Holding Public Meetings In Private!

By Charlotte Iserbyt

“Just a “heads up” for all of you who are very concerned regarding our constitutional form of govt. being transformed by PUBLIC/PRIVATE partnerships.

Check the Communist Manifesto and you will find:

“The communist system requires a merger of government and industry!” (Exactly what is being implemented NOW in the USA through public/private education restructuring.)

The unconstitutional public-private partnerships necessary for school to work agenda (using tax-funded charter schools with UNELECTED boards and other vehicles) are going in across the country, with few Americans objecting to this fascist/communist agenda.

Please read the following regarding recent activities in Maine and other excerpted materials from the deliberate dumbing down of america and other documents.”

“Please do your homework. The school-to-work agenda, modelled on the Soviet polytech workforce training system, merger of public and private sector, is being implemented right now. It has been in the works certainly since 1980 when the neoconservatives invaded the Reagan Administration, lead by the Heritage Foundation which drafted the dreaded North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and which supports tax-funded school choice/charters without elected boards. Heritage has an affiliate in most, if not all, states and is promoting this unconstitutional system of education, economics and regional governance (communism).

This writer, as liaison from the Dept. of Education, attended the first official White House Private Sector Initiative meeting in 1981, and asked if public/private partnerships were not “corporate fascism”. One of the supporters of this unAmerican initiative answered: “I don’t think anyone has looked at it that way.”

Steve Schran, a courageous activist/public school teacher, and I, wanted to attend the 3-hour “breakfast” meeting held in Republican/Heritage-controlled Gov. LePage’s Mansion, so we called the Maine Dept. of Education and were told it was a “private” meeting. We checked the Open Meeting laws, found in all states, which protect taxpayers from being excluded from “secret planning activities” and realized something very “fishy” was going on in Maine. Fortunately the Maine press picked up on this particular “closed to the public” meeting.

What just happened in Maine, holding PRIVATE meetings related to funding of education and restructuring of education, is unconstitutional.

Is this happening in YOUR state?”

Read more HERE.

Related: PPH reports ” Maine education chief quizzed about closed-door meeting.

At a luncheon hosted by the Maine Heritage Policy Center, Deputy Education Commissioner Bill Beardsley is asked why he participated in a private commission meeting hosted by the governor that violated the state’s open-meeting law.” Read more HERE.

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  1. Hi!

    So is LePage on the side of the people after all?

    He is a big advocate of charter schools with NO elected school board. I am currently on a school board.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • If he’s an advocate of no elected school board…apparently not!

  2. Compare = Here in New Hampshire: According to: http://www.nh.gov/council/meetings/breakfast.htm ” *The Governor and Council Breakfast is open to the public for observation only. ” and The http://www.nashuanh.gov/828/Police-Commission has their Public Hearings behind locked doors of you have to ID yourself to get in.

  3. LePage Doesn’t have a clue, I can’t believe you haven’t discovered this for yourselves, his advocating these charter schools is a violation (govt. charter schools are un-constitutional) of his oath, these violations by LePage and the rest of the morons you elect is a very serious issue it eliminates or otherwise nullifies their office, eliminating any and all decision making, arrest able offences, fines or prison or both, it’s time to rein in these criminals, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

    • It’s been “discovered”….the reason for the post!

  4. Hi!

    Many, if not all, don’t have a clue either.

    Who is the “you” that you refer to? What is meant by the words “can’t believe?”

    A jab at someone?

    I NEVER believed that LePage was a constitutionalist. He speaks about the constitution on one side of his mouth then he goes on to violate it.

    Go figure!

    The state has NO lawful business being in education to begin with.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • LePage originally ran his campaign on the constitution and “people before politics.” Haven’t seen either happen! Who’s coaching him?

      • Hi!

        He no longer has a constitutional “council” to receive advice and consent from.

        Thank you!

        Lise from Maine

    • Apparently your one of the (YOU) A registered voter, as you are presently a school committee member so you must be a registered voter (government subject US citizen), can’t believe, refers to people that present themselves in a superior light and then provide dialog proving the opposite.
      The STATE has involved itself in far more un-constitutional efforts than education, but I am happy your brought education up, I think it the most important constitutional violation the STATE has involved itself in.

      • Richard Wayne: Kane:

        Obviously, you have NOT read the Maine Voter Application form which states and shows a different kind of citizen other than a “citizen of the United States.”

        Thank you!

        Lise from Maine

  5. Richard Wayne: Kane:

    Not surprised by your comments as it reveals your thought process and personality which I expected anyways.

    Nothing surprising here.



    By the way, the “original” State of Maine was overthrown in 1876. The constitution used today, if it is used at all, is nothing more than a “statutory” constitution that needs the approval of the “fake” Chief Justice and the “fake” legislature.

    LePage is just another “fake” governor. He is a businessman and not a constitutionalist. I knew that right from the beginning.

    In other words, we don’t have a “State” any longer. This one in operation today is a subsidiary (territory) of the United States, and, in turn, the United States no longer really exist (in name only) as it is under the control of the UN, and the UN is under the control of guess who?

    You figure it out.

    I did a long time ago.

    All fake.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  6. Lise: Executive Council abolished by 1975 Public Law?

    • Hi!

      Went into effect in 1976.

      Lise from Maine

  7. Lise: if you have it and me all figured, why do you question yourself, am I a psychopath or sociopath? and if you know the STATE is no longer a STATE but merely a sub-corporation, why do you have your name signed on their corporate papers making you one of it’s subjects?

    Further abolishing the EX Council doesn’t matter the whole thing is de-facto, a fraud, and LePage parades around pretending his a Governor.

  8. Richard Wayne: Kane:

    I, Lise, the live breathing person, is NOT a subject of anyone or anything, and “my” name does NOT appear on any corporate papers.

    Agree! The whole system is de-facto and has been for a very, very long time that most people are not aware of.

    Lise from Maine

  9. If you have your name attached to their (any Forms or registration papers) voter form allowing you to “VOTE” for one of their other subjects to serve in any office of their corporation and think your not one of their subjects, delusional comes to mind.

    I once served in the capacity of School Comm. when my children were still in govt. school (a defense measure), after being elected I remove my name from the voter list, and was advised I would have to step down or replace my name, I also did the same thing when “serving” on the council which lead to a shortened term.

    I have not read the voter reg. form in quite some time, as I recall the first Q, ARE YOU A U.S. citizen, a U.S. citizen is a subject of the U.S.
    corporation, I can’t believe that Q has been dropped from the form.

    A living breathing PERSON is an oxymoron, as a person by legal definition is a corporation and not capable of ingesting air.

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