”  (5)

Dr. Donald Thomas, close to Secretary Bell, was one of major gurus pushing this communist education system (necessary for brainwashing as well as school to work) implemented first in southern states and using minority children as guinea pigs. Bell was very close to Dr. Donald Thomas. Thomas knew Cherilyn Eagar, brilliant education researcher from Utah, and invited her to go with him to Russia to take a look at the Russian schools, saying how wonderful they were. Cherilyn, great OBE researcher herself (she and I wrote Phyllis Schlafly’s first major newsletter on OBE), declined Thomas’s invitation.

There is absolutely no excuse for the boycott of all the information solid researchers have put out there on role of Skinnerian outcomes based education to change not only our children’s attitudes, values, and beliefs, but also those of adult Americans through community education.

Especially since most of the boycott came from the neoconservative Trotskyites.

Maybe above shocking info is why education is NEVER discussed…it is a “NO/NO”. It is The Elephant in the Room. Have you heard one Presidential candidate discuss what I am talking about in this article?

Why don’t YOU ask them why they are not discussing the most important issue of all: the use of the Skinnerian/Pavlovian method not only in education/workforce training, but in our communities as well…lifelong? Rewards will be given to Americans who do what the government wants. Punishment will be inflicted on Americans who reject what the government wants.

In my opinion, use of Pavlovian/Skinnerian methods in K-12 education, which is now spilling over into lifelong education, is a form of treason.

One can take a country very easily by destroying brains and eliminating free will.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

Former Senior Policy Advisor

U.S. Department of Education

Exposing The Global Road To Ruin Through Education-Trailer Links

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  1. Hi!

    Want to know how ignorant some people are in leadership roles? Just ask ONLY one “potent” question and see what happens.

    I did today at the Maine Heritage Foundation luncheon (July 21, 2016).

    The host was stunned by the question. He failed to comprehend the “significance” of my potent question and went off to another subject.


    It is, indeed, very easy, folks! All it takes is ONLY one potent question.
    Try it sometimes but make sure you know your subject matter.

    By the way, I had more fun outside the meeting engaging in conversation with others. We were “assigned” seats and had to sit with strangers, and I was not very happy.

    I voiced my opinion loud and clear on the feedback card.

    Oh well!

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • I think he knew the significance of your question, but he has his own “path” that he’s on. Ask anyone “of importance” a potent question…they will respond the same.

  2. Hi!

    He knew that it was a “loaded” question and he said so. He wanted me to give the answer because I don’t think he knew the answer.

    Since the IRS was NEVER created by Congress, then what “power/authority” does it possess?


    Did he get that? I don’t believe so. He missed the point entirely.

    Most people are frightened of the IRS and know how destructive it can be to some so they avoid dealing with it which is what Tom did. I didn’t say anything about paying the taxes which is where he went with it. I simply asked a question if Congress had created it.

    That was all.

    I really asked the question to see what he knew and didn’t know. He is uninformed.

    He ought to investigate Title 28, Sec 3002 – United States is a federal corporation and NOT a government/country. Take a look also what “State” means in that section.

    It is quite revealing.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

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