How Ted Cruz Is Sneaking Common Core On Homeschoolers

By Anita Hoge
February 16, 2016

“Why Parents Should Question Senator Ted Cruz’s S 306 and Title I Portability-Education Choice.

Michael Farris of Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) supports presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz’s co-sponsored S 306. On February 5, 2016, Mr. Farris posted on Facebook his dismay that someone (me) would oppose Sen. Ted Cruz’s legislation.

Most parents do not understand that former Secretary Duncan and President Obama use Common Core to re-define success. Common Core is NOT teaching academics, that’s one “punch in the gut.” The Common Core blanket is thrown over ALL schools to teach the same dumbed-down academic pipeline services and curriculum. That’s another “punch in the gut.” If your child has been targeted for interventions, or has failed a Common Core test, in many cases it’s not because of academics or how smart they are, it’s because of the dumbed-down Common Core psychobabble. That’s another “punch in the gut.” Wealthy school districts and white suburbia are targets for change under President Obama’s equity and race-based revitalization plan. (Source) That’s another “punch in the gut.” But, Title I portability moves your tax money around, that’s the ugliest “punch in the ‘representative government’ gut.”

Common Core opposition warriors know the power shift in academia. Common Core standards were moved away from the teacher in the classroom to an outside locus of NO LOCAL CONTROL. Common Core standards “follow the child” and are the same in every state. Common Core opponents also know that the National Center for Education Statistics, NCES/IES, set up a state longitudinal data system that monitors, collects, and allows datamining on individual children, with a unique national ID and a dossier that “follows the child.” Common Core data elements have the digital sameness in every state resembling a nationalized curriculum aligned to the accountable Common Core.”

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