Legislation Proposes To Standardize Parents

Source: The People LLC

During the past several years, The People, LLC has taken a lot of heat for our stance against educational standards. While many citizens participated in the orchestrated fight to rid their states of a certain set of standards, we have maintained that government should never be allowed to set standards for its citizens.

​Since national groups like American Principles Project and FreedomWorks swooped into states to control the dialogue around the movement to stop the Common Core State Standards, our elected officials are now convinced that what we all want and need are “high standards that are internationally benchmarked” for our children and our schools.

The People, LLC maintains that any set of standards–and especially those that are internationally benchmarked–are Un-American and the exact opposite of what citizens against CCSS actually want.

It’s time we take a look at exactly what these special interest groups want, which, in turn, may help you to re-evaluate your position regarding standards.

Read more HERE.

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