Jeff Rense Interview With Charlotte Iserbyt Interview – April 13, 2016: Saving America At The Local Level

Listen to interview HERE.

By Charlotte Iserbyt

“Many of us old time education/political researchers assume the average American understands what is going on in our country since we, in the trenches for so long, understand the situation 100%.

My recent feeling is that the average good American really doesn’t have a clue about what is really taking place in our nation due to:

(1) The gradual imposition, starting in the early part of the 20th century, of a Marxist anti-American dumbed down curriculum starting in kindergarten and continuing through university level.
(I recall a 1975 U.S. News and World Report cover story entitled “Marxism in the Universities” which underscored my unpopular statement above.)

ABCs of DumbDown: Guilty for Being Privileged


(2) 100% Internationalist/Rockefeller et al-controlled TV, newspaper, and partial internet media blackout of the truth, from the international to the national to the state to the local level, certainly since 1945.

It is my belief and hope that if we can get “in their (citizens’) faces” with the truth, they will, if for no reason other than their concern for their children’s futures, get on board with the Action Plan outlined in this article.

Charlotte Interviews Anita Hoge May 6th 2014

” Anita, herself, considers this interview to be her most comprehensive, easy-to-understand interview regarding the terribly serious and complicated mess which includes Communist Core, Assessment, values measurement and remediation, technology, invasion of privacy, FERPA, dollars follow the child, school to work, national/international curriculum, and Trojan Horse: tax-funded school choice and charter schools w/unelected boards (taxation without representation).   I sure agree.”

Watch Hoge video; listen to it over and over again; pass it onto everyone you know:  family; public and private school teachers; private, religious and home schoolers; local colleges,  Maine Street businesses,  pastors, priests, rabbis,   doctors,  dentists,  veterinarians, civil rights groups, ALL state and local elected officials, including Governors, etc.”


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